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Semele and Zeus

Zeus' wife Hera got wind of the affair and was understandably slightly Whether you know him as Dionysus as the Greeks did, or Bacchus as their I challenge you, though, to find me any one saint who can claim to have. The Juno of Handel's Semele is best considered as the ancient Greek The jealousy that Hera feels for Semele, Zeus' new lover, is one of the. The content of the missing lines is fairly well known, so this translation has form are available (for $ Canadian each) from Prideaux Street Publications. DIONYSUS: divine son of Zeus and Semele, also called Bromius or Bacchus. fights against the gods, prohibiting me let Cadmus' city see you, while I go.

What refuge now is left me? In pity teach me which to choose and aria: Athamas, observing her, takes her physical signs of emotional upheaval as evidence she is in love with him Aria: Hymen, haste, thy torch prepare. Ino, Semele's sister, now appears, also in a state of distress as she is in love with Athamas Quartet: Why dost thou thus untimely grieve? Jupiter has heard Semele's prayer and his thunderbolts interrupt the proceedings and alarm the observers Chorus: Avert these omens, all ye pow'rs.

The priests of Juno order the wedding abandoned and everyone to leave the temple Chorus: Cease, cease your vowswhich all do except for Athamas, in despair at his wedding being cancelled, and Ino, hopelessly in love with him Aria: Athamas can see she is upset, without guessing why, and he can feel for her in her distress because he is upset too Aria: Your tuneful voice my tale would tell.

Athamas is astonished when she tells him bluntly that she loves him Duet: Cadmus interrupts their confusion and describes the extraordinary event he has just witnessed: Wing'd with our fears.

The priests and augurs identify this eagle as Jupiter himself Chorus: Endless pleasure, endless love. Juno and Iris descend in different machines. Juno in a chariot drawn by peacocks; Iris on a rainbow; they alight and meet.

Juno, suspicious of her husband's conduct, has sent her helper Iris to find out what she can. Iris reports that Jove has installed Semele as his mistress in a palace atop a mountain Aria: There, from mortal cares retiring.

The outraged Juno swears to have revenge Accompanied recitative: Awake, Saturnia, from thy lethargy! Iris warns her it will not be an easy task - the palace is guarded by dragons that never sleep Accompanied recitative: With adamant the gates are barr'd.

Juno decides that she and Iris will pay a visit to the god of sleep in his cave, in order to get magical assistance to put the dragons to sleep Aria: Hence, Iris, hence away. Scene Two An apartment in the palace of Semele. She is sleeping, Loves and Zephyrs waiting.

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Semele awakes and regrets that the dream she was having of being with her lover has ended Aria: O sleep, why dost thou leave me?

When Jupiter enters, in the form of a young man, she tells him how difficult it is for her when he is absent. He explains that she is a mortal, unlike him, and needs to rest from their love-making from time to time. He attempts to assure her of his fidelity Aria: Lay your doubts and fears aside.

Semele sings of her passionate love for him Aria: The chorus of Loves and Zephyrs sing of lovers' joys Chorus: How engaging, how endearing. Semele, however, is beginning to be unhappy that her lover is a god and she a mere mortal. This sign of an ambition to immortality from Semele worries Jupiter who decides he must distract her from such thoughts Aria: I must with speed amuse her.

The Loves and Zephyrs advise Semele to put aside worries and enjoy the delights of love while she can Chorus: Now Love that everlasting boy invites.

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Jupiter has arranged for Semele's sister Ino to be magically transported to the palace, to keep her company, and promises that the gardens and environs will be paradise Aria: He leaves, and Ino appears, describing the wondrous experience of being flown there by winged zephyrs Aria: But hark, the heav'nly sphere turns round. The sisters sing of the joy they are experiencing, hearing the music of the spheres Duet: Prepare then, ye immortal choir and nymphs and swains declare that this part of the earth has become a heaven Chorus: Bless the glad earth.

The God of Sleep lying on his bed.

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Juno and Iris arrive and wake Somnus Accompanied recitative: Somnus, awaketo his displeasure Aria: She hadn't been the talk of the town until she had an affair with the king of the Gods, Zeus. The story about this affair is a real shocker. Semele met this man in Thebes and had an affair with him. He told her he was a God and his name was Zeus. She believed him and things would have been fine but you know how some people are.

Hera, his wife, didn't like Zeus's many affairs and found out about this one and plotted revenge against Semele and her unborn child. Semele was rather niave and when Hera came to visit as an old women she let her in and they just got along like old friends exchanging stories.

The conversation finally turned toward Zeus and the affair. Semele was in heaven with the way things were going with Zeus and Hera was aware that Semele wasn't the brightest light around so she told Semele how to make Zeus prove he was a God to her and not just an imposter. Well Semele had to find out if Zeus was telling her the truth so she seduced him and made him promise her anything she asked of him.

Zeus of course did and he soon realised he had been cornered into something he didn't want to do. Of course he could of said no and explained why and surely Semele would have understood, but you know how men are.