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However, in episode 7 we are introduced to the only other high ranking Making comments on her relationship with Shin Woo-hyun from Samjung The encounter begins with Department Head Ma walking in on Young-yi talking with Jang Baek-Ki. . Because the truth is 'sexual harassment' is no joke. No Memes, Jokes, or Shitposts . This can only mean a political scandal will break tomorrow . With news this big, it has to be an act of war. .. whoa http:// posavski-obzor.info boyfriend-jang-ki-ha/ I really like IU and chang kiha and the faces. Gag Concert (Korean: 개그콘서트) is a Korean sketch-comedy TV show on KBS 2TV network, Jang Ki Yeong; Jang Hana; Jeong Seung Hwan; Jeong Myeong Hun; Jeong Hae Cheol .. (Korean: 10년 후; Starring: Heo An-na, Jeong Yoon- ho, Oh Gi-hwan, Kim .. About a couple who break up in a serious but funny way.

This agitates her like he had hoped, and she leaps to her feet, revealing her naked toe.

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Ma Sung laughs and chivalrously offers her his house shoes, which she hurriedly slips into. Trying to increase their time together, Ma Sung tells her he will need time to think about where he put the photo and, since she knows the house so well anyhow, for her to clean the house as his reward for finding it. Gi Bbeum is at first disgusted, but eventually agrees when he brings up throwing out the photo again.

Gi Bbeum wanders about the house doing simple chores: But when she comes to his memory room, Ma Sung stops her saying it is off-limits. She peeks through the wooden slats into the room and remarks that it looks like a nice study. In that moment she sees his sketch of their meeting on the day when she told him to forget her. You are just so fun to pick on, Gi Bbeum. She looks around the yard and spots an old patio table and chairs. As she sees them, her memory drifts back to a celebration party her family had at that same table three years ago.

After finishing the lawn, Gi Bbeum slips back into the house and starts her search again for the photo. But Ma Sung quickly catches her. Dripping masculine charm, he stands closely over her. As she watches him work, Gi Bbeum softly asks if it would be possible for him to get her out of the contract with Star Entertainment. But Ma Sung cautions her not to ask him, but to ask herself. Perhaps, her drunken brain was telling her what it is that she really wants to do.

His words obviously touch a nerve, because Gi Bbeum shifts uncomfortably. As he dabs ointment on her wounds, she notices that he has written something on top of the tattoo on his hand.

Apparently, Ma Sung has run out of ideas to delay her, because next they move to the front entrance and he hands her an envelope. He asks when she will come back for the rest of her things, but she again tells him to throw them away.

Jokingly, he tells her there were many strange things that she left. This gets her attention and she demands what he means by that. But she quickly realizes she fell for his trap and rushes out the door.

She looks at the old pictures of herself hidden above her in the bed frame and wonders what her true feelings really are. At the same time, Ma Sung is also remembering. The next morning at breakfast Gi Bbeum announces to her family that she signed the contract.

jang gi ha and the faces just another relationship joke

On her way out later that morning, Gi Bbeum discovers her father sitting by himself outside. She snuggles up next to him and teases him about secretly listening to her old song on the cassette player. Clearing her throat, Gi Bbeum earnestly promises him she will work hard to make her comeback. But Papa asks her tenderly if she knows why they named her Gi Bbeum happiness. Meanwhile, Ki Joon has just finished getting dressed in his room at Star Entertainment.

Wait, so has he been living there this whole time or is he only staying there because his cards are frozen? Manager Jang and his assistant arrive and Ki Joon bounces over happily to greet them.

jang gi ha and the faces just another relationship joke

Now that they have signed Gi Bbeum, he announces that he wants to start working on dramas again too. But Manager Jang reminds him that in the real world you have to wait for offers to come before you can star in dramas. However, Ki Joon is in too good a mood to be dismissed and declares that he should be in a variety show then. But Manager Jang is incredulous and asks whether Ki Joon has any special talent. To that Ki Joon declares he does…dancing!

Manager Jang looks as though he is going to cry and leans on his assistant for support. But he rallies himself and declares that they should do it. The assistant explains that it is a show where a celebrity and their friend work together to answer questions ranging from easy to Mensa level. But that quickly changes when he declares that he will do it. I see what tried to do there, Manager Jang. But Ki Joon has a plan. Since it is done in pairs, he will go on with a genius.

And he just so happens to know one. It is then, however, that he remembers that he cut Ma Sung out of his life. Meanwhile, Ma Sung is having tests done at the hospital. His physician explains that the stress he has had since he was a child has begun to manifest physically, such as his hypersensitivity to light.

In flashback, we see Ma Sung as a boy having a family picture taken with his parents. The photographer snaps their photo — flash of light.

We see Ma Sung still as a boy riding in the backseat of the car with his mother. Ma Sung accidentally drops a toy firetruck on the floor of the front seat, and his dad reaches down to pick it up, accidentally turning the steering wheel and veering the car into oncoming traffic. A massive truck barrels towards them headlights blazing — flash of light.

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Their car spins wildly as his dad tries to regain control. He hear a crash and see the overturned car. Hey, you should be grateful to your husband who can bear with living with someone like you.

Like when she cooly replied back to him that: However if their were more women in higher positions, it might make it easier to protect lower level employees from people like Department Head Ma. However to do this, you would need to change the mindset of many Koreans, especially on what is considered appropriate behaviour towards women. This would be a challenge as Korea is a largely patriarchal society—meaning men have a lot more status and power than women. And this is something that can be easily abused by even the most well-meaning men or harmless looking men.

For instance, Han Seok-yul is one of the more lovable characters of Misaeng, largely because of his flamboyant personality, strong work ethic, incredible skills as resident gossip, and enduring will to fight for injustices.

His constant dramatics allow him a key role as comic relief for the often dreary workplace environment of One International. However he has his flaws as he can be kind of a suck up, a little too nosy, and sometimes annoying to fellow co-workers.

His love of fabric and women along with his lack of respect for the boundaries of others, has often gotten him into trouble.

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Most notably, in episode 3, when Seok-yul harasses an unnamed female employee at a fabric factory. The situation starts with Seok-yul briskly walking behind the female employee.

She then slaps him in the face and tries to walk away; but he repeats his action of grabbing her arm and asking for permission to touch her skirt. Yet, as serious as this incident is, the scene is presented as comical.

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Making in my opinion, a sort of mockery of sexual harassment. This is attitude seems to have been mimicked in Misaeng which as a whole seems to promote the equality of women, yet the scene with Seok-yul seems to sabotage that message. The situation goes began when Park Jong-sik and Sung Joon-sik arrive in the break room with their coffee.

Park Jong-sik notices three female co-workers including Shin Da-in, a member of the steel team. Park Jong-sik then leers at Shin Da-in while her back is turned and makes a comment to Sung Joon-sik about her body. When the women turn and look at him offended, Park Jong-shik picks up a magazine with a picture of a car and says that he was talking about the car.

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jang gi ha and the faces just another relationship joke