Glee shelby and rachel meet me

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Sure, heading into the Glee series finale, the writers probably don't have it as a bit of a shock to see Rachel lock lips with him with nary a word about Sam. Don 't get me wrong, Kurt is definitely a great singer —but fashion always But the last time we saw Shelby Corcoran, she was helping Rachel prep. Worried by the growing closeness between Rachel and Finn, Quinn Fabray, Finn's . “Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl” – Mr. Schue . During their separation, Rachel meets Jesse St. James, lead singer of rival glee club Vocal Sue informs Emma of the make-out session Will had with Shelby as well as the sleep. A chance meeting with Rachel Berry — of whose MySpace videos he was a big fan — led Lady Hummel to the glee club, though Rachel was.

If it was Rachel's choice, the contract was irrelevant. All Rachel's dads wanted was for Rachel to be happy. They didn't want to force Shelby upon her if she didn't feel it necessary, but they also thought that Shelby would be a very important person in Rachel's life, and that Rachel would need a motherly figure eventually. Thus, the contract was created, to Shelby's extreme irritation, though she didn't express it too much, for, all she really cared about was Rachel's happiness as well.

There was one thing that Rachel didn't know, actually, there was a lot that Rachel didn't know about the situation, but Shelby had actually moved away from New York and back to Lima, Ohio-her home town-to get closer to Rachel, in the hopes that Rachel might seek her out.

In an attempt to do that, so far, Shelby had convinced her most trustworthy and attractive student, Jesseto get close to Rachel, so that she could trust him. Once that was possible, she had given Jesse a tape of her singing "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Mis, specifically made for Rachel, in the hopes that after she heard that, Rachel wouldn't be able to resist finding her mother.

So Rachel, Quinn, and Mercedes sat in the middle of the auditorium, which happened to be so far back, that nobody noticed them, but close enough so they could see what was happening on stageand waited for the Vocal Adrenaline kids, who always seemed to be on an adrenaline high, to start their rehearsals. As soon as their rehearsal had begun, the three girls' jaws dropped down. Right now, they were working out the choreography for the song "Bad Romance".

glee shelby and rachel meet me

Each showchoir member fashioned a costume that must have cost a fortune a piece, and was an exact replica of Lady Gaga's own, lace fire dress. The one that went up over her head, covering her face. Shelby Corcoran led them, standing on the stage, and clapping her hands to the beat. Theatricality isn't about crazy outfits! It's not enough to You have to light yourself on fire to make it work! Mercedes gave her an odd look of resentment, but her look was ignored by Rachel, who was concentrated on Shelby.

Like a quiet storm. You just have to radiate emotion. Express what's deep down inside of you. That's what theatricality is truly about. She turned to the pianist, who was sitting at the gorgeous, shiny, black grand piano, waiting for her cue. The Vocal Adrenaline kids shuffled off of the stage, taking off their lacy face cover-ups that looked like they attached to the dress, yet in reality, only covered down to the neck, and sat in the front row, awaiting another show stopping performance from the one and only, Shelby Corcoran.

Shelby pulled her wavy, long brown hair that was a lot like Rachel's, out of her face and let it land on her back lightly. The prop mirror that stood in front of her, showed the reflection of herself. She took in her sparkling brown eyes, wondering if Rachel's were the same. She had seen Rachel once since she was born-performing at Sectionals, where she had performed "Don't Rain On My Parade" wonderfully-and from what she could tell, Rachel was almost an exact copy of Shelby herself, though she never got close enough to see those eyes of hers.

She began the song when the pianist cued her in.

Shelby Corcoran

The guy said honey, you're a funny girl. Her students watched in wonder, but Rachel seemed the most astounded. Personally, she idolized Streisand.

glee shelby and rachel meet me

Rachel did as well, as Shelby later found out. And though I may be all wrong for the guy I'm good for a laugh. I guess it's not funny. Life is far from sunny, when the laugh is over, and the joke's on you. A girl, ought to have a sense of humor. That's one thing, you really need for sure The fella said, a funny girl. How it ain't so funny When Shelby was done singing, she looked down to see what seemed to be a fifteen year old version of herself, staring up at her with, yes, sparkling brown eyes.

Just like her mothers. Shelby replied nothing, practically speechless for the first time in her whole life. Rachel swallowed and took a deep breath before continuing what she had to say.

Her Vocal Adrenaline students coughed and shifted in their seats uneasily, not quite knowing how to go about what was happening. Since when did Miss Corcoran have a daughter?

A Month with Shelby Chapter 1, a glee fanfic | FanFiction

And since when was her daughter Rachel Berry?! Did this mean that they were all going to be kicked out of the Carmel High School Glee Club because of how many times they had picked on Rachel?

glee shelby and rachel meet me

And why the hell were the girls from New Directions spying on them?! They'd be suing somebody. But at that time, they just couldn't take their eyes off of Miss Corcoran or Rachel. Quinn and Mercedes had no idea what was going on, and slowly descended from the middle of the auditorium and near the front of the stage, close to Rachel, gaining sneers and dirty looks from some of the Vocal Adrenaline kids, especially from one Jessewho no longer qualified as a good person in Rachel's life.

He had screwed that one up big time, and Shelby wouldn't forget it. You are however, going to suffer a consequence for your poor descions last night.

glee shelby and rachel meet me

However, your parents do. So chose, my punishment or theirs. I'll let you know when you may stop. Unfolding the lawn chair she'd brought with her Shelby sat down and opened her book. Might as well catch up on the reading she'd been meaning to do. Come on, Berry, make her stop. I'm in enough trouble with her over matters other than this and I refuse to do anything more that may upset Shelby.

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Right now I want you to give me fifty pushups and fifty sit ups. Go on, don't take too long. Smiling a bit as she trudged up the stairs Rachel rubbed her bottom absently. The swat hadn't really hurt but it had gotten her attention, and to Rachel it meant one thing. Shelby was really going to act like her parent.

After all, only a parent would send their child out of the room with a swat to their bottom. It wouldn't be very fair for your mom to handle it as well since nobody else's parents are involved. And for this elaborate plan of yours to stay home alone for a month.

However since they are now safely in Japan, we've agreed that I will be instrumental in making sure you know the errors of your ways. I was able to talk to your dads this morning while you were running at the track.

And they were very interested in your recent activities. Everything they thought we'd already discussed in those emails has been gone over and we will, for the most part, do what had been discussed, including me signing the paperwork to have my parental rights reinstated.

Though you should know that those rights come with certain things. I am allowed to talk to your teachers and sign permission slips. That is not the argument you want to go with to convince me not to spank you if I decide you may need one. Shelby merely shook her head and smirked, "You brought this on yourself, baby girl.

Being grounded is your dads' punishment for lying to them. I think that's an adequate punishment and I shouldn't have to suffer any others.

Rachel-Shelby Relationship

You also put yourself in danger by what you did. Something could have gone horribly wrong with you being alone like you were and nobody knowing about it. Not to mention pretending to be me in those emails. But this is what we get, kiddo. You are grounded and I am going to spank you. I have just gotten you back into my life, literally and I do not want to lose you ever again. Maybe remembering what will happen if you ever put yourself in danger again will help you not to do it anymore. They've agreed that when you get in trouble with me than I am to handle it in any way I see fit.

No more," Shelby moved her hand so that she was grasping Rachel's chin between her thumb and finger. Up to your room and get ready for bed. I'll be up shortly. She wasn't sure what she was supposed to be doing while she waited for her mother since she'd never been sent to her room to await a spanking before. Sure, her dads had grounded her, not that it ever really stuck and she was able to undo most groundings by the second day. She had a feeling things would be much different with Shelby.

After all only a mom would send you to your room to have an anxiety attack before spanking you. A spanking, surely Shelby didn't really mean she was going to spank her like a little kid.

The swat from earlier had gotten her attention but hadn't really hurt and Rachel had almost convinced herself that the spanking from Shelby would be more like that than anything else. An attention getter to let her know that her mother was displeased with her.

Then again, Shelby didn't seem to act like this would just be a light swat either. There was no doubt in Rachel's mind that she didn't want this spanking. She'd heard that they were painful.

I mean having your ass warmed couldn't be fun, yet a part of her felt all warm and cozy knowing that this step meant Shelby truly was her parent. That the woman did love her and wanted her. Maybe, just maybe Rachel could stop worrying about her mom leaving her again if she truly followed through on her punishment. A light knock finally sounded and Rachel's quiet, "Come in," brought her mother into her room.

Hugging the rabbit tighter Rachel looked up from under hair and sighed. She also says that it is her only regret. When Jesse sees Rachel again at her home he puts the tape on for her, despite her protests that she isn't ready, on the tape is a recording of Shelby singing I Dreamed a Dreama dream sequence is then see where Shelby and Rachel are singing I Dreamed a Dream as a duet.

By the end of the recording Rachel is in tears, meanwhile in her car Shelby is also crying. Dream On Rachel has been rummaging through the dumpsters behind Carmel High School and from there checked the local fabric store and has come to the conclusion that Vocal Adrenaline are doing Lady Gaga. Consequently Rachel, Quinn and Mercedes go to spy on Vocal Adrenaline and see that they are indeed doing Lady Gaga, however Shelby insists that they aren't getting what theatricality is all about so decides to demonstrate by singing Funny Girlupon hearing Shelby sing Rachel realizes that Shelby is her mother and so introduces herself at the end of the number.

The two have a tense conversation about their similarities, what it feels like to not achieve your dream, whether Shelby ever regrets giving Rachel up and why she chose to contact Rachel now before Shelby says that she shouldn't have contacted Rachel and promises to call her before leaving.

glee shelby and rachel meet me

During New Directions ' own theatricality assignment Rachel goes to Shelby for help with her Lady Gaga outfit which she gladly provides.

However, when the two meet again they mutually agree that their relationship isn't working and that it feels wrong. Shelby explains that she is Rachel's mother, but not her mom. They agree to be grateful for each other from afar, at least for a while and Shelby gives Rachel a glass cup with a gold star on it as that is her thing, unaware that it is also Rachel's thing. Before Shelby leaves Rachel asks her if she will sing with her and so they sing an acoustic duet of Poker Face ending with Shelby complimenting Rachel on her voice before leaving.

Theatricality Shelby gets offered a job a McKinley coaching a rival Glee Club, which worries Rachel that her mom is here to betray her once again or try to get to know her better. Rachel auditions for Maria and Shelby helps her prepare for it. After Shelby tells Rachel how proud of her she is, Rachel asks Shelby to write her own letter of recommendation which she accepts. Figgins about Shelby and Puck's relationship so The Troubletones will lose the competition.