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9 hours ago Welcome to the PewDiePie forever war, the one that is, by popular telling, When the media reports on PewDiePie, for his fans, it can feel like an attack on a friend. are worth defending, and anyone who questions that claim is his enemy. .. Meet Bowtie, Hong Kong's first approved online-only insurer. Episode ▻ COP: Xebaz, PewDiePie plays with his friend Xebaz . Feb 4, , Dead Space 2: Playthrough - ASSHOLE ENEMIES. .. Nov 13, , ( Horror, Funny) Ao Oni - MR CHAIR SONG - Part 6 Sep 6, , The Walking Dead - MEETING CLEMENTINE - The Walking Dead - Episode 1 (A New Day) - Part 2. 'PewDiePie' is currently the most subscribed YouTube channel with “He linked me to his channel and I subbed because I was a friend of his”.

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