Graceland mike and paige meet

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graceland mike and paige meet

Following the heartbreaking events of the Graceland season finale, in which Paige (Serinda Swan) told Sid (Carmine Can Mike and Paige ever reconcile? As you saw We met this guy who has all the ambition in the world. Mike's double life is about to catch up with him on Graceland -- and we're not talking about his work with the Paige and Jessica Finally Meet!. Discover ideas about Graceland. Mike meets Paige. GracelandPaige O'haraMike D'antoniTelevisions. More information. Saved by. Emma. 5.

She went to school at Wellesley College and Georgetown Law. She moved to the west coast for the summer to take a break from school and life before she "gets locked in an office forever".

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When they starts dating, Johnny and Paige tell her that Mike is a pilot. They warn him that he can not get too close to her and tell him to break.

Mike decides not to after getting unexpected advice from Dale. At one point, Paige had to steal Abby's phone and Mike dropped it in a glass of water after she used it to take a picture of him to prevent his picture from going on the internet.

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One day, Mike brought Abby to Graceland, and brought her upstairs, despite being told nobody without a badge is allowed on the second level. While there, Abby saw Paige with her gun in the hallway. Paige tells her that her dad makes her keep it for protection.

However, as Abby grabs her sweater off the counter, Mike's gun is revealed. They said they had them for protection. Unsatisfied with the reason that they both owned one for protection, Abby demanded the truth from Mike.

Mike & Paige ::: don't find another love

When Mike did not say anything, she broke up with him and left. Paige sets Mike up with Abby in the hopes of Mike having a fun time.

graceland mike and paige meet

When he begins developing a relationship with Abby, she tells him to break it off because no one in Graceland is allowed to have serious long-term relationships with anyone outside the government. In the last few episodes, the other roommates seem to believe that there is something more to Paige and Mike Briggs, Johnny and Jakes all make comments about it. In the finale, Paige and Mike kiss, but she thinks it's not really about her and leaves.

At the end of the episode she makes a toast to Mike's return to DC. When Mike returns to Graceland, he maintains a sexual relationship with Paige, despite also being in a relationship with Jessica. Paige at one point attempts to coerce Mike into sleeping with Jessica so she would approve something for their mission; Paige tells him to "do whatever he has to do" to "convince" Jessica, but he can't go through with it and ends his relationship with her.

graceland mike and paige meet

Paige and Mike's sexual relationship ends as well. That's kind of the saving grace — she knows him.

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And she saw how sorry he was. But the fact that he's still here for that reason still pisses her off and hurts her. There are a lot of things that just don't add up. Paige is an amazing agent.

graceland mike and paige meet

That's something that we really haven't gotten to develop yet but at the end of the day, there's a reason that each of these characters are at Graceland. It's really interesting to see how the dynamic in the house changes because we all team up, and as we do it, we all smile with one another," Swan says. Mike's confession to Paige "changes everything" Although Paige may not completely trust Mike, or Briggs for that matter, her intentions are very pure.

She wants Briggs to never know they were investigating him," Swan says. But they were all super supportive and came up and gave me big hugs afterwards.

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I was like Mike at Graceland — everyone just kind of welcomed me in. The night after Swan read for the role, the role was upped to a three-episode arc and then to a series regular.

graceland mike and paige meet

It was a tough one to swallow. But at the end of the day, the pilot was the highest-tested pilot in USA history so it's kind of a no-brainer when you look at it," Swan says.