How did iker casillas and sara carbonero meet

Sara Carbonero on Iker Casillas | following Real Madrid

how did iker casillas and sara carbonero meet

Sara Carbonero and Iker Casillas married after a long-time They met for the first time at FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa. Aug 2, HOW DID THEY MET??? realmadridlocavictoria. 1. Iker and Sara. They had met for the first time in South Africa during the FIFA. Jun 17, Sara Carbonero, a beautiful sideline reporter and girlfriend of Spanish On live TV, she asked her lover, “How did you muck this up?” (Video of.

Spain keeper Casillas in spotlight over girlfriend role

Having cameras follow you affects your life. And sometimes people confuse that with being in a bad mood, because I try not to draw attention to myself when I go out and I always need to be doing something with my hands. Is being able to help others the good side of fame? Tell us about your work with the Red Cross. Right now there are people who go to the Red Cross with shopping bags from department stores so that when they return home, they appear to have come back from shopping.

We filled the donation box. It was a triumph. And that day I went home happy. How long has it been since you took a tranquil stroll around Madrid? Before, that was one of my hobbies.

I love the noises of the street. The other day, thanks to the Red Cross, I got to do a bit of that.

how did iker casillas and sara carbonero meet

I was only three! This was due to my father. He played everything for me. In fact, my dream is to do a radio program related to music. I would love that!

Iker Casillas y Sara Carbonero = Amor - HOW DID THEY MET???

What is your cathartic song? Do you play any instruments? Yes, the guitar, since I was eight. How are you treated by users of social networks? I prefer people who support and encourage, who make me feel loved through Facebook and Twitter.

With regards to this particular one, we had just finished eight hours of live filming, we had just done 15 interviews. The first one to get upset with making a mistake is me.

how did iker casillas and sara carbonero meet

Sometimes I get the feeling that with me, nothing is forgotten. What things help you to handle this pressure and lead a normal life? The best comfort is my loved ones. Everything is better when I talk to her. Another fundamental thing is knowing your origins. It was raining very hard, but I was happy there, speaking about mus and not about football. Has Iker helped you to handle the persecution from the media? When I met Iker, he had already been famous for 11 years, for good and for bad.

I knew what it was like to be exposed to criticism. And yes, he has helped me to handle everything and to laugh at myself. When I arrive exhausted at home, he always listens to me. He knows all this. Yes, Iker has helped to calm me down.

Casillas Kissing his very Sexy Girlfriend Sara (sweet moment)!

And it has helped me. All the values that people see are real. And if from the outside he appears to be a good person, up close he is an even better one. I feel the affection that people have for him and vice versa.

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Iker Casillas in the national team At the Euro, the goalkeeper had eight matches in the first eleven. Inthe team became the champion again. FIFA called Casillas the best goalkeeper of the tournament. Rambo rejected the offer to stay in the army. At Euro, Iker did not play at all; David de Gea replaced him. Iker Casillas saying goodbye to the Spanish national team However, there were some evil tongues as well.

He added that all players had to compete under the same circumstances, and the competition was harsh among the team members. As Casillas joined the team, he missed 23 goals in 26 matches. After that, the Porto President Jorge Pinto da Costa commented on the contract with Casillas and said that it was a big mistake because the sportsman did not meet the expectations. It was funny for everyone except for the player. The couple broke up without scandals.

The woman remembers the goalkeeper warmly: After the relationship with Eva, Casillas was seeing another model Adriana Artines, but it did not last long. It was probably their destiny: Before Iker, Sara was called the sly heartbreaker and social climber.

To some extent, the woman did climb the social ladder due to her affairs. Sara interviewed the team after the game. At that time, Spain lost in the semi-final match to the American team — nobody could expect that. The journalist addressed the goalkeeper some unpleasant words, and he talked back and left before the end of the interview.

After the interview, the sportsman could not forget the green-eyed brunette. He decided to make amends and send flowers to Sara.

Soccer star Iker Casillas and partner Sara Carbonero get married in secret | In English | EL PAÍS

The reporter did not accept the apology. Iker Casillas with his wife The relationship developed quickly. The media were full of rumors about the lovers. Casillas was even accused of spending too much time with his girlfriend so that his attention wavered during games. The couple announced their relationship when Carbonero interviewed Iker: Iker Casillas with his son People had been waiting for six years when the most beautiful Spanish couple would marry.

There were many rumors about the wedding ceremony, and the press discussed the present that Casillas allegedly gave to his wife: The ceremony took place on March 20,in secret.

Casillas' TV star girlfriend denies she wrecked Spain's chances

Only one guest, their two-year-old son, was present. Interesting facts Just like other stars, Iker Casillas has some oddities. For instance, there was a fortune teller who said Iker would be famous in sports. The pregnant mother was told that the infant should be given a Basque name to become an outstanding soccer player.

The prophecy came true. The sportsman says he feels more comfortable and confident this way.

how did iker casillas and sara carbonero meet

Iker often donates money. Inhe sponsored the malaria control fund. He rested for days. When he came back to the field, he injured his ribs.