How did clark duke and michael cera meet

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how did clark duke and michael cera meet

Read all about Clark Duke with's exclusive biography Was nominated for a Young Artist Award in the early '90s for his work on the Met Michael Cera at the security gate of their apartment complex when Cera was locked out. Between and , I was convinced Clark Duke would turn into a comedians and a close friendship and web show with Michael Cera. CLARK DUKE: My character is the son of Nicolas Cage and . there were six or eight [episodes] left, all the actors met with the writers to talk N: We're big fans of the Clark and Michael webseries you did with Michael Cera;.

I even started dressing like him, you know, slacks and sneakers? I feel comfortable wearing clothes that don't tell people 'Hey, I'm gonna However, those familiar with the Canadian actor's compellingly strange presence in Fox TV's short-lived cracked-family cult comedy Arrested Development, have known for some time that Michael Cera is not like other child stars.

Cera's performance as George-Michael Bluth - the perturbed innocent in a family of maniacs - was a masterclass in adolescent awkwardness wholly removed from the world of the stage school Hollywood teen. As such, it comes as a relief to find that in person, Cera retains a healthy dose of on-screen strangeness.

As he sits upright in the window-chair of his London hotel room, he is polite and funny but there are flashes of Arrested Development's cervine wariness in his brown eyes.

how did clark duke and michael cera meet

Sporting a tomato-red cardigan, checked shirt, pale slacks, light sneakers and a woolly hat pulled tight over his dirty-blond mop of hair - offset by an over-the-shoulder bandolero filled with rolls of 35mm film - in the world of teen cool, Cera is striking in his unconcealed ordinariness.

He was the coolest guy in the world! Rather than go the happy-clappy stage school route Cera took weekend children's improv classes in Ontario and auditioned fruitlessly for hundreds of Canadian commercials before landing a breakthrough character role in Canadian kids TV series, I Was A 6th Grade Alien.

how did clark duke and michael cera meet

There were kids who made a living doing that, and it was always the same kids. I eventually asked my mum if we could stop going. More lessons in dejection followed when the show was cancelled after eight episodes, without ever being aired.

Michael only barely passes his driving test, and Clark informs him that he won't be driving his car. Regretting this overreaction, he makes it up to Michael with a game of minigolf. A meeting with another potential network ends poorly, unbeknownst to the two, when their arrogant behavior in general makes a bad impression on the executives.

Yet Clark ultimately decides against university when they achieve their TV show dream, with CBS signing them up as well as in real life. Several guest stars have made appearances in the series: Some of Michael Cera's former co-workers from Fox 's Arrested Development Tony Hale was featured in the first episode as an executive for the fictional ATC Family network, who turned down the pair's concept.

When Michael attended driving lessons, he was taught by David Cross. But you can't fix it because you wouldn't know how to do that. But that's not the point.

Oh did, I tell you I passed my driving test? That's great, how did you do? I barely passed, I got an You need an 80 - but I passed. Well, I mean, you're never driving my car. Because I don't want some amateur driving it. I passed the test. You think that's something to be proud of? That's going to get the job done every time?

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You're not a driving teacher, you don't know what's good and what's bad! I guess I just hope that you're not taking this approach to the pilot. How can you even say that? Because I'm out there giving And if you're giving 81?

You're in trouble, Mikey. I guess I'll just take the test again. Yeah, I get in there all the time. Oh, what are you laughing about? Just because I'm a big, regular-sized person? How are the petunias coming in this year, Amanda? Episode 7[ edit ] Michael: What's wrong with the car? That's just it, like, he saved me a trip to the mechanic.

So, just gonna buy him and his wife dinner. You go to those mechanics, and they're bloodsuckers, Clark. I didn't go to the mechanic! They'll charge you for everything that you're worth, basically. I read that in a book. Yeah, what book was that? Uh, it was was called the newspaper, or maybe it was the Internet. Yeah, that's what it was. You were just doing some recreational reading. So we are on our way right now to meet with Nate and his wife, Susan.

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Fun little side note - I call her "Lazy Susan. Her eye, is lazy. I told her that she could call me " Clark Bar ," or if she wanted, like a fun nickname for me, but she's not into it. But besides Susan, Nate is pretty great.

Clark and Michael

So he says to her, " sweater vest? Sweetheart, that's a V-neck! It was the clumsiest! I wish you all could have been there. You know what, Bruce, who could put a price on this evening, huh? Episode 8[ edit ] Michael: You've really got to watch these auctions online, when they get down to the wire, keep your eye on them.

This one character, this son of a bee, he's trying to snake me for about a month now. It's kind of long, it's got the number '2' and '4' and just the letter 'R'. Mike, I'm going to stop you. Because you have a new lady, ok, and her name is Hollywood, and her legs are spread so wide that there's room for both of us, in there.

Can we even call this America anymore Michael: White man stole my land. Me and you are running a magic laugh factory that never stops. The lights never shut off. Hey honeybaby, this is er, Michael from driving class.

Episode 9[ edit ] Clark: All they said was we should consider getting a name actor to play the Michael character and you just lost it. I mean, you could've just humored 'em.

Okay, well what was you, 'let's bring the Kutch on board. They brought up Ashton.

how did clark duke and michael cera meet

Yeah well what if I brought up another -- that guy from American Pie. I don't know his name. Can we even say names like this? I don't need another lawsuit.

how did clark duke and michael cera meet

Earn your first dollar in seven years. Man, it's boiling in here.

how did clark duke and michael cera meet

What is this, Thanksgiving? What can that mean? Eh, you don't get it. I'll let him think about it. That's what it is, I don't get it. Who're you texting on there, anyway? I was on the internet on my phone. I was looking up Regis Philbin 's birthday.

Well I coulda told you that!