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Read Lincoln Nebraska State Journal Newspaper Archives, Feb 26, with family history and genealogy records from Lincoln, Nebraska give fans the opportunity to participate in Q&A with the actors, take pictures with them, get autographs or spend a moment with them during a Meet & Greet. A man, a horse, and a bank, just ripe for the takin' - James Franco in They fill the frame with extraordinary images – captured in New Mexico, Colorado and Nebraska – that feel plucked from our . "A Family Tour" · "Burning". For more info: 56th New York Film Festival (through October 14), Lincoln Center.

The discussion focused on best practices for community support of returning military service members and ways in which Community Foundations can facilitate this effort. Dempsey, the spouse to the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This was a great opportunity to explain to these very important spouses how community based solutions are assisting the Veterans, their Families and the Families of the Fallen. The objective is to ensure they understand how Community Action Teams are making a difference.

The task force explored the impact of military service on service members, veterans and their families; their deployment-related needs; and the ways in which the country can best support them. Margaret Harrell, Director of the Military Veterans and Society Program, developed a report with concrete recommendations for how federal, state and local government agencies and community-based organizations can work together to ensure that veterans receive the care and services they need to reintegrate into civilian life.

Lincoln Community Foundation is referenced on page 26 of the report found at http: This meeting was hosted by the Council on Foundations and the Blue Shield of California Foundation to discuss how philanthropy can help those individuals rejoin their communities. A small group of foundations were invited to share their experiences with several key government officials from the Department of Defense, the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Pentagon and the White House Task Forces on Veterans and Military Families who can share information regarding the many policy intersections across the federal government related to veterans and service member community supports, and where the gaps and policy deficiencies are occurring.

Army General Martin E. Dempsey, visited the Lincoln Community Foundation to learn how the foundation is building robust support of returning veterans and their families. LCF convened a group of community leaders who informed Col.

Henderson of the work they are doing to insure a successful reintegration into our community. Dave Heineman released a new recruitment video, Nebraska Hires Veterans, produced by the Nebraska Department of Labor, to draw job-seeking veterans to Nebraska.

Following active duty deployments, many servicemen and women are looking for employment and a place to call home. The veterans in this video provide just a few examples of the job opportunities and quality of life veterans can find here. The video is being distributed to and by veterans, their friends and family, veteran support organizations and many others.

Links to the video can be found on nebraska. The New York Times James Dao, columnist November 8, The Lincoln Community Foundation was recognized in a New York Times article as one of the more effective Community-based alliances that tailor services to local needs of returning veterans rather than creating overlapping organizations.

The plethora of private organizations has brought comfort and vital services to thousands, filling gaps left by overwhelmed government agencies. Though giving to military and veterans groups has increased — a survey by the Foundation Center suggests it has more than tripled since — many veterans advocates say donations have not kept pace with the growing needs of new veterans.

AOS is raising awareness and generating support among the private sector to effectively connect military members to the best resources available wherever they may be. This session, From Battlefields to Communities: Collaborations for Veterans Philanthropy, explored how funders are joining public sector and business partners all over the nation to help the new generation of veterans and military families make a successful transition back into their communities.

Panelists discuss how foundations have connected with Veterans Administration programs, what lessons they have learned, and how your foundation can be part of this effort. His goal is to learn about the work we are doing in Lincoln to help veterans and military families make a successful transition back into their communities.

Bohac September 17,met with former Adjutant General of the Nebraska National Guard, Roger Lempke, and Lincoln Community Foundation staff to discuss the role of communities in supporting veterans and their families. The Lincoln Community Foundation is committed to continuing the partnership we have with the Nebraska National Guard to link our military members with community resources as they reintegrate into civilian life.

Fall Newsletter Published on Oct 31, To catch up on the latest Lincoln Community Foundation happenings click here to download the newsletter. According to everyone I spoke with, Franco has an unusually high metabolism for productivity. He seems to suffer, or to benefit, from the opposite of ADHD: When I asked people if Franco actually does all of his own homework, some of them literally laughed right out loud at me, because apparently homework is all James Franco ever really wants to do.

It was an extra lecture he was sitting in on, after a full day of work and school, because he wanted to hear the speaker. Everyone else would do, at most, one. He just sat outside my office waiting. In the interview, the two faculty members who were with me were skeptical and really held his feet to the fire.

When Franco was 4 years old, a friend of the family died. Betsy gave him the standard Mortality Talk: Little James burst into tears. I have so much to do! How his assistant gets him through the day. He has the luxury of not having to worry about it. Except it always does. The party is sponsored by Polaroid, which is using the occasion to promote its new Polaroid camera so aggressively it feels almost like a satire of publicity: Everyone is taking photos, or photos of photos, or video of photographers taking photos of photos.

Over the course of the party, Franco stands mainly right near the front door, creating a bulge of admirers that makes it hard to get in and out of the building. He looks, tonight, not like a grad student but like a swashbuckling young Hollywood leading man: Partygoers approach and compliment him, exchange pleasantries with him, take cell-phone pictures of him.

He seems impatient, genuinely baffled. Why not do as many things I love as I can? As long as the work is good. At the end of the session, the real artist tapes all of his portraits together into one big collage of fractured Franco.

And every time he tried a medium, it capitulated. They struggle against him, making him earn every modest inch of success. His directing is daring but often heavy-handed.

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His main artistic obsession and why it seems appropriate. This seems appropriate on several levels. His own adolescence was unusually formative: It turned him from an obedient young math prodigy into a turbocharged art fanatic.

Franco is developing all kinds of new strengths, but at the cost of some of his dignity: His intellectual skin is a little spotty, his artistic legs are suddenly too long for the rest of his body. Yet Franco is making a spectacle of it. Which is, in a way, brave. I know quite a few women who would be happy to keep you occupied.

In this sense, too, Franco seems to be living an extended public adolescence. Although Franco has been silent on this subject, he seems to enjoy stoking the controversy. His art, across the spectrum, revels in gay culture. When Franco mentioned to me, via e-mail, that he was leaning toward going to Yale for his Ph. Warner happens to be one of the pioneers of queer theory, a school of thought born in the early nineties just as Franco was hitting adolescence that argues that sexuality is not a trivial, personal matter but fundamental to how we all experience the world.

Franco, you might say, is queering celebrity: His obvious relish for gay roles challenges the default heterosexuality of Hollywood leading men like Clooney or Pitt. He seems more interested in fluidity, in every sense, than in a fixed identity. What his girlfriend thinks about his work and reputation. She was an acting student at Playhouse West, the school Franco had studied at years before.

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He was an increasingly famous actor on the brink of a career crisis. It seems emblematic that Ahna, who lives in L. He was so, so happy. And it was funny how it worked: Once he gave up trying to control his acting career, everything kind of came his way. It seems like the work of a virtuoso public-image artist. And yet Franco plays the role, fairly convincingly, of the earnest boy just following his interests.

His work itself, his career choices, are more interesting than his words. It started as a joke between Franco and his artist friend Carter, who were discussing a movie in which Franco would play a former soap star. It occurred to them that it would be funny if Franco actually showed up, sometime, on a real soap opera.

This fit nicely into a constellation of ideas Franco had already been thinking about: He unleashes the full soap-opera repertoire: His story arc will culminate, this month, in a very special episode set in the Museum of Contemporary Art in L. Franco himself, the real human, is also going to have a show at MoCA this summer based on his experience on General Hospital.

He brought a camera crew along to film the filming of the episodes. Is he addicted to playing James Franco? For an earnest guy, Franco has always been ragingly addicted to meta. You and I are intimates. Say what you feel.

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Franco has torn out, doodled on, and framed pages of that book all over the gallery. One of its first rooms features a large pile of junk heaped on the floor: T-shirts, books, VHS tapes, lunch boxes.

It looks like the bedroom of a year-old hoarder.