Did dickens and twain ever meet

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did dickens and twain ever meet

Charles Dickens and Mark Twain are iconic authors that are these two legends were in the same room at the same time and never met. He did not emerge upon the stage -- that is rather too deliberate a word -- he strode. There is no record that Clemens ever read. Sketches by 2 "Two Humorists: Charles Dickens and Mark Twain,". YR, xxrv () cents Abroad hint that Mark Twain did his homework in authors who had met Dickens in , assumed. between Dickens and his nearest American equivalent, Mark Twain, as both had ever-widening circles of dependants, including feckless.

Dickens and Twain - The Globe and Mail

This was Dickens -- Dickens. There was no question about that, and yet it was not right easy to realize it. Somehow this puissant god seemed to be only a man, after all. How the great do tumble from their high pedestals when we see them in common human flesh, and know that they eat pork and cabbage and act like other men.

Dickens had a table to put his book on, and on it he had also a tumbler, a fancy decanter and a small bouquet. Behind him he had a huge red screen -- a bulkhead -- a sounding-board, I took it to be -- and overhead in front was suspended a long board with reflecting lights attached to it, which threw down a glory upon the gentleman, after the fashion in use in the picture-galleries for bringing out the best effects of great paintings.

did dickens and twain ever meet

He read David Copperfield. He is a bad reader, in one sense -- because he does not enunciate his words sharply and distinctly -- he does not cut the syllables cleanly, and therefore many and many of them fell dead before they reached our part of the house.

Dickens' reading -- I will go further and say, a great deal disappointed. The Herald and Tribune critics must have been carried away by their imaginations when they wrote their extravagant praises of it.

Dickens and Twain

Dickens' reading is rather monotonous, as a general thing; his voice is husky; his pathos is only the beautiful pathos of his language -- there is no heart, no feeling in it -- it is glittering frostwork; his rich humor cannot fail to tickle an audience into ecstasies save when he reads to himself.

Their careers follow a sort of parallel route as both used their stories to highlight the plight of the downtrodden, and both used the skewer of humor to deflate puffed-up authority figures.

The famous photo of Nixon posing with Elvis in the Oval Office always comes to mind, although there are many other famous meet-ups in history. But it turns out that no, Mark Twain never met Charles Dickens. Dickens was 55 years of age and on his second lecture tour of America.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

Clemens was only 32 years old and had just returned from a trip to Europe and the Holy Land that he had somehow convinced the San Francisco Alta California newspaper to bankroll in exchange for periodic letters back. His experiences on this trip would be published two years later as Innocents Abroad, his best-selling book during his lifetime. That Twain admired Dickens is clear. Johnson is willing to be reelected. In fact he is working hard for the nomination.

If you will notice the papers for a short time back, you will observe that he is getting his "consistency" record up as well as possible. He is showing that the same political virtues that made him the people's choice for Vice-President are still undimmed, and in sufficiently good repair to make a proper and righteous Chief Magistrate of him.

Jump, the caricaturist, of San Francisco, is here as artist for Frank Leslie's. He has made a water-color sketch of Pennsylvania Avenue, which is attracting a deal of attention.

It hangs in the window of the principal bookstore, and has a cluster of amused folks around it all the time. It has twenty or thirty portraits in it. This is just the city for Jump, where the faces of the nation's distinguished men are so familiar. The execution is excellent, and the hits are good. Jump recently married a handsome young lady in New York. The receptions, weekly, at the President's, Mr. Colfax's and others of the great officers of the Government are getting under full blast now, and are beginning to make this slow town look sociable.

They had a grand Eighth of January banquet at the Metropolitan Hotel night before last, a purely Democratic celebration, with the President of the United States at the head of it. It is said that a good many things were said there, but, according to Riley, the best was the unstudied effort of a negro waiter.

did dickens and twain ever meet

He said, "Dey didn't talk 'bout nuffin but nigger -- dey 'bused de nigger all de time -- but dey didn't none of 'em give us a cent! The boys have been making great preparations for it for some time. They tell me I am expected to respond to the regular toast to Woman. I don't care whether I am expected or not -- I shall respond anyhow.

It is my best hold. On all occasions, whenever woman is mentioned, I am ready to make a statement. I delivered a lecture here night before last -- a new lecture. It went off well, but it was only a happy accident that it did, for there was nobody to attend to business. The newspapers are all exceedingly kid and complimentary, but one of them published a synopsis of the discourse.

did dickens and twain ever meet