Celebrity meet and greet tips

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celebrity meet and greet tips

Celebrities, being the trendy gatekeepers they are, of course, have Meet and greets may seem like some utopia where fans get to hug their. How to Act at a Meet and Greet. You're all set to rub elbows your favorite celebrity at a meet-and-greet but you don't want to come across as a swooning fan. Conventions like Comic-Con are often full of celebrities, and these tips will help you be less of a goober around them.

Don't get annoyed if they say no, though. Expect them to be the same kind of nerd as you are. Some celebs are super huge fans of the thing they're in — if you happen to ask Ben Affleck what his favorite Batman comic is, for example, he might actually have an answer for you. But not everybody's like that, and certainly not everybody's required to be.

celebrity meet and greet tips

Imagine if people insisted you should know everything about the history of "Star Wars" because you own a Darth Vader t-shirt, except all the time and even when you aren't wearing that shirt. It's kind of like that. Plus, you might actually end up spoiling the person on the very thing they're starring in. And I said, 'Oh do I? Better to not even go there. Get pissed off when they want you to pay for things.

SebastianStan is a funny guy. They walked him into the wrong booth lol WizardWorld pic.

15 Painfully Uncomfortable Celebrity Meet And Greet Photos

Others prefer to charge an autograph fee; still others participate in photo sessions at conventions, which also usually cost money. And some go back and forth between all of these different options, because people are complex and don't do the same thing every time you see them. What a world, huh?

celebrity meet and greet tips

In theory it sucks that you can't just walk up to all your faves and start up a conversation without paying for something first, but it's also important to remember that a lot of talent — especially geekier talent who go to a lot of cons and don't make as much money as superhero movie A-listers — are charging to offset the costs of being at conventions in the fist place.

But you can't know that from your position, so chewing out somebody who doesn't want to sign your book for free isn't fair. Ask them the same question they probably hear all the time. HBO The media is just as guilty of this as fans are, of course hey, some of us are fans, too!

celebrity meet and greet tips

Unless you were a cop who could get him out of a ticketof course. Then you're just helping him out, right? Same thing goes with catchphrases. You know how Jon Snow knows nothing? Yeah, so does Harington.

celebrity meet and greet tips

Cool it with that, maybe. Be critical of something they've done. NBC You'd hate it if somebody came up to you and was like, "Hey, I love your work, but remember that one time you spilled coffee all over your shirt? So don't do that to famous people, either.

DON'T Ask them what you know them from. If you see somebody you recognize but can't place them in your brain, better just to leave them alone. Odds are you're not that interested in talking to them anyway other than to say you talked to a celebrity, right? Be cool if they aren't interested in talking with you. NBC You don't owe anybody your time, so why should a famous person owe you theirs? If you encounter a celebrity in the wild, far away from their autograph table, and your hero says she's busy when you ask her for a pic, respect that — even if it doesn't seem like she is.

If you're paying for the chance to speak with the celebrity in question, their disinterest can be much more disheartening. But even though you had a terrible experience, at the end of the day you don't know whether the celebrity is terrible as a person, or if she just had a really bad day during that convention.

Try to be as sympathetic as you can, and if you're really worried about having a bad time, research ahead to see what other fans have said about the person you want to meet just in case. Strike a balance in your attention to them. On the other hand, don't try to ignore or snub them to act like you don't care. You'll want to find a spot somewhere in the middle, treating them with respect without going completely overboard.

How to Keep Your Cool When You Meet a Celebrity

Try to stand out. They just might remember you for it. Find common ground and build a conversation around it, especially if it's relevant to the current situation. Maybe they're wearing a shirt of a band you love, or the venue is one of your favorite locations.

Let an organic conversation spring from the circumstances.

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If you're going to compliment them, be specific. Bring up a work of theirs that touched you, and explain how and why it did. Compliment time is also the perfect opportunity to finally rave about them, but keep it reasonable.

If you have a question for them about their work, be original. People really don't like answering the same obvious question over and over and over again, so try to catch them off-guard with a thoughtful question they probably haven't heard before. Don't be something you're not just because it's what you think they want you to be.

Don't pretend you've seen a movie or television show, or even that you enjoy specific kinds of food, just because they ask you about it. They'll pick up on—and appreciate—the honesty.