Ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

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ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

Because there is something in Ed's eyes, in Al's body language, that The pain on his face has not diminished in the slightest, though, and he doesn't seem to be able to meet Whatever she might have done in their past—her future—she has no .. Make sure there's someone at the station to pick her up. Upon seeing Ed and Winry across the room, he can't help but Someone must have opened the window, he decided, feeling the cool air brushing his cheek. It was then that Al remembered the last time he'd come out of his hazy dreams. Didn't I tell you to meet me in the lobby and I'd show—" Ed never. "Someone find a light!" "Hoenheim?" Instant booing from Ed, Al and Roy, while the people from the past looked confused. "Colonel Roy.

This is my version of what would happen if Izumi came to the campsite.

Hohenheim is just about to tell the gang what the plan is, when there's some crashes in the campsite. The boys and Lan Fan look up to see what the commotion is about. Next thing they hear is Izumi yelling for the Elric brothers. Ed's eyes go wide, he gets really pale, and is sweating like crazy. The gang look at Ed, like he's going crazy. It has to be her! She sounds so mad. You know that woman? You want to remind her that?! I'm good in here brother!

Thanks a lot brother! I-it's good seeing you again. You better run Edward, Alphonse will be fine. Sig and Alphonse don't even jump when they hear explosion noises and a lot of weird noises coming from the woods.

I hope he calms her down.

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We'll see in a few minutes. The other Greed kidnapped Alphonse over there, and she came in to get him back beating the living hell out of everybody and everything in her way.

Baby doll has sas and strength. But he never mentioned you. One man Molly could swear was exactly like a younger version of her Papa, but he was in full, dusty uniform and splotched with blood and laden with a heavy pistol. The other looked to be a child of about only six or seven. Both figures were completely unconscious on the floor as the two sat in utter bewilderment, food in various stages of travel towards their respective mouths. Colonel Hawkeye- emergencies only' and immediately dialed that one in.

Miss Riza was one of Papa's good friends, but one that the twins saw rarely on account of the fact that the last time they saw her Greg was so frightened that he wet himself to his defense, no child reacts very well to a gun being loaded and aimed at their father in front of their eyes- no matter how much Riza insisted she would never actually shoot the man.

The phone rang an agonizing four times before the eleven-year-old heard the other line pick it up. Riza Hawkeye here," came a flat female voice on the other end of the line. There was a loud bang and a lot of light and they disappeared and now there're other people and they aren't waking up! And who's not waking up? She heard some hurried talking from the other end of the line directed at someone further away, then Riza's voice again spoke to her, "Okay Molly, make sure the people don't leave your house if they wake up.

I'm sending someone over to help you out, am I clear? As Maes Hughes exited the car and stood before the house of his old friend- now Brigadier General gone missing- heard the terrified screams crashes from inside and decided that he should have waited a few more weeks to come out of that coma.

ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

Taking no time with formalities, he opened the door loudly, making his presence known. Before he had time to scope the area, an Ishvallan kid, maybe 11 or 12 years old, ran into the room, shotgun in her hand. She took notice of Hughes and saluted, "Miss Riza sent you? She let out a relieved sigh, "Oh, good. The next room over was a large dining room, still set up with dinner.

The room held a sight he could not have imagined seeing. A young Roy sat, bloody and tied to a chair, glaring and yelling at another Ishvallan kid. A boy who couldn't be more than seven lay unconscious atop the table. The way the table had been cleared around him suggested that he had been moved there. Young Roy noticed the teen girl with the gun and began yelling at her to return his shotgun, which she ignored outright.

She turned to Hughes and gestured to the scene before them, "Now do you see the problem? Now, you two, tell me exactly what happened. It was crazy- all purple and electric looking!

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Once the light went down these guys were in our parents' seats. Army Guy woke up and started screaming something about Ishval, but we took his gun away and Molly tackled him down into the chair, it was pretty epic.

That kid hasn't woken up yet, but he's still breathing so I think it's okay. He walked over to the bound man and pulled out a chair to sit in, taking a moment to really take in what he was really seeing.

Roy gave him a strange look, "Hughes? I'm just as confused as you two are, but I believe something happened to switch out your Dad from the past with the one from the present. Hughes chose to ignore that statement. He hadn't so much as seen Roy since waking from the coma a week ago.

He and his family had just arrived back from a trip of some sort that very morning and he's been working since they arrived back, so their paths had yet to cross. Greg pointed towards the hallway. The phone book was fairly thick, but that wasn't uncommon with high-standing military personnel. Hughes flipped open the book, quickly noticing that it was alphabetized by last name.

He made no haste in finding the 'E' section, but then reached a problem. The Elric brother he was looking for the one Gracia had confirmed was still in central with a strange look on her face wasn't listed. Now, Maes had no problem calling Alphonse, but the boy was all the way in Resembool. If the matter needed immediate investigation, Al would be unreliable, considering the distance. Hughes had no time to look for an alternative, so he hastily dialed in Al's number and waited for the receiver to be picked up on the other end.

A more mature and less echoicbut still definitely Al's voice answered, "Hello? This is Alphonse Elric. But there's something in his voice, in the way he seems to shrink into his chair, that sends up warning flags in her mind. There's something else, something that's so very wrong It's this terrible sense of foreboding she hasn't been able to shake all day. It's here—it's so close—why can't she grasp it? She says nothing about this, though, because Al clearly doesn't want to talk about it.

And if it doesn't go away, if these mysteries continue to haunt her sons, she'll press them to let her help The anxiety the armor is causing her does not matter; all that matters right now is Alphonse's happiness. Somehow, there is a faraway look to him, as if he's deep in thought, trying to make a decision She does not interrupt, and it is several seconds before he finally responds.

I thought it would be best That is the last thing Trisha is expecting; she works to switch gears, to readjust, while Al looks more and more dejected. If you—" But he interrupts with a huge clang of his armor, looking straight at her for the first time tonight, his rigid posture screaming incredulity and horror.

If that's not it, then why? Trisha doesn't want to push him, doesn't want to hurt her little boy But she's desperate to know what is haunting her son's worst nightmares, what had caused the unadulterated horror on Edward's face But Al continues after a moment, still staring at the ground.

ed and al meet someone from their past fanfic

One of his contacts knew where he was And he knew Xingese—Xingese alkahestry, and it healed you. But if he hadn't come home in time A sick pit of dread is forming in her gut, completely overwhelming everything else. She had almost died? Left her sons all alone, motherless and lost? If Van hadn't come home She almost doesn't want to know, but That's only a year away She can't even imagine the sons with her now going through something like that.

Worry for them is still gnawing huge holes in her mind, in her lungs and heart and gut, but she must focus on these sons first—she must try to heal the wounds time has inflicted upon them.

The horror in her is only compounding. How they were able to handle this, she will never know Dad stayed home, even found us a teacher I'm so sorry I put you through that Trisha doesn't know when she fell asleep at the kitchen table, keeping Al company through her shock She supposes that the armor must be doing Al some good, if he was able to carry her all the way upstairs. She walks across the hall slowly, almost apprehensive to see her boys. She is still not over the shock of I could die in a year and what kind of mother does that to her children and what have they gone through, but she knows she has to put on a strong face for her boys.

Edward's expression when he awoke from that nightmare Alphonse's body language as he told her what happened Even though it's been nine years since it happened, they still feel every ounce of the pain it caused Ed and Al are not in their room, though, and she hears noise downstairs, so she goes down to the kitchen. Ed is in the same clothes he wore yesterday—he's wearing too many layers for this summer heat She feels a brief moment of terror for her younger set of sons—what if they're alone, outside, freezing in the middle of winter—but then she remembers that these sons were staying with their Teacher.

And if they had traded places She makes her way to the stove, where a pot of sausages is boiling and eggs are sizzling in the skillet. She's surprised for a moment; neither of her sons has ever shown any interest in cooking Her sons had stopped their conversation abruptly when she entered the room, and she wonders vaguely what they were talking about. Perhaps it was Edward's nightmare; perhaps it was the conversation she had with Alphonse last night.

How her sons' lives were almost ruined She stirs the sausages without really thinking, wondering if she even wants to know any more of what has happened Of course she does. By some miracle, they have come from the future, and she finds that she wants to know everything.

Even if it will hurt her She needs to know. But her boys clearly don't want to talk about any of it, are still shaken up about Ed's nightmare that so easily could have become reality She's jarred by it as well, but her sons have always counted on her to stay strong, and she's sure ten years have changed nothing.

So, she decides to avoid the subject altogether. She fills two plates with food there should be three and brings them to the table, sitting down next to Ed and smiling at them both.

He throws glances toward his little brother every so often; his eyes are full of something Trisha can only read as pain. And she realizes, suddenly, how terrible she feels for eating in front of her son. He's been deprived of this luxury, this thing that everyone takes for granted Surprisingly, Alphonse is the one who answers her compliment, ducking his head in embarrassment—"It wasn't a problem.

Since you stayed up with me, I figured I could do this It makes a strangely hollow, metallic sound. Trisha wonders, but does not ask. You guys always make the best food What is this mystery just beyond her reach? She doesn't know, and she realizes that without this knowledge, she may go mad. She doesn't consider that the answers she is seeking may push her over the edge as well. The day is long and quiet, and she thinks her sons may be in better spirits than they have been since they arrived.

She wants to bring up the circle their younger selves had used, the circle still inscribed on the floor of their father's study, because surely they belong in the future, while those in the future belong here, with her And she's sure that, if they are really being tutored in alchemy, they will have no trouble deciphering it and finding their way back home.

But she doesn't ask, doesn't mention how they arrived at all, because there's something in the way they look at her that says they don't want to leave. She can't imagine why; surely, they have friends with whom they belong at home?