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gerard way meet and greet uk

We caught up with the musician and writer as he made a rare UK appearance at INTERVIEW: Gerard Way Talks Comic, Netflix & New M But judging by the huge 'meet and greet' queues of cosplaying fans circling around. My experience of meeting Gerard Way comic convention in Leeds, UK this year pretty much specifically just so I could go to the Gerard Way Meet and Greet. Way tickets. See every Gerard Way concert. Check out Gerard Way tour schedule, live reviews, photos, and details. SEP. Leeds, United Kingdom.

Posted by colonelblofeld It is that time of year again where I queue up outside the best independent record shop in the UK Fact, Resident in Brighton www. So, at 5pm on Friday night I started to queue in 4th position where I would then spend 14 hours staring longingly through the shop window at all the Recordstoreday releases. Eventually we got bored and started answering with such unbelievable responses that hopefully people would leave us be.

Meet and Greet with David Bowie and other recently deceased celebrities See Justin Bieber perform and Instore A peaceful protest supporting a variety of causes At 7am, the doors opened and we wove our way around the store to have our pick lists collected and await the 8am kurfew to pass. And these are the resulting additions to my collection. A really good looking piece.

Pressed in white vinyl and housed in a retro looking sleeve.

My Chemical Obsession — My experience of meeting Gerard Way

A really cool looking picture disc from Muse featuring a comic looking rocket dropping bombs. Housed in a clear sleeve, with an inlay that doubles up as an origami drone. I think I will photocopy it to make the drone rather than wreck the inlay! Features an album and live version of the track.

gerard way meet and greet uk

A great single made all the better by being pressed on lime green vinyl housed in a die cut sleeve. A single featuring two out takes from the Hesitant Alien sessions. Pressed on Red, Pink and Purple splattered vinyl so nice to look at, with both sides looking drastically different one looks more marble, whilst the other looks like the traditional splatter effect.

Foals continue the tradition of releasing some for RSD with this years offering, 2 new tracks on Rain and Daffodil. But this was years ago when it was gonna be a movie He actually looks a lot like him in the illustrations.

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  • INTERVIEW: Gerard Way Talks New Music, Netflix, Writing Comics & MCR's Legacy

He has an Adrian Brody vibe about him. Yeah and there's sometimes when you're working, you base a character a little bit off an actor. I thought of Gary Oldman a lot when I was working on Hargreaves. So there's stuff like that but you tend to leave that over time and you start to think 'who would be in Umbrella Academy today, in this year'. I think it's just about finding the right people, I dunno how much it'll be dependant on really big names.

Let's talk a little bit about music - you've hinted for a while that there may be some new solo material coming from you soon, what point are you up to with that? Well I now have a studio. I have this, like, compound type situation where I have a place to record live music and I have a place to record music in a control room and then a place to work on my art projects and my comics. I just kind of, right now, have so many comics due and so many comics to write that I've just been doing that.

I've been trying to fit music in but I've just started to kind of write music. So that's starting, it's at a very early stage. You've done a couple of songs more recently that tied into your work in comics, is that the direction you see your music output moving in? Well we did a song for Cave Carson the comic series on Young Animal that we put out on a casette and then on a picture disc. I'd like to do more of that for Young Animal.

Gerard Way and Frank Iero spotted together in Leeds - Alternative Press

I think that would be a great way to break in the studio. I think that the idea was getting the studio up and running to experiment making the Young Animal record. So that way we could break the whole situation in and really figure out And again, it's another awesome collaborative situation where you get to work with a group of people, whether it's me sat in a room with my co-producer and engineer, or me working on the record alone and then eventually bringing people in, which is what we did with the solo record.

For quite a long time, it was just me putting those songs together and then we would bring in other musicians to play parts. But with the Young Animal record, if we get to do that, like Cecil Castelluci, writer is a musician so she'd work on a track with me and we're talking about all different people that can contribute. So that'd be fun. If I could ask a couple of MCR questions before we finish? Sure, I don't mind.

So one of the amazing things about that band is that over the last few years, your following has gotten even bigger online thanks to Tumblr, memes and streaming services. It almost feels like you are bigger now than you've ever been.

Is that something you've noticed? I did become aware that the band gained more life after breaking up.

I mean if you think about the themes of MCR, it was almost supposed to become more powerful in death laughs. That really fits in.

Gerard Way - 'Millions' music video.

And how rare as well - I can't think of any other band where this has been the case. It's been amazing, yeah.

gerard way meet and greet uk

Obviously most recently you did the reissue of The Black Parade, have you thought about any more legacy releases? Will we see reissues of any of the other albums too? We usually let the record company lead with that stuff. Basically, every once in a while they'll come to us and say 'hey, what do you guys think about doing, for example, a 10 year Black Parade release' and we'll be like 'alright, cool'.

How did frank iero and gerard way meet?

And then we're a little bit involved just from an art standpoint but don't really get involved much past that. But we have a great relationship with the record label Warner Brothers and they really know what our vibe is so they've kinda understood what we do. It's nice and easy. There were also some pretty high profile covers of your stuff, especially around the anniversary, one of the biggest being Twenty One Pilots' version of 'Cancer'. Did you happen to hear that version?

I did hear that one, it was great. I was really impressed. I didn't know what to expect and I was surprised by what I heard. Because there's a bit of rejuggling of parts and I was like 'wow, this almost sounds like a remix' but it's a cover by way of this, kind of, rearrangement and I was really impressed with it. I like that band anyway, I like the sound of that band.

I think what they do is really interesting. So, I was psyched to hear that cover. I think there's a clear line of influence with those guys too, they are definitely taking on that mantle you left behind, experimenting with similar themes and lots of different musical styles. Yeah, I think so too. They're a good band. I was really psyched about that. I was into it. One last question - we've chatted to your old bandmate Frank Iero on quite a few occassions and he told us you guys still have an MCR group text chat going.

We then got loads of messages and comments from fans asking if the chat has a name.