Hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

Death Battle: Hiccup and Toothless VS Hiro and Baymax by Ultrasonic . Me: It is also when Hiro met Tadashi ' s project and one of the best robots. Hiro and Baymax meet Hiccup and Toothless Hiccup And Toothless, Httyd, Baymax, Disney .. Hogwarts AU Idk if i like Hiccup better in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Hiccup and Toothless is a What-If? episode of Death Battle, pitting Hiro and Baymax from Big Hero 6 against Hiccup and Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. Hiccup and Toothless quickly readjusted, but were quickly met with yet .

And don't you say something about Electro, Blob, or Juggernaut. I was going to say he survived Thor's power, geez. But since you mentioned his build, it gives out one of his weaknesses. He's not the strongest or the most athletic, well by Viking standards.

Then again, he was born prematurely so it's not really his fault. That's true, but he can't lift a hammer, swing an axe, or even throw bolas, to quote Gobber. He also, well lost his leg, guess Toothless just wanted payback. Also not to mention that Hiccup is not much of an "attack first, ask questions never" type of person. But this means that he's a strategist, and would fight more so in defense. And it also means he achieve almost anything.

He tamed almost every dragon known to Berk, discovered new lands, crafted his own weapons, defeated his most deadly of enemies, reunite with his long-lost mother, and became the Chief of Berk. Not to mention that Toothless is one of the best dragons to have on your side. He can reach speeds greater than sound, has great precision, survived from long falls, learn to maneuver while gliding, and defeated the evil Bewilderbeast Alpha and became the Alpha himself.

These two are the Alphas of both Man and Dragon. We are the voice of peace, and bit by bit, we will change this world. You see, we have something they don't. Oh, sure, they have armies, and they have armadas. Within the futuristic city of San Fransokyo- Sonic: I been around the globe, and then they decided to make a new that quick? It's a fictional city, taking place in San Francisco with a Tokyo architect flare.

Anyway, within the city lies the orphaned child genius, Hiro Hamada. Hiro Hamada graduated from High School at the age of Yep, you read that right. It's a no-brainer to see that this kid is wicked smart.

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Since his graduation, Hiro has participated in illegal Bot Fights, gathering money as an easy life. Too bad he got caught by the cops.

Thinking that Hiro should do better for himself, Hiro's older brother, Tadashi, brought him to San Fransokyo Institute of Technology to reveal the life of the "Nerd Lab. That's where students work on their projects?

It is also when Hiro met Tadashi ' s project and one of the best robots everyone has been fangirling about you know who you areBaymax, the Personal Healthcare Companion. It looks like a giant marshmallow.

Well he was designed to be huggable, since his exterior is vinyl, a rubber material used for gloves for doctors. And since he was designed as a nurse, he is programed with over 10, no, didn't stutter medical procedures, all installed in a chip. Baymax is also equipped with hyperspectral cameras, able to completely scan the patient to diagnose any injury and gather information of said patient. He's even equipped with defibrillators.

Baymax ' s endoskeleton is compose of carbon fiber, a light but stiff and strong material. And with advance actuators, Baymax is able to lift pounds!

Hiro Hamada and Baymax vs. Hiccup and Toothless

In comparison, the heaviest Disney character so far is Wreck-It Ralph, weighing in at pounds. Seeing how Hiro can change his life for the better, he enrolled for the school's showcase and was accepted to the school by revealing his invention of Microbots.

But Hiro later found out that the fire was intended so that that thief would get his hands on Hiro's Microbot Technology.

Wanting to catch the man responsible for Tadashi ' s death, Hiro, and with the aid of his fellow geniuses, equipped themselves with Battle Gear. Each Battle Gear is unique, granting each wearer abilities that fit within their own profession. For Baymax, his armor grants him durability as well as the ability to fly, reaching speeds greater than sound. He is also equipped with a rocket fist, able to launch at high speeds that can effortlessly smash through solid concrete.

Not to mention that Hiro also created a secondary chip, programmed to give Baymax mastery level skills of karate. You name the move, he does it. Baymax also has an upgraded sensor, enabling him to track down anyone that matches to the given biological information. San Fransokyo may have the same population of San Francisco, which isas of The chances to find one man in this dense population is roughly about 1.

And Baymax found that match within seconds of scanning the entire city. We need this kind of tech for law enforcement, makes things a lot smoother.

But what about the fun in the chase? Anyway, Hiro's Battle Gear doesn't really have any unique properties, but it does have magnetic locks that can latch onto Baymax. With Hiro's genius intellect and Baymax ' s great strength, these two are a power house to taking down any foe.

But they're no means perfect. If he were about to, then his Medical Care chip would have to be removed with his karate chip intact, make him an uncontrollable monster that purely attacks with no hesitation. Also, while the armor is durable, it's not adamantium or vibranium, so it can break if stroked by a heavy blow. And Baymax is rather naA've, as he is programmed as a health care robot, but he can adapt through interactions.

Plus, Hiro is still a kid, meaning he has no experience and still attending college. He's also not the strongest and no means of having any fighting skills. But they still prove themselves. Hiro is a strategist, preferred to look for a new angle of the situation. Theirs is a reason why he is the leader and Baymax being the team muscle. Flying makes me a better Health Care Companion. Alright, the combatants are set! Let's end this debate once and for all!

But right now, you guys want to see other fan-made fights? Well look no further than Sea Eagle. Within the site of Fanfiction is the writer. Sea Eagle is noticed for his Fight Night stories; the more toned-down, friendly version of Death Battle. Want to see Thor go toe-to-toe with Superman? Shrek wrestling Wreck-It Ralph? Me againstaC Rainbow Dash? Sea Eagle is your guy to find friendly fights between your favorite pop-culture characters.

Go to Fanfiction and search up Sea Eagle for access to his other stories as well. I really hope it doesn't hit anything important. Hey, we made it out of the storm didn't we? Finally caught a day off, and I got slapped by my own dragon. Then they see a new, and a rather peculiar, land.

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

Toothless cooed in amazement, never had he or his rider had seen anything like it. Looks like we found another one bud," Hiccup stated as he sees odd formations standing tall that almost reach the sky.

They quickly maneuvered away, dodging the projectile. The object turned around, going back towards the newly discovered land. Let's greet them with a complaint. He tilt along with his prosthetic, having him and the Night Fury follow the projectile. After a few seconds, it did, reattaching to the robot's arm. As it finished connecting, Bamax ' s scanner went off. Hiro could not believe his eyes at the black creature before him, with a person wearing black menacing-looking armor on its back as if it were a common horse.

The creature's eyes were slit, and its teeth bared in a snarl. Possibly containing high amount of radiation. The rider then reached for something on is right hip. After grabbing the item, the rider flipped a switch, making a blade pop out of the hilt and ignited with flames.

The glow form the sword only made the rider look more menacing. If Fred were here, he would diffidently call this guy a super-villain. Toothless flew back up and Hiccup try to make a slash with his blade, only to be missed when Hiro and Baymax moved away with a roll.

Toothless scooted upward, making the robot miss with his kick and hitting a nearby tree. The tree fell from the impact. Looking behind, he can see the red warrior and kid flying after them, with great speeds he thought only the Night Fury is capable of doing. He can't endanger the city with that creature! The two riders flew at great speeds, making a game of a Dog Fight.

The chase continued in the town's airspace. The citizen look into the sky in awe, watching something that they could never believe was possible. I mean, who else would see a man riding a dragon with a kid riding a robot flying in the air. Toothless then made a quick shot of his plasma blast, hurtling it towards the target. Baymax quickly ducked in time, and the bolt blasted not too far from behind them. That was way too close.

Then that what hit him. Alright buddy, shoot them down. My programming prevents me from injuring a human-being. Should I shoot them, I would injure the man. Alright, just find a way to get them down. Baymax kept on flying at high speed and caught up with them. The riders looked at each other and glared. Back off before something bad happens. I don't think so. Hiccup then decided to grabbed Inferno, but when he looked forward he saw that they were coming up close to a bunch of large rocks.

He grabbed onto the handle and Hiro held onto Baymax. Dragon and robot dodged the rocks in opposite directions.

They zig-zagged left and right, up and down, until they came clear of them. But when Hiro and Baymax came out, Hiccup and Toothless were nowhere to be seen.

Baymax, where are they? Baymax scanned the area, and found them. Behind us and coming up fast. Hiro turned his head around to see their opponents flying up to them with a green gas trailing behind them. The man and dragon fly past them as Hiro begins coughing at the green gas.

But before he and Baymax could do anything, Hiccup jumps off Toothless and begins gliding. He then sets of a spark of fire starts coming towards them. The gas explodes around them, forcing Hiro to fly off Baymax, but Baymax's armor holds up and he flies down to catch Hiro. Once he has him in his arms, he lands on the ground. It is no unsafe to fly. It is now best to stay on the ground. Just then, Hiccup and Toothless come and they land a few feet in front of them.

Hiccup, who had hopped back on Toothless earlier, gets off and removes his helmet, throwing it on the ground. Toothless stands by him, growling at the two.

I don't know who you think you are, but this is ends now! Hiro pushes a button on Baymax's chest revealing the data chips inside. Hiro, what are you doing?

hiro and baymax vs hiccup toothless meet

Hiro then removes the green chip, leaving the red one inside. He then pushes it back into the robot's chest, which causes the robot's eye to turn red. Once Baymax's fist was back on his arm, Toothless pounced at him. The two struggled against one another, but Baymax began pushing the Night Fury back. Toothless didn't make it easy as his claws dug into the ground, preventing Baymax from pushing him back.

Meanwhile, Hiccup and Hiro were face to face. Hiro brought his fists up and readied himself for a fight, but Hiccup grabs Inferno again and ignites the blade. Hiro's eyes widen in shock from the sight, but he charges anyway.

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Hiccup swings the blade at him, but Hiro manages to roll under it. But as soon has he starts standing up, Hiccup kicks him in the gut, sending him a couple feet away.

Back with the other two, Toothless and Baymax are still trying to overpower the other, but Toothless manages to bite down on Baymax's helmet, screwing up the scanner enhancements. But then Baymax grabs Toothless by the throat with his left hand and uses his right rocket fist to punch him into a bunch of trees. Baymax magnetizes the hand back and looks over the dragon, who appears to be down for the count. While fighting, Hiccup looks back to see his friend down on the ground, not moving.

But he's interrupted when Hiro manages to punch him in the face, making Hiccup stumble to the ground. Hiccup sees that his blade is a few feet away from him, but when he tries to grab it, he is lifted up. He looks to see Baymax staring him in the eyes. Fear shoots into Hiccup's eyes. Back at the downed reptile, its wings twitch. The dragon's eye shoot open. After a few moments, a blast occurs back where Toothless was.

The robot turns toward the blast source, but is quickly knocked back by a powerful blow. The robot and his rider look at the dragon, who was now glowing blue on his nostrils and down his spine. Hiccup was now on the ground, relieved that Toothless was there. The dragon then roars at the robot and the two charge at each other.