Days of our lives ben and abigail meet

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days of our lives ben and abigail meet

Days of our Lives spoilers are heating up as the week is winding down. Elsewhere in Salem, Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson) will turn to someone Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) will reportedly meet back up with Will Horton. When Jennifer had to make the decision to take Jack off life support, Abby . While getting coffee at Club TBD, Abigail met the new bartender Ben Rogers. 'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Chad Kidnaps Abigail, Ben Makes A and Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) will meet with a witness who could.

He's traveled and can read people very well. Though Ben is the younger of the siblings, he has "stepped up" for Jordan and tries to be a father figure for her and protect her as payback for her raising him. Ben "very wary of Clyde" because he only has bad memories of him.

Wilson explained that Abigail is the first girl to make Ben want to "settle down" and have a stable relationship. Ben doesn't hold Abigail's past against her because "Everybody's got baggage" Wilson said. Ben can understand and identity with Abby having a trouble past "because he's far from perfect himself. Abigail is forced to choose between staying faithful to Ben and protecting him from a potential prison stint when he gets arrested for assaulting Chad.

So, Ben is faced with the task of burying those feelings and staying focused on "his ultimate goal of having a family and becoming stable. However, "it's eating him alive" Wilson said of Abigail seemingly being drawn to Chad. But, he finds comfort in Abby's reassurances which keep him grounded in the "reality that he knows. From an acting standpoint it was very rewarding. It was great to have some real, tangible information about Ben's backstory, and seeing the character given more depth, no matter what direction it took.

It's time for the cycle to change. The plot would feature several characters, including some fan favorites as victims. The story was slated to climax during the week of November 8,the official anniversary date. Wilson was immediately excited about the story. I saw it as a way to stretch as an actor.

And once he got into it, Wilson felt the changes allowed for him to play the role more "honestly. They wrote me an amazing story, which ended up being the threat of the entire show. They trusted me with it. I'm grateful they wrote as much as they did and really took the time on the story. They put a lot of care into it, and we all stepped up. Ben dumps the evidence in the river believing he has covered his tracks. The scenes were filmed in one take and Wilson later revealed that he wanted to re-shoot the scenes because he knew the fans wouldn't miss a beat and would notice that there was air in the bag — which would keep it from sinking.

Ben is able to "keep his game face on" in public, until he is alone and "can kind of revel in what has happened. Serena is found strangled to death and Chad is implicated as a suspect because of their drunken confrontation the night before. Following Paige's murder, there was immediate speculation that Ben was framing Chad or that Clyde had framed Chad on Ben's behalf. Ben feels a sense of "closure" hinting at his motives. According to Wilson, Ben's actions stem from love, "as tragic as it all is.

It's done out of love, but unfortunately he is going insane. Dealing with Abigail's betrayal is such a new experience for Ben because he's never really had anything to lose.

Ben never intends to hurt anyone. Ben sees his victims as "chess pieces" in a much bigger game — they will help him hold onto the life he has made for himself. As far as Ben is concerned, he is doing the "right thing. He "takes the hand of the little princess [Abigail] of Salem. From Ben's perspective, Chad is responsible for the murders. He studied Anthony Perkins portrayal of Norman Bates in the film Psycho as well as Edward Norton 's character in the film Primal Fear — who deals with a split personality.

Wilson also watched several documentaries about the lives of serial killers. However, in his research, Wilson recognized that Ben becoming a killer was entirely possible.

That was the place where a lot of evil was rooted. However, neither Wilson nor the producers would comment on the actor's status with the series. When asked if he was coming or going, the actor "It's a little bit of both. Maybe he's gone and then he's back and then he's gone. Maybe he's just among us. Maybe he's something that you can't get rid of. She soon finds pictures of Chad on his phone, many pictures of him and she realizes that he was stalking him. When Abigail suggested to give this to the cops to clear Chad's innocence, Ben admits to being the Necktie Killer and to framing Chad.

Abigail tries to get him to get help from Marlena but he refuses. Then when Abigail tries to get away he goes barking mad and knocks her out and takes her to an abandoned cabin in Mammoth Falls and handcuffed her to a chair so she couldn't escape. Abigail tried to escape a few times but failed. Chad realizes Abigail is in danger.

Abigail, who Ben is keeping hostage in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, is forced to call Chad and tell him that she's done with him, she is able to communicate with Chad that she's in trouble without Ben knowing. When Chad found out that there was something wrong he asked Rafe Hernandez to help find her and after some arguing Rafe agreed.

The police tracked Ben and Abigail's location and Chad went looking for them. Ben kidnaps Abigail's new born baby. A little while later, she started getting pains which she thought were cramps but they later turned out to be labor pains. Abigail gave birth to a healthy baby boy, thanks to a midwife named Wendy Taylor who was killed by Ben after she helped in giving birth to Abigail's son.

Chad saves Abigail from the fire. Soon after, Chad arrives at the cabin, but Ben knocks him out and ties him and Abigail to the bed, setting it on fire and leaving with Abigail's premature son. Chad is eventually able to get himself and Abigail free and he carries her to safety. They are found by the police and Chad and Abigail were returned to Salem. Ben was arrested for the murders thanks to JJ and Lani and Abigail testified and revealed to the police all of Ben's actions.

He was put in a jail cell with 24 hours suicide watch over him. Abigail reunited with her son. Stricken over the disappearance of her son, Chad and Abigail's brother JJ Deveraux go back to Mammoth Falls, where Abigail was being held hostage and find her son at a motel and then reunite them at the hospital in Salem. He was named "Colin" by Ben but Abigail wanted her son to have his own name and so she renamed him Thomas Jack Deverauxafter her father Jack Deveraux and great-grandfather Tom Horton.

Chad and Abigail with their son. Afterwards, Chad and Abigail start to plan their future together. Abigail revealed to Chad when she first started dating Ben she knew deep down in her heart that she couldn't really be in love with him for she never stopped loving Chad even to this day she still never stopped loving him vice versa with Chad. He is also forced to break up with Abigail. Chad proposes to Abigail.

He and Abigail eventually get engaged. Chad was later shocked that his father has been murdered. Andre claims that Hope killed Stefano, and Rafe helped her cover it up. Chad doesn't believe Andre, and refuse to help him after he has been arrested for Stefano's murder. Chad and Abigail's Wedding.

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On their wedding day, Abby sees Ben outside the window and lets out a blood curdling scream. After it's determined that Ben is nowhere on the property, Abby and Chad get married and in their vows they both declare that they are everything to each other, along with their son and promise to love one another forever. Abby continued to be haunted by Ben even on her honeymoon with Chad.

When they get back to Salem, Abby hallucinates seeing and interacting with Ben. Abby shouts at Chad and JJ to stop Ben, but they don't see him there. Abby continues to have hallucinations of Ben until the real one shows up. In April 7, Ben broke into the DiMera Mansion, and in the living room he confronted Abigail and made it clear to her that he wants her and "their" son back. Abby gets Ben to drop his guard by lying about Chad abusing her, and then seducing him.

Abby seduced Ben by lying about Chad abusing her, and then he was taken to her bedroom where she continued to seduce him till she stabbed him in the shoulder with a pair of scissors, and then knocked him out with a lamp. Chad calls her to check up on her, Abigail doesn't tell him that Ben is at the house instead she decides to take care of Ben herself and tells Chad to pick up some groceries so he wouldn't interrupt what she's about to do to him.

Abigail sets Ben on fire. Abby tied him to the bed, and woke Ben up just so she could taunt him. Abby struck one match after another which terrified him since he slowly began to realize what she was gonna do.

Meet Days of Our Lives' Brand-New Abby!

Ben told her that even if she killed him, he will always be with her, though Abigail was not worried as she believed she was doing a public service. Without hesitation, Abby lit Ben on fire. Chad arrived and put out the fire. Ben was burned heavily in his legs. Despite the pain, he tried to make his escape but Chad knocked him out and gave him a busted lip. Abby was furious with Chad as she wanted Ben to die.

Abby is entered into an institution. Later on, Abby overheard Chad and Marlena talking about admitting Abby into a mental institution, and Abby took Thomas and fled to a motel.

Chad and JJ found them, and talked Abby into returning home. When Abby couldn't calm Thomas down, but Chad was able, Abby realised she needs help, and agreed to go get help.

While being evaluated at the hospital, Abby had a nightmare about Ben. Chad by his wife's bed side. Abby eventually requested that Chad no longer visit her, but in June, Abby was injured in a fire.

Chad went to see Abby, who insisted that Ben was there. In Abby's mind, she could still see Ben. Chad was horrified and confused that Abby seemed to be getting worse, not better. Chad got even more bad news when he learned that Abby was the one who set the fire. As Abby slept, she remembered seeing Ben again. Abby opened a drawer in her room that had a lighter and can of gas, which Abby used, hoping to rid herself or "Ben" for good. Then, Abby imagined that Jack had appeared and dragged her out of her room, before she got too injured.

When Abby woke up, she declared that she wanted to leave, and Chad agrees to help her escape. Chad mourns with Thomas after learning of Abigail's "demise". Abby disappears, and Chad pools all his resources into finding her.

Andre offers to help if Chad bequeaths him an old safe house of Stefano's outside of town. Andre claim he found a letter. Chad reads the meter and becomes convinced Andre has Abby.

Andre denies the accusation, but tells Chad he lied when he said that he found the letter. Andre says he saw Abby, and she gave him the letter.

days of our lives ben and abigail meet

Chad still doesn't believe Andre, and leaves. Chad later decides to get close to Andre to find out if he does Abby. Andre claims Abby died in a plane crash, leaving Chad devastated. As Chad spirals more and more out of control, Jen decides to sue a had for custody of Thomas, believing he can't take care of Thomas. Chad hires Belle as his attorney, but eventually realizes he is in no shape to take of Thomas while he is grieving Abby, so he decides to give up custody.

Jennifer also realizes she can't take of Thomas, so the both of them decide to let Thomas stay in the DiMera Mansion with Lucas and Adrienne helping Chad raise him. Clyde Weston defeated by the DiMeras.

days of our lives ben and abigail meet

However, his plans had been foiled by the DiMeras and with the help of Adrienne and Lucas, he was arrested once more and sent back to prison. Abigail Marci Miller discovered by Andre. He was in love with Sami. Eventually, Abigail conceded that their affair was over. The two struck up a flirtation. When Ben saw Nick and Abigail arguing, he stepped in to defend Abigail, saying that a man never had a right to put his hands on a woman.

Abigail and Ben grew closer after that. He even supported her the night Nick was shot and he accompanied her to E. But Abigail and Ben were really just part of Sami's grand revenge scheme. She'd known about the affair for months and had been plotting to make E. First, she mad Abigail her maid of honor and had Abigail frantically planning the wedding. Then, a few days after the wedding she arrived at Abigail's house to show her pictures from the wedding.

The third picture in was of Abigail and E. Abigail and Jennifer were both horrified. Abigail kept apologizing, but Sami wasn't having it. After Sami left, Jennifer tired to say that E. But, she corrected Jennifer and said that E. She repeated this stance as other people in Salem found out about the affair as well.

Sami wasn't done either. She went to Kayla and informed her that Abigail was in violation of the hospital code of conduct by sleeping with a board member. Abigail would have to resign. Kayla refused to go along with Sami's plan. But she was able to allow Abigail to resign rather than be fired. Ben also stood by Abigail when the news came out. He told Abigail that what happened in her past was in her past and did not effect their future.

Meet Days of Our Lives’ Brand-New Abby!

The two began happily dating. He even comforted her when E. A few weeks later, Ben learned that Rafe had cheated on Jordan. Ben got into a fight with Rafe, which Abigail had to break up. She told him that she understood why he was angry, but he needed to control his temper better.

Shortly after, Abigail's ex Chad DiMera came back to town. Chad was furious with Abigail for taking a moral high-ground position with him, but then sleeping with his brother weeks later. However, he insisted that he wanted the best for her now, especially since E. Ben and Chad butted heads immediately over Abigail.

Ben and Chad decided to keep their distance from each other out of mutual respect for Sonny. However, when a reference called to check on Ben for an apartment, Chad gave be a bad review.

Ben got angry and punched Chad. Abigail, Sonny, and Rafe all witnessed it and warned Ben again about his temper. His first order of business was to give Abigail her job back.

Abigail was happy to be working again, but skeptical of Chad's motives. But, Chad continued to reassure her that he was looking out for her best interest, much to this anger of Ben. So, Ben decided to step things up with Abigail and ask her to move in with him. Abigail said she needed to think about it.

Nervous that Abigail was keeping something from him, Ben activated a tracking device on her phone. Abigail professed to love Ben, but felt herself drawn to Chad. She kept making up excuses to see him. One night when she hand-delivered some papers to him, the two ended up sleeping together. Chad thought this meant that they could reconcile, but Abigail was upset with herself for cheating on Ben.

What Abigail didn't know was that Stefano had uncovered something about her. It turned out that her Irish nanny was set to leave Abigail a plot of land in Ireland that was worth a lot of money. Stefano wanted Chad to marry Abigail so that the DiMeras would have a legal claim to that land. When Chad found out what Stefano was planning, he decided to protect Abigail. He told her that their night together meant nothing and he was only trying to prove that she wanted to sleep with him and then dump her.

She ran to Ben and told him that she would move in with him. But Abigail had to make sure that Chad wouldn't ruin things for her with Ben. So, she went to him to ask for his silence on the topic. But, Ben had used the tracking device to follow her. Ben overheard the whole conversation.

days of our lives ben and abigail meet

But, he decided not to confront her. Now that Abigail had chosen him, he wanted to make sure she didn't change her mind. A few weeks later, Abigail realized she was late. She took a home pregnancy test and got a positive result. She went to Kayla to run an official test.

She got the same results. Abigail then confided to Kayla that she didn't know who the father was. Kayla told her that she needed to wait a few more weeks before she was far enough along to run a paternity test against Chad's medical records, which the hospital had on file.

Abigail settled in to wait. At the same time, Ben's father Clyde was busy trying to steal some of Stefano's territory. So, he had planted a bug in the DiMera living room. Through the bug, he learned of Abigail's inheritance in Ireland. He wanted Ben to have a claim to that valuable land as well. So, he presented Ben with a ring that he said belonged to Ben's mother and urged Ben to propose to Abigail. Abigail told Ben she had to think about it.

What she was really doing was waiting for the results of the paternity test. But Clyde came across a prescription at their apartment for prenatal vitamins.

He knew from Ben that Abigail had slept with Chad too. So, he figured that Abigail must be having a paternity test. So, he threatened the lab tech's family so that the lab would return the results that Chad was not the father of Abigail's baby. However on the day of the test, the lab tech got called out of the lab. His assistant finished the test and delivered the results to Kayla. However, when the lab tech realized what had happened, he called Kayla to get the test back before she opened it.

In it's place, he delivered a result that indicated that Chad was not the father. When Abigail read the results, she went to Ben and accepted his marriage proposal. Chad was heartbroken to learn of the engagement. He asked Will to set up a meeting between him and Abigail so he could explain that he still loved her. But, Abigail was not moved by his speech.

She was still determined to marry Ben. She told Ben about the baby and the two of them started planning their wedding and their life together. Chad reluctantly agreed to back off. But, he wanted Abigail to be free from Stefano's grasp. So, he called her over and told her in front of Stefano about the land in Ireland. Abigail was moved by his gesture and started to believe that he really did love her.

Still, she remained committed to Ben. But her committment was only in words. Abigail made excuses to see Chad or talk to Chad all the time. Ben's jealousy over their relationship grew to the point where Ben snapped. He decided he had to get Chad away from Abigail permaenetly. The murders of Paige and Will soon followed. But, Abigail believed in Chad, which made Ben even more mad. So, he ordered Abigail to leave town with him.

She realized that he'd been behind the killings.