Kensi and deeks first meet scene girls

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kensi and deeks first meet scene girls

Kensi Marie Blye is an NCIS Special Agent assigned to the Office of Special which regularly comes in handy whenever the team has to study a crime scene. Kensi, a "Daddy's girl 'til the end", saw this as a betrayal to her father and ran away Despite this, they share their first kiss in the episode "Neighborhood Watch". Kensi Blye (portrayed by Daniela Ruah) is a Special Agent assigned to the NCIS Office of She was introduced in "Identity", the first episode of NCIS: Los Angeles as a . They shared a kiss under the mistletoe during the season four Christmas .. him in the hospital later, but upon doing so in the final scene of the episode. Daniela Ruah as Special Agent Kensi Blye and Eric Christian Olsen as Yes, it's a girl. The first time we read that there was a kiss in the script, we were, wrong in the moment because it feeds into the scene we are doing.

I was a good candidate to deliver her naturally so I needed to find a doctor in LA who would know how to do it. It was a very pregnant NCIS: So much so, that Parade.

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She gave birth to a son, River, on December 30, LA is going to have an explosive start. It begins with a mission that determines the sequence of events that follow for Kensi, in particular, and, obviously, as a consequence, for Deeks.

The characters go through a very hard time. This new story will test them further, and make them or break them. Not that you will see. Was it harder to work this way? I wish I could tell you more, but I can say, there is a proposal. Are you going to have a kid in a family where both parents go to work and neither one may come back one night?

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That is a decision they have to make. This is all she knows. This is everything that she is, so it is a very difficult line to walk for her. At the end of this episode, there is a scene between them. So, realistically, it is high risk and people who like watching it will still be on the edge of their seats. There is a beautiful scene at the end of the episode between Kensi and Deeks and he is mad at her for pursuing what she had to do to save the day, essentially.

How do I live without this person in my life?

kensi and deeks first meet scene girls

Do I want to do this when that is a possible end result? So that is why that last scene is so important between them. LA celebrated its th episode and it is doing better than ever. The move to Sunday night gave it a new life. Who would have thought that any move would have done well for us? I think the writing is stronger than ever. Last season was wonderful. I loved last season. They gave me an interesting story arc to play and very challenging things creatively.

It is a mixture of luck and our fans are so faithful to us. We all are very grateful and thankful to them for that. And then, of course, our writers, and CBS. Speaking of new life, talk about having Nia Long as the new boss. She is the new boss in town. She is not the new Hetty; but as assistant director, she would be more like the new Granger Miguel Ferrerif you will.

This episode also reveals that Deeks is afraid of needles; and, when Hetty gives him a smallpox vaccinationDeeks can be heard screaming in agony before fainting, causing an amused Sam to remark, "Man down". In "Neighborhood Watch", Kensi and Deeks go undercover as a married couple.

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Hetty has a talk with both of them about feelings that arise when two agents go undercover as a couple. The two laugh at the idea of having any kind of romantic feelings for each other, but their reactions are different. They play up the role, as their usual bickering goes very well with their current assignment together. They refer to each other as husband and wife, while in private they use their undercover names.

This is unusual because throughout the episode they are shown talking to OPS inside their cover house.

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Deeks and Kensi have an awkward, yet enjoyable, confrontation with each other inside the cover house. Deeks walks in on Kensi in the bathroom, he in a velour jogging suit and Kensi in a towel. After a brief conversation about her making him worry about her, they stand awkwardly.

Kensi tells Deeks to take off his fanny pack he calls it his "bro-sack" because it looks ridiculous. Deeks, not understanding what Kensi was referring to, starts to take off his pants. Kensi freaks, and Deeks enjoys the situation.

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Also, when Kensi talks about starting a family, he says that he could do that for her since he was her "husband".

It is uncertain if he was talking about this through his cover or if he was actually talking to Kensi. In the episode "The Recruit", Deeks said that he has Norwegian ancestry.

After many tender and caring moments in season four, Deeks finally makes his feelings known in the season finale. Kensi accuses him of poor communication skills and "never saying what he means"; but Deeks cuts off her complaint with a kiss and then says, "How's that for communication?

Deeks is eventually paired with Sam and the two are eventually captured with the episode ending with Deeks being tortured as Sam helplessly looks on. In the season five premiere, Kensi and Granger found Sam and Deeks, who were severely beaten and tortured. Deeks revealed that even under severe torture, he did not give up Michelle's identity, earning Sam's respect.

Together with Kensi and Sam, Deeks helped take down Sidorov. At the end of the episode, Deeks tells Kensi that she was the person he thought of through the ordeal and it saved his life by keeping him going, leaving her deeply emotional. In the next episode, Deeks struggles with insomnia and the trauma he dealt with, but he has been avoiding Kensi's phone calls. However, at the end of the episode, Kensi visits Deeks and he manages to get to sleep with her help. In the episode "Recovery", it's implied that Deeks and Kensi had become intimate after he told her he wanted to be with her at his apartment and she walked off with him following her.

kensi and deeks first meet scene girls