Dragon ball z bulma and vegeta meet

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dragon ball z bulma and vegeta meet

We obviously know why Vegeta likes her considering Saiyans love strong willed women, but I don't see why Bulma likes Vegeta. Considering. Throwback Thursdays: Bulma and Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z Bulma and Vegeta certainly don't get along when they first meet, either. Bulma. Dragon Ball Z's Bulla, Trunks, and Bulma were named after underwear since when they first met he was too scared to even talk around her.

Bulma actively encourages another character to kill Vegeta at one point and Vegeta barely notices Bulma unless he is threatening her as leverage against the other Z warriors. But eventually, almost weirdly, Bulma invites Vegeta to live with her when he is left without a home or purpose. Vegeta briefly helps the Z warriors figure out how to resurrect Goku, and Bulma seems to see that as him repenting for all his misdeeds and invites him to live with her.

It seems to me like a poorly written scene to build the beginnings of a relationship between the two characters, but poorly written or not, I kind of like it.

Usually in storylines like these where a bad guy wins the heart of a good female character, it often comes from some heroic act where the guy saves the girl from distress in some way. I have already mentioned that I would hardly call DBZ feminist but I think there are certain moments that explore some feminist themes.

dragon ball z bulma and vegeta meet

Vegeta is given new clothes by Bulma and immediately protests having to wear a pink shirt declaring them to be girls clothes.

Bulma simply responds by telling him to lighten up and that what he is wearing is in style now. Basically, Bulma asks him to get over his stereotypical ideas about how men and women present their gender. Furthermore, Bulma refuses to let the often bratty and headstrong Vegeta boss her around, and continuously demands his respect in how he treats her and addresses her. Because of Bulma insisting on respect and equal treatment, the Z warriors are shocked to find that Vegeta actually does seem to respect and even listen to Bulma.

Any romance between Bulma and Vegeta seems to happen off screen. Fast forward several years later and we see Bulma with little baby Trunks. The short series tied into other of Toriyama's works, but of course also featured a Dragon Ball connection through characters like Grandpa Gohan and Goku. But the most significant addition was Tights being one of the main characters, and it being revealed that she is related to the Brief family.

So apparently Bulma just has a sister who she can go years and years without so much as mentioning. When you actually think about it, a monkey boy going on an adventure with characters like a monk and a talking pig to summon a wish-granting dragon is more than a little bit strange.

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Starting out, most of the characters in Dragon Ball are inspired by Journey to the West, with some especially obvious connections being Goku drawing on the character of the Monkey King. Xuanzang is more of a guide on the quest, and has to surround himself with warriors to protect himself. All the pure-blooded Saiyans were named after vegetables, as seen in Raditz sounding suspiciously like radishes, and Broly sounding an awful lot like broccoli. All of King Piccolo's family were named after musical instruments, and everyone in Frieza's family has a cold-related name.

But Bulma probably got the worst naming scheme of the bunch since everyone in her family is named after underwear. The family's last name is Brief, so there was already no escaping the legacy. But then her parents made the connection even more obvious by naming her Bulma, which translates to bloomers.

Apparently Bulma was okay with that though, because she continued the trend by naming her son Trunksas well as naming her daughter Bulla, which translates to bra. Not the most regal names for the children of the Prince of all Saiyans, but evidently Vegeta had no problem with this either. In retrospect, her time with Yamcha feels especially mismatched since when they first met he was too scared to even talk around her. But an even more unusual pairing that was apparently considered at one point was Bulma getting with Goku.

Supposedly when Akira Toriyama first began working on Dragon Ball, his editor believed the two characters should be romantically involved.

Jaco tells Bulma she could have led a different life but Bulma counters she is happy being married to Vegeta and the mother of his son. During the tournament, Bulma worries about Vegeta growing cocky but cheers for him until he is defeated in his third match. At the victory party for Universe 7, Vegeta continually warns Bulma to watch how she speaks towards Beerus so he won't get angry again.

Days later, she tells Vegeta that Trunks accidentally left with Monaka, and Vegeta tells her it wouldn't have happened if she hadn't ordered the supplies and she accuses him of blaming her and he takes back what he said. She then orders him to go pick Trunks up even though he is angry to go with Jaco. When Future Trunks arrives to escape from Goku Black, Vegeta and Bulma tend to him and offer to help save his timeline.

Seeing Future Trunks causes Trunks to suspect the latter is his long lost brother and his parents were in a "scandal" but his parents sort this all out.


Vegeta is enraged when he learns Future Bulma has been killed and vows to never forgive Goku Black. The first battle with Goku Black ends in failure and Bulma panics when she sees Vegeta badly injured.

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Bulma decides to go to the future with them to help even though Vegeta is against it. After Goku Black's defeat, Bulma cheers for Vegeta as Universe 7 and 6 have a friendly baseball game but is dismayed when he beats Yamcha due to having misunderstood the rules of the game.

Shortly after, Bulma informs Vegeta that she is pregnant and he drops training altogether to take care of her. He grows protective of her during the pregnancy and keeps an eye on her to ensure nothing happens to her and the baby. As the Tournament of Power is set to commence, Vegeta refuses to participate at first because he is eager to see his daughter be born. When the baby, Bulla, is born, Vegeta is swollen with instant love for his daughter and dotes on the baby, much to Bulma's delight.

dragon ball z bulma and vegeta meet

They later get into a debate over their daughter's name; Vegeta wants to name her Eschalot but Bulma decides on Bulla, which everyone else prefers and Vegeta eventually settles on it because he says it's not a bad name after all. Vegeta then agrees to participate in order to not only defend the universe but to protect his family from erasure. In the final phase of the tournament, Vegeta fights Toppo, who discards all his attachments and beliefs to become a God of Destruction and survive the tournament.

Vegeta finds this ludicrous and, thinking of his family, declares he will never discard anything for strength, giving him the willpower to overpower Toppo. Afterwards, Vegeta is losing his fight against Jiren and Vegeta frequently thinks of Bulma and their children, which fuels him with desire to continue the fight. He even shouts that someone unemotional like Jiren can never understand the desire to protect something.

When Vegeta ultimately loses, he feels tremendous guilt for failing to protect his family and sheds tears while apologizing to Bulma. After Universe 7 emerges victorious, Vegeta is hugged by Bulma, who is relieved he came home safely.

dragon ball z bulma and vegeta meet

However the party is interrupted when Vegeta and Goku decide to have a rematch, much to the dismay of their wives. They push Trunks to take over Capsule Corp and when Trunks attempts to run away from his duties, Vegeta drags him back to work. Vegeta shaves his moustache and Bulma compliments how handsome he looks but she deduces it's because Bulla told him how geeky it looked on him, which left him feeling crushed.

This angers Vegeta as Bulma laughs at the realization. When Baby possesses Vegeta's body and infects the entire world population, he takes Bulma as his queen, which Pan suspects is because Baby took on many of Vegeta's emotions, including his love for Bulma. After Baby's defeat and the impending explosion of the Earth, they help their friends evacuate the planet. Bulma worries about her husband and son and decides to head to the battlefield with her daughter to check on them.

When they arrive, the battle is over though. Soon after, the Dark Star Dragons appear. Vegeta attempts to join the battle but Bulma convinces him to wait because she has a plan that will help him, which is to help him transform into Super Saiyan 4, and he is left speechless and excited.

She then makes him fluster by saying she is his princess because he is a prince. During the battle against Omega Shenron, Bulma helps Vegeta complete his transformation and cheers for him as he and Goku battle Omega.

However, they are at a disadvantage when Vegeta loses his new power and Bulma tells him the generator is broken so he can't transform anymore. As Omega is about to destroy the planet, Vegeta confesses to Bulma about his fear of losing the planet and is determined to sacrifice himself to save it, and orders Trunks to take everyone away from the planet before going to fight Omega on his own. Trunks decides to join his father and Bulma sheds a tear, sad she may never see her husband and son again.

At the end, Goku successfully destroys Omega and saves the planet. With the world at peace seemingly for good, Vegeta and Bulma return home with their children and stayed together for the rest of their lives. Overview Edit Arguments are frequent between them and they tend to quarrel over the smallest issues, especially in regards to their children. Bulma is disappointed with Vegeta's unwillingness to contribute to their family but he insists his contribution is protecting them from enemies and she is truly grateful of this.

Bulma tends to take control over Vegeta, who gets irritated when she orders him around and berates him for his rude behavior. However, he shows a degree of fear towards her temper and will take back any insult about her when she is angry. Vegeta later admitted he is attracted to her because of her overbearing personality.