Kindergarten meet and greet ideas for adults

Keeping Morning Meeting Greetings Fresh and Fun | Responsive Classroom

kindergarten meet and greet ideas for adults

So cute for Kinder! Discover ideas about Back To School Gifts . Little Warriors : Freebies Galore for your Meet and Greet, Orientation or Open House! Parents, teachers, adults in general: take note Art Classroom, Classroom Organization. Starting off the day on a positive note is an important part of any elementary school classroom, and the Morning Meeting Greeting can be a crucial part of setting. Explore Hannah Newlin's board "Meet & Greet ideas" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Classroom, First day school and Preschool.

kindergarten meet and greet ideas for adults

Greetings can be especially important because they set the tone for the whole meeting—and the whole day. Here are answers to questions teachers frequently ask about greetings. The answers apply to the group activity component, too. Students are not showing enthusiasm for greeting the way they did earlier in the year.

What to Expect in Kindergarten

What can I do? First of all, consider why students may be losing enthusiasm. For example, greetings that felt safe and right for mostly seven-year-olds might be feeling too narrow for eight-year-olds, who crave sanctioned ways to vent their boisterous side. Or perhaps you simply need more variety in your greetings. Take a look at the week as a whole and then find ways to vary the greetings from day to day.

kindergarten meet and greet ideas for adults

One day, pass a greeting around the circle; another day, do a group chant as a greeting; another day, do a greeting that gets children up and moving around the room or gives them a choice of whom to greet.

Next week, switch to other greetings of the same types.

kindergarten meet and greet ideas for adults

When students find their match, they greet each other. Students sit with their matching partner in the order of an equation, visible to the rest of the circle.

Doing the Wave Students stand with one arm extended toward the classmate on either side of them and with palms touching or palms facing but not touching. You both then raise your arms in a wavelike motion.

Sara turns to the student on her left and they greet each other in the same way, with the same motions. Continue in this way so that the wave makes its way around the circle.

I want students to have fun, but when we do bouncy, loud greetings, they tend to get silly and forget to take the act of greeting seriously.

It helps to focus on engagement rather than entertainment or frivolity. Second, the best learning comes from engagement, which can take the form of deep concentration, even fascination, as well as playfulness and laughter.

So instead trying to make greetings entertaining for students, look for those that will engage them. Here are a couple to try. Spider Web Holding a ball of yarn, a student greets someone across the circle and gently rolls the ball to that person while firmly holding on to the end of the yarn.

Fun Group Name-Game - Name Impulse

Additionally, the teachers will continue to teach proper letter formation throughout the year. In order for the students to be able to talk about letter formation in a common manner, we use the following words to help the students to visualize the placement of letters on lined paper: Parents and school personnel are partners in the total education of the child.

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Any concerns that may arise during your child's Kindergarten year should be brought immediately to the teacher's attention. If your child develops or already has a particular fear or dislike, it may be overcome more easily if both the parents and the school are informed and work together to achieve common goals.

Please do not hesitate to call your child's teacher with questions or concerns; we want to develop a positive and trusting relationship with you.

Please remember that no question or concern is unimportant when it comes to your child. Please do not rely on your child to deliver a message orally to the teacher. Between home and school, that message may be forgotten or may become confused. If no written communication from the parent is received by your child's teacher, your child will be sent home in the usual manner.

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This procedure is followed to ensure the safety of your child. Without a note from a parent, there is no way for the teacher to confirm that the child is expressing his parent's directions to use an alternate method of transportation or his own desire to "walk home today!

They may not ride with another child unless the Director of Transportation has approved this change. Money for Purchases Whenever money is sent to school, please place the money in a sealed envelope.

Print your child's first and last names, amount of money enclosed and purpose for the money on the outside of the envelope. Also, please discourage your child from bringing toys or valuables to school. Too often they are misplaced or cause distractions.

We do have a "sharing time" once in awhile in which we take time to simply talk and share ideas. If someone has something very special or educational to share with the class, the teachers will make every attempt to find time for the special sharing; however, parents are encouraged to make prior arrangements with the teacher in such instances. Home Learning Young minds should be stimulated at home as well as in school.

School and home must cooperate to help and support each other during the critical and formative years. Home learning should be a happy time; a time children will look forward to sharing with their parents.

kindergarten meet and greet ideas for adults

By setting aside time to go over the work that your child brings home from school each day, parents let their children know that they care and believe that school is important. Let your child tell you about what occurred in school that day. This ritual not only serves to keep you informed about school activities but also reinforces the school lessons in your child's mind. High expectations are important in fostering intellectual development. Students tend to learn as much, or as little, as we parents and teachers expect of them.

Because you have more influence on your child than anyone else does, we hope that you will join us in teaching and encouraging him or her to do his or her best at all times. Please write your child's first and last names in a permanent way on jackets, gym shoes, boots, and school bags.

Every absence, even for part of a school day, interferes with your child's progress at school. Each subject is taught in a sequence to build a broader understanding and develop correct habits for studying.

In order to be ready for new steps in learning, your child must have mastered the previous steps and be sufficiently ready to profit from new materials. Please visit our website for school hours. Students should not arrive at school more than fifteen minutes before the start of classes.

We follow a special schedule when there are half-days of school for the other grades.