Kopa and vitani meet

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kopa and vitani meet

Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Romance - Kopa, Vitani . We have to meet with him, he said it's time to announce your betrothed. "It was shortly after Simba's son Kopa passed away." . Along with Simba and some others, she went down to meet him. The smile fell from her. Kopa has wandered the Savanna for years is he finally going to settle down? What will happen when he meets Vitani again? KopaxVitani.

Obviously they weren't an Outlander, otherwise they would know why the area was empty. Kovu walked closer, rounding around a large termite mound to see a large golden lion, a cheetah and a hyena. The hyena was tugging at a very large root, dragging as much of it from the ground as she could as the cheetah watched from on top of a nearby rock.

The lion was covered in large slashing scars, far too large for them to be recent. It was almost like he had gotten them as a cub and they had grown with him.

The cheetah merely looked in his direction, but the hyena yelped in panic and hid behind the lion, who turned to him with a low growl, his fangs bared.

Kovu backed up a step in shock, the much larger lion intimidating in his appearance. One of his eyes was slashed, the eye itself white with blindness.

The good eye that looked toward him was filled with a mixture of fear and rage. I was just wondering who you were. The lion stopped growling in surprise, looking at the cheetah, who merely nodded. His muzzle was white with age, the yellow eyes cast in Kovu's direction wise with experience. I leave it up to you. Or are my old ears remembering things they shouldn't? He glanced at Kovu and walked up the ridge that led to the river, standing still in shock at the sight of pride rock.

Kovu walked over to him curiously, looking in that direction as well, but not knowing who the lion was. Kopa laughed, "That was easy. Simba walked up behind him, "So Kopa are you ready to take the kingdom over for a day? There is a fight going on near the waterhole! Kopa ran down to the waterhole and roared to shut up the fighting gazelles. Soon enough he was dragging the carcass into the radius of priderock.

The lioness's ran out to eat. Simba came out of priderock and stood at the tip, he looked down at the lioness's eating and ran down to Kopa, "I thought there was a fight at the waterhole?

Kopa ran down towards the dirt path that he used to follow all the time as a cub. He saw Vitani and dropped his draw. She was as beautiful as she remembered. Kopa ran down the log and walked up to Vitani, "Hey Vitani.

kopa and vitani meet

Nuka got up and ran off to warn his mother. I like you alot and I just can't live without you. I like you alot too but your blue blood and I'm a red blood outlander.

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I'm sorry, just go. And I will take you as my queen. Vitani layed down in the dirt and looked down at Kopas paw prints. She put her paw inside of the large print and smudged it across the dirt to hide it. She stood and did the same with the rest. Vitani went back to the termite mound and awaited for tommorow so she could wait do her prince to come once again.

Meanwhile Kopa was back at priderock and sat on the tip watching his land well for the day "Kopa. You did good today my son but where did you go? The prince looked at his father, "I went to the waterhole for a drink and I talked to the zebra who were hanging around there. Father why don't you get some rest. Kopa saw the sun was dropping and the animals were returning home. The prince took a walk into the grasslands he sat in the open and stared up at the sky, "Mufasa!

Can't they understand I want to be with her! A figure morphed from the dark sky and clouds. Mufasas image took the sky with Sarabi at his side. Sarabi just nodded with a proud smile. Kopa walked towards the outlands. Vitani was sleeping in her own termite mound and some at the echos of paw steps in the mound, she looked near the cave expecting Nuka.

She saw Kopa and gasped, "Kopa you're gonna get caught. A great king told me to be with my love meaning you and unite. So Vitani, will you be my queen?

Kopa meets Vitani (No audio WIP)

Kopa closed his eyes while saying this, "They will have to love you just as I. I love you too! She nuzzled his neck and Kopa pushed her off gently. The prince wrapped his tail around Vitanis and they walked back to the pridelands. When they got to priderock, Kopa let Vitanis tail go and looked around, he roared waking all the pride.

She is my love and will be your queen! Simba stood and challenged his son, "No. Kopa growled, "Father I love her and she is the one I want to be with. Nala stood and yanked simbas tail.

kopa and vitani meet

He walked back to Nalas side and they looked up at the young couple. Maybe he thinks blue bloods can not love the red. But maybe your king is wrong if he thinks these things. I love him and if you all don't believe we belong.

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Please Rate and Review! Kopa's absence went predominately unnoticed, and was never spoken of as a sign of his doing something foolish. The pride as well as his parents simply thought he was a light sleeper. The Out Landers also demonstrated very little interest in Vitani's frequent disappearances, as questioning Zira was a poor decision, and Zira had the upmost trust for her daughter.

kopa and vitani meet

Vitani tried her best to act normally while around her mother, but she carried a happy air that no one quite understood. Vitani would lay down, closing her eyes and keeping her mind busy to keep from falling asleep.

Once all the other Out Landers fell asleep, Vitani stood up, padding out of the termite infested Out Lands and stealthily jogging to the Pride Lands. One day, Nuka tossed in his sleep, cracking his eyes open just enough to see that his sister was leaving the den. He stood, looking around and following her out. Nuka watched her vanish into the horizon, making a straight line for Pride Rock. Kopa was waiting for her, sitting and looking alertly in the direction she always came from.

When she arrived, Kopa stood and rushed to her side, instantly kissing her muzzle, offering a variety of long and short kisses, tackling her to the ground and rolling around in the grasses. Vitani giggled, kissing him back with a wide smile across her face. Kopa held onto her, looking into Vitani's burning amber eyes. Vitani rolled her eyes, pressing the pads of her paws against his chest. I'd do anything for you to just tell me. Kopa smirked, moaning out at the sensation he felt on his ear from her cute nibbling.

Vitani stopped, kissing him on the nose with a crazy smirk. It hasn't been a year yet. I, right now, have decided that today is out anniversary. She smiled, glad what she was doing made him happy. Vitani could feel his tongue against her chest, kissing her softly.

kopa and vitani meet

She smirked, her cheeks flushing with red. Kopa rolled on top of her, Vitani retracting from his touch and trying to avoid what she had just agreed to.

Kopa stopped, something that he didn't think he'd be capable of. I can't do this. Vitani stopped running just inside of the Out Lands, wiping her eyes and falling to the ground in a nervous heap of emotional mess.

Nuka stood back slightly, staring at his crying sister. He fell to his back, she pressing down on his throat.

kopa and vitani meet

If you tell anyone, and I mean anyone, about what you just saw, I will slash you so deep you'll bleed for weeks! Her brother quivered, nodding his head weakly. He ran away as fast as he could. Vitani sighed, wiping her eyes again and going back to the Out Lander's den and trying to find sleep.