Foamy the squirrel relationship issues

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foamy the squirrel relationship issues

Black Connecticut: Foamy The Squirrel, Funny as hell! Relationship Issues ( HD): Foamy The Squirrel (+playlist) Cute Funny Pics. More information. Series, such as Foamy Fan Mail and Foamy's Rant periodically come out of these episodes. Sometimes Squirrel Talk . Relationship Issues Dec. 10 Board owner. Follow. Inappropriate Bagel (Chibisode): Foamy The Squirrel - YouTube Bagel, Squirrel, Heroes Relationship Issues (HD): Foamy The Squirrel.

He responds by saying that he likes chili. Germaine's attempt to write a book and create a web site based on her abused sexual history is full of this trope.

She believes giving exact details of the sexual acts she went through would inspire women to avoid making the same mistakes she made. All it does is make Germaine sound whiny because she didn't really do anything about her problems and anyone reading or watching her content would get a sexual thrill from it instead of caring about what she had to endure. Pilz-E breathes this trope; he gets common phrases and meanings completely mixed up or just plain wrong, such as thinking "solitaire confinement" meant that he had to sit in a room playing Solitaire all day he was thinking of solitary confinement.

In the episode "Eye Stigmata", Pilz-E is actually right for once when he has a stigmata in his eyes, causing him to profusely bleed from them at the episode's end. This is followed by a clip of a guy punching Germaine in the face and Foamy then saying hitting women is bad. Complaining about People Not Liking the Show: In universe in one of the 4-Y Records episodes. Despite spending almost every episode insulting other people's music tastes, the shopkeeper gets very annoyed with a customer for hating The Left-Rights.

The "Summoning Santa" episode has an elf scold Foamy for killing several people at a park by tossing acorns at them. Cut His Heart Out with a Spoon: This is mostly done by Foamy, but Germaine has done this at least once as well.

Just to get his coffee: I will tear off your fucking balls and staple them to your fucking forehead! Dude, it was a sexual assault. I'm kinda used to it. Besides, I shoved a pencil in his dickhole. So, I think things evened out with the karma there. Germaine and Foamy, Up to Eleven. Mammed Udi also became this when he was fired from his tech support job and now doesn't really care about the problems of his customers in his odd jobs as long as he gets paid for it.

Deal with the Devil: The episode "Radio Offer" shows a devil on the radio offering money in exchange for souls.

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Pilz-E Wants 10 of them to get the offered decoder ring and Germaine already sold her soul. During her travel logs, her hair grew back un-dyed, revealing her to be a natural blonde. She's not air-headed in the stereotypical way, but could arguably still fit this trope due to the way she handled her life.

The first few batches of episodes are quite odd to look at compared to the later episodes in the series; the backgrounds and character designs were more simplistic and rough while Foamy was almost a completely different character by speaking quickly and just saying whatever came to mind. Pillz-E, while speaking fast and talked about nonsensical stuff before, didn't go off the rails on topics as much as he did in his future appearances and his voice pitch was almost the same as Foamy's, only with a faster speaking speed.

Parodied via a cursed toaster. Put something in, and something possibly completely unrelated comes out in time spans that are as consistent as water if the title cards are to be believed. Even Evil Has Standards: Averted in Nuts to You.

foamy the squirrel relationship issues

Foamy avoids killing a baby despite Pilz-E's constant prodding. He thought it would be funny if the baby grew up knowing its mother was murdered. Just another Moral Event Horizon in the life of Foamy the squirrel In Foamy Cult Meeting, Begley questions the need for "squirrely force" to bring on the demise of the human race. In Deck Waving, Foamy calls Germaine out for using devious tactics to win at poker.

Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": According to Word of GodAnchovie got his name from smelling like anchovies all the time since he has been a pizza delivery guy for a long time. Everything's Better with Monkeys: The shocky monkey who hits Mammed Udi when he doesn't work fast enough. Sometimes all in the same clip. Foamy always made fun of Germaine's weight, despite the fact that she wasn't overweight, but then he had a reason to make fun of her once Germaine actually did gain weight.

Granted, Germaine's weight gain was on purpose, but she still exhibited the traits of fat bastardy, which included eating food anywhere she went such as the bathroomhaving poor taste in clothes that made her fat figure more apparent, and loudly belching whenever she felt like it. She lost some weight when she left the city for a while and the reboot erased the entire thing. In "Sexy Costumes" Germaine says this is how she gets her hair dye Germaine, going from a typical angsty art-school Goth in the early episodes, to a Wangsty Straw Feminist in the classic series.

She seems to have evened out somewhat in the reboot. Anchovie was hit hard by this trope, going from a stalker with a crush to a potential rapist that only thinks about having sex with Germaine and always.

This is taken further where he always creams all over himself at the sight of her. The Hatta' was also flanderized to the point where he's a walking racist caricature of a stereotype that does nothing but spew racist comments while trying to justify what he says is not racist. At some point during her weight gain Germaine stopped getting fat like a normal person, and the weight all went to her breasts.

Each one is now larger than her head, and they literally hang down to her waist, unobstructed by anything so realistic as a protruding belly. There was also that one spell Foamy cast much earlier in the series. Poor Germaine was bedridden by the size of her boobs. Referenced in "A Change of Heart" where Foamy in the rebooted arc tells Germaine about the book and then a ring that allows the user to enlarge their breasts at will. Germaine orders the ring and alternates between blowing up her breasts and shrinking them down to normal size while Anchovie watches through a window before his head explodes from too much pleasure and excitement when Germaine goes for massively huge boobs.

In the reboot, Germaine's breasts bounce every time she talks. In the reboot and Chibisodes, Germaine has been playing more video games. In the episode "Gamer Chicks", she is playing Duty Calls 7 and is 11th on the leaderboards, while Foamy is th. How you do dat?!? I fucking love headshots! Foamy has threatened to do this. Germaine actually does this twice once on-screen. Foamy threatens Franklin with this in Zip Codes when Franklin keeps asking questions about his zip code, opening up a StarSchmucks credit card account and getting the StarShmucks rewards card instead of getting Foamy his fucking coffee!.

Germaines first does it in Clothes Donation.

foamy the squirrel relationship issues

She then does it again in A Latte Butt when she literally rips Franklin's you-know-what off on-screen. Occurs often with Foamy and Pilz-E during their conversations where they just pull out random items related to the topic they're talking about, although it's more like a prop since the characters hardly use what they pull out.

Foamy Germaine seems to be sliding towards this Head Pet: Foamy sometimes does this to Germaine. Hooker with a Heart of Gold: Subverted with Germaine, who, though generally a decent person, is extremely cynical. Considering her career as a plus-sized pornstar and call girl seems to be panning out quite profitably, but she's really only doing it because she would rather be writing poetry, the subversion is entirely understandable.

Foamy's view of the world around him is very much this. As the original series progressed, he put her in more and more sexual situations. He eventually explains that Germaine going from a feminist to a blatant whore was a part of her character development all along, given away by the subtext of several episodes. He explains it here.

Germaine has complained a number of times about men only caring about women's looks, but apparently it's okay for her to ogle over a man's appearance. See Bi the Way. The Hatta' lives and breathes this trope.

Every time someone calls him out about being racist or a stereotype, the Hatta' strongly defends his point of view by saying how what he says is the truth or is just a "strong opinion".

Her belching out loud at random times has become a Running Gag since "Gas-E-Pop", in which she drank a bottle of the episode's titular soda and burped constantly for the rest of the episode. Whether she is still burping because of the soda or not is unclear, but she was particularly proud of her burp in "Deck Waving". Germaine gets a box of chocolates through the mail from her stalker, filled with an She still eats it anyway, because she is that much of a chocolate addict.

It turns out that the chocolates were never filled that way, they were just normal chocolates that had melted a little in the mail. In Spite of a Nail: In both the original series and reboot, society's objectification of and ridiculously high beauty and sexuality standards pushed on Germaine damages her psyche and causes her to act out.

The only difference is how she reacts to it. In the original series Germaine tried to de-feminize herself to escape sexual harassment, only to get fired for her new look but sexually harassed by men anyway, sending her into a downward spiral of poverty, depression and prostitution. In the new series, she's more outwardly and financially stable but develops sexually lewd and violent hallucinations to cope with reality.

After Germaine is released from the institution for her psychotic meltdown, she thinks about going back to one of her old jobs, and Foamy informs her that they won't take her back at her retail job after a customer hit on her, and she began reciting neo-feminist poetry, getting naked, and smashing things with a golf club while shouting "I AM ART! Pretty much everyone has jerkass tendencies, except Mutie. Germaine lays into the squirrels all the time although they probably deserve a lot of this and has killed at least three people solely because they annoyed her.

Foamy mutilates and maims people for fun with his nut-tossing and bosses around and insults Germaine all the time. Begley raped or sexually tortured, depending on your interpretation Germaine with a voodoo doll, programmed a sex doll to assault Anchovie, and helped Pilz-E and Foamy tie down Germaine and beat her to a pulp. The Hatta constantly accuses white people of being racist, solely so they'll shut up and walk away.

Mammed Udi is sick of all the stupid people calling his helplines and only working for the money, and isn't afraid to let them know. Jerkass Has a Point: Germaine in the classic series tries to lose weight after she gained a lot of it and sought out Foamy for support.

Foamy refused to help Germaine and said that he had to deal with her whining for over 8 years about insignificant crap and things in her life she could have fixed on her own, but refused to do so or admit to it.

Foamy also stated that that he tried to put Germaine on the right path many times, but since she refused to listen, he didn't give a damn what she did anymore.

Killed Off for Real: Germaine's mute roommate Mutie. Was last seen sunbathing in the episode "Hot enough for you. She finally came back in "An Arthouse Halloween". In the Achievements rant, Begley shows up and gets the achievement Obscure character reference. Foamy is years old and has had owners. There is also implication that he is being used for medical experiments. Pilz-E's banter is often nonsensical, caused by medication-induced hallucinations.

He is good hearted, but he tends to misunderstand words or take people usually Germaine too literally. Despite being considered Foamy's friend, Foamy seems to find it hard at times to deal with his drugged up behavior.

Germaine brought Pilz-E with her to Connecticut because she feels he cannot be left alone. The Hatta is a black squirrel who is both a stereotype for [20] and very defensive of African-American culture. He is quick to pull the race card in any situation and has even starred in his own rants. Much like Begley, he appears less frequently in the series than either Pilz-E or Germaine. Begley is a purple- mohawked British squirrel who rebels against authority figures and generally fulfills the stereotype of punk.

He came to New York in Anchovie's suitcase, following jail time for calling the Queen a " wanka ". He enjoys sexuality unlike Foamyalthough he is willing to help Foamy commit acts of mischief.

He backpacked to Germaine's new home in Connecticut, angry at her for leaving him behind in New York with Anchovy. He appears infrequently in the series, sometimes breaking the fourth wall to ask for more episodes. Roswell is Jack Partfine's dog. He believes Foamy is an old evil cult leader bent on world domination, [18] [21] or possibly the mythical squirrel Ratatoskr or a descendant. He serves as a foil to Foamy; one of the few characters who does not underestimate him in any way, yet is ignored by the rest of the world.

In the reboot he, like Foamy, whines about Connecticut and longs to move back to New York. Puff is Betty's pet cat who listens to music and is always seen wearing pink headphones.

Human characters[ edit ] Germaine Endez [20] is Foamy's "owner" through most of the episodes.

foamy the squirrel relationship issues

Originally living in a New York City apartment, she moved to her grandfather's Connecticut house after the reboot. Her struggles provide angst for Neurotically Yours: Germaine also constantly suffers from money problems; her spotty employment record includes working in an occult bookstore, [22] prostitute, [4] [5] sales clerk at Walk-Martnude model for a New York art school, and barista at Starschmucks.

After the reboot, Germaine attempted to better herself by getting breast-reduction surgery and abandoning her gothic fashion sense, although she eventually gave up these efforts, reversing her breast-reduction and readapting her gothic style.

Anchovie Allcock, also known as Pizza Guy, [20] [23] is Germaine's stalker and a general pervert.

foamy the squirrel relationship issues

He has had various jobs: He is a very persistent and proficient stalker, secretly photographing Germaine to post on a website [24] and finding ways to interact with her. Anchovie hates Foamy because the squirrel foils many of his plans for Germaine; Foamy, on the other hand, just thinks Anchovie is pathetic.

Germaine kills and dismembers Anchovie in the background of a Topical Rant, [25] but he subsequently reappeared in a post-reboot [26] and Begley has told Germaine that he has taken to performing more disturbing acts of stalking in Germaine's absence like collecting left-behind hair. Franklin O'Kee is an elitist who loves working at Starshmuck's coffee shop. Franklin's homosexuality is implied throughout the series, with acknowledgement after the reboot.

He eventually quit working at Starsmucks in an attempt to open his own homosexual-themed coffee shop with Germaine as a business partner, although the blatantness of the coffee shop's theme lead to poor business and his castration by Germaine out of frustration.

Mammed Udi is a hard-working [20] Hindu man from India. His jobs include technical support for Smell Tech Computers, an Eaters Anonymous hotline that Germaine calls, a suicide hotline operator, and the pharmacist who supplies Pilz-E's medications. Joanna, or "Mutie", was Germaine's mute female roommate. She was physically distracting [27] " eye candy ", with blond hair in ponytailsblue eyes, and an exaggerated breast size.

She appeared in a number of initially unreleased episodes. In "Cute Mute", it is revealed that Germaine brought her home from a party because she was drunk, but she decides to room there to help with bills.

Joanna's last appearance was in the episode "Hot Enough For You? However, she appears briefly at the end of the "An Arthouse Halloween" episode released on October 16, Jack Partfine is a cryptozoologist from New York who moved to Connecticut because his profession could not cover his expenses. He is good-natured, friendly, and constantly apologizing for the accusations blurted by his dog, Roswell. However, he does appear to be slightly paranoid and a conspiracy theorist.

Introduced in the episode "Secrets of The Foamy Cult", [18] he is the first human introduced since the reboot. Dia is a religious-minded young woman who left India to avoid an arranged marriage to Mammed Udi, and find purpose to her life.

She believes she may be hallucinating after she discovers some expired tofu in her fridge that talks and moves. Against Foamy's advice, Betty performed witchcraft to become a shemale ; she drew the ire of demonic spirits and, as a result, must perform an annual ritual if she wants to keep living.

She also performs off Broadway from time to time. Ollie is Germaine's grandfather. Ollie took it upon himself to raise Germaine after her father left her and her mother was deemed unfit to parent.

Ollie is an old school New York citizen whose years of city-living made him hardened and sarcastic.