How did cosmo and wanda meet

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how did cosmo and wanda meet

How did you meet each other?" "Well Timmy," Cosmo began, "we were at a magical ball in a fairy tale kingdom. And we were dancing and one. 'The Fairly OddParents' Is Getting A New Character -- And A Tenth Season [ Exclusive]. Cosmo and Wanda's wish load just doubled. How did such a loving couple meet? There have been a few different versions mentioned on how Wanda and Cosmo first met and fell in love.

One of the things Cosmo fears the most is an object known as Super Toilet. Super Toilet is a toilet that Timmy had wished for at some point in the past. All it takes is a mention of its name to have Cosmo shaking in fear and revert back to sucking on his thumb like a baby. But Cosmo has shown that while he loves Wanda and would never leave her, he does find other ladies appeasing. Cosmo has flirted with quite a few other women, which makes Wanda very jealous.

There have been many instances in the show that shows Cosmo flirting with other women, including the Tooth Fairy, an evil alien princess name Mandie, and even Wanda's own twin Blonda! She even had a boyfriend! Wanda's ex is Juandissimo Magnifico, a Hispanic fairy. Juandisso is pretty muscular and very sought after by most of the female population of Fairy World. But it seems he only has his eyes on Wanda, as he is still in love with her and tries his best to break her and Cosmo up.

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We don't know exactly why he and Wanda broke up, but his narcissistic attitude might have something to do with that. It is a temper that both her husband Cosmo and her godchild Timmy try their best to avoid incurring her wrath! Her temperament makes her come off as "naggy" at times, especially with Cosmo. The only thing that seems to calm her down when her temper flares up is And that is a little trick that Cosmo knows about.

He even sent her to her favorite place, Chocolate City, Utah, or "the world of chocolate," as he calls it. She loves her son Cosmo to an overbearing degree. And Cosmo is such a Mama's Boy that its hard for him to do or say anything against her will. So when he married Wanda, he didn't even tell her! She still believed that the two of them were just dating, so when she heard that he and Wanda got into a fight she jumped on the chance to break them up.

If that wasn't weird enough she tried to set him up with two robot fairies, Twinkle and Star. Unfortunately, certain foods don't love Cosmo back as he's highly allergic to them, and he'll even break out into a terrible rash!

One of the food items is peaches, and his allergy is so bad that all he has to do is touch one of them and he'll get a rash. He is also allergic to nuts and, oddly enough, potato chips. It's a meme that states that for every male character of a show there is a female character.

Now able to "think like a girl" he goes to the mall to find the perfect gift for the girl he likes Trixie. But not before wishing that Cosmo and Wanda swap genders as well, letting them experience what she was.

Which comes in handy for granting the wishes of kids like Timmy, who has an endless imagination and desire for things. It also comes in handy when they need to keep themselves safe or keep themselves hidden.

Throughout the Fairly OddParents series, Cosmo and Wanda have shape-shifted into a number of "inconspicuous" looking things, balloons, pencils, squirrels even. But no matter what shape they take they always keep their signature colors, green for Cosmo and pink for Wanda. Crocker ends up losing Cosmo and Wanda as his godparents when Timmy goes back in time and accidentally exposes them. And apart of the rules of having fairy godparents is that it has to be kept a secret, otherwise they get taken away and everyone's memory gets erased.

Losing Cosmo and Wanda is the exact reason why Crocker is the way he is.

Cosmo and Wanda

Timmy crossed his arms. They left the room. Cosmo and Wanda came out.

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Huge locks and chains appeared on Timmy's bedroom door. Vicky banged on it but couldn't get it open and eventually gave up and went downstairs. Timmy's face lit up. How did you meet each other? And we were dancing and one look into each other's eyes and we fell in love. Then Wanda had to leave at midnight and left her shoe…" Wanda elbowed him. Her father had still run the trash recycling business back then so they had a lot of money.

Unfortunately her mother had died when she was only five leaving her, her father, and her twin sister Blonda. When Wanda started high school she and her sister went to a new school in Magic County. She met really good friends and became quite popular at the school.

Everyone thought she was very pretty and nice unlike her sister who was also pretty and popular but snobby.

how did cosmo and wanda meet

She became a cheerleader and sophomore year started to write for the school paper. There she also met Juandissimo. He was super hot and charming and he pursued her the entire first semester until she broke down and decided to go out with him. All the girls at the school thought Juandissimo was gorgeous and were jealous of Wanda for going out with him. Cosmo was a different story.

how did cosmo and wanda meet

He lived in Magic County with his over protective mother, Mama Cosma. Ever since he was a baby he was accident prone with his magic. When he was a toddler he accidently turned his father into a fly and he was never seen again. When he was ten his mother decided enough was enough and sent him to the Fairy Academy for training. However when he was under Jorgen Von Strangles instruction he caused more harm than good and sunk the city of Atlantis ten times.

By sophomore year of high school Jorgen sent him home because he was too much trouble and he went to the same high school Wanda was at. But then when he made the macaroni explode in the cafeteria people avoided him excluding a few friends. The summer before senior year Mama Cosma had made Cosmo get a job.

She told him he would be living on his own one day and he needed to learn how to work. So he started working at a diner downtown at the beginning of the summer. One afternoon Wanda was flying down the street and decided to go into the diner for something to eat before she went to Juandissimo's house.

She sat down and they gave her a menu. She ordered some fries and a smoothie. The guy, Jerry, went to the back kitchen with her order. He handed the food to Cosmo. She had the most gorgeous pink eyes, rosy cheeks, the thoughtful look she had on her face made her look gorgeous and she had long swirly pink hair. He'd seen her before. They went to the same school. But they never had any classes together so it was rare that he ever saw her.

He was so caught up in looking at her that he wasn't paying attention to where he was going, tripped over a wet floor sign and fell at her feet with French fries and raspberry smoothie flying all over the floor. She looked down at him surprised.

He looked up at her and his face was bright red with embarrassment. Her voice flowed like the sound of an angel.