How do han solo and chewbacca meet

Solo: A Star Wars Story Changes How Han Solo Meets Chewbacca

how do han solo and chewbacca meet

Solo: A Star Wars Story changed a lot about Han Solo's backstory, but one of the biggest changes was how the infamous smuggler met Chewbacca. It's revealed in the Legends side of the Star Wars saga that Han Solo had met Chewbacca while in the Imperial Navy. While Han does save. In the books, Han and Chewie first meet on an Empire slave ship while Lt. Solo is an Imperial pilot. Solo boards a derelict slaving craft to find. However, in the old canon, Han Solo was training to be a storm trooper as a teenager, The novel The Hutt Gambit explains that Chewbacca and Solo first meet.

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how do han solo and chewbacca meet

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how do han solo and chewbacca meet

The purpose of this capture was to serve as prey in a trophy hunt. Chewbacca was taken to the Trandoshan moon of Wasskahwhere he was to be hunted by the Trandoshans. After Ahsoka and her fellow Jedi younglings destroyed the prisoner transport vessel, he escaped and joined them.

how do han solo and chewbacca meet

Using his technical expertise and parts from the crashed transport, he constructed a transmitter to contact his fellow Wookiees, which eventually allowed all those trapped on the Trandoshan hunting island to escape after they defeated the hunters in their fortress.

Chewbacca had greater incentive than most Wookiees to assist in the defense of Kachirho: Chewbacca was one of perhaps a dozen Wookiees, the Guild's most trusted scouts and navigators, who was entrusted with a HoloGrid that stored the Guild's information on hyperspace routes.

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Guildmaster Gumbaeki then destroyed the information in the Claatuvac vault and assisted in the defense of the city while Chewbacca and his compatriots stole away. Chewbacca hid his HoloGrid in a location known only to him, and it would not come to light again until many years afterwards.

With the battle concluded, Chewbacca was attacked by Hronka relative of Tojjevvuk seeking vengeance. The arrival of stormtroopers broke the fight up, leaving the conflict to be resolved later.

how do han solo and chewbacca meet

Two months after the Battle of Kashyyyk, Chewbacca was called upon by a former trader and Wookiee representative, Cudgelto aid a small band of renegade Jedi led by Olee Starstone in their search for any other survivors after Order The rescue operation proved unsuccessful, however, as the Empire tracked the fleeing Jedi to Kashyyyk and began their assault to capture them.

The Wookiees, still haunted by the aftermath from their battle with the Confederacy of Independent Systems only a month before, resumed fighting to defend their homes from the Imperial onslaught. The tide turned to the Empire with the unexpected arrival of Anakin Skywalkernow known as Darth Vader, who wasted no time in slaughtering whatever stood between himself and the missing Jedi.