Lost girl bo and lauren meet sharon

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lost girl bo and lauren meet sharon

Buy Lost Girl Season 6: Read 26 Prime Video Reviews - posavski-obzor.info While she walks down memory lane at her alma mater, Lauren and Bo have their hands full with an irate But to meet with him, Bo will have to prove herself worthy. Lost Girl (season 4) Lost Girl is a Canadian supernatural drama television series[ 1] Ali Liebert as Crystal: a waitress at the diner Lauren worked in while in hiding. . Bo decides to meet the Dark Fae leader but unfortunately for her, Evony is once They are close friends with the feisty Sharon Carter (Traylor Howard), the. “Lost Girl follows supernatural seductress, Bo (Anna Silk) as she discovers Dyson (Kris Holdenreid) and human doctor Lauren (Zoie Palmer).

So same-sex relationships or various topics about sexuality not your thing? Season One is a favorite of many fans for a variety of reasons.

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I always find myself stuck between this and Season Two as my favorite seasons. The Fae are broken up into two factions: Calling Special Victims Unit! Bo is kidnapped by the Light Fae, who are investigating an unfamiliar kill on their turf creepo guy.

Bo is forced to enter into a battle-to-the-death with the reward being a choosing of a faction if she survives. We do meet one of her family members, her mother Aife! Aife is a Dark Fae succubus who is pissed off at the Light Fae for personal reasons, and she almost takes out the Light Fae hierarchy in a suicide attack launched by one of her thralls. Aife does reveal to Bo that she was Light at one point, but the Blood King gave her to the Dark King, who did horrible things to her.

She went mad and decided to seek vengeance against the Blood King. Or it could be reality about to bitch-slap Bo.

lost girl bo and lauren meet sharon

The leader of the Light, the Ash, is in critical condition and is replaced by a meaner and more rules-driven Ash named Lachlan — a Naga hydra-like snake Fae. Lachlan is a jerk to Bo and her friends on more than one occasion, and he even imprisons Lauren after an act of defiance on her part. Lauren has a girlfriend named Nadia!

In the midst of her romantic mess, an ancient evil arises to wipe out both the Light and Dark, and humans as well — a fiery bird-like ancient Fae named the Garuda. He feeds on doubt and insecurities and faces off against Trick, who helped vanquish him with the Light and Dark armies fighting at his side centuries ago. There is a first failed attack against the Garuda that leaves Ciara murdered by him and Nadia killed as well; he possessed her after she awoke from her coma, and Bo was forced to end her suffering by stabbing her.

What a raw deal! Bo is able to defeat the Garuda thanks to a combination of her friends and her blood working together. The big season-ending reveal? Aife is also his daughter that he gave up to the Dark. At the end of the season finale, we see Bo celebrating with her friends, but everyone has all of their own secrets that they are guarding close to their hearts: As Bo exits the Dal Riata their home bar to look for Kenzi after she steps outside, she glances into a mirror and sees her eyes glowing blue, and the succubus inside is getting a bit more powerful.

One of the coolest people ever. At the end of Season Two, we saw Bo and her fae-mily defeating the Garuda and dealing with their own personal crises. We are also introduced to a new character who will become a member of Team Bo at the end of the season: Her origin and her reasons for being around the group are a mystery at first, but some of it is revealed in this season.

Arizona wants to reconcile with Callie, but things don't go as plan when she finds out that Callie is in a relationship with one of her enemies. Will Callie and Arizona's old love bring them back to reality? Don't like Don't read.

Two-shot inspired by 13x The new Ash and Morrigan have urged her to take a vacation to check up on the family she hasn't seen for a decade, but what she finds is beyond expectation. Lost Girl - Rated: Bo has to grow up. Lauren has to recover. These things do not happen overnight. There will be no instant gratification. There will be NO explicit sex.

If you are in search of the high dramatic adventure and flights of superb creativity available in many honourable examples on this site, this isn't the story for you. M - English - Chapters: What they didn't anticipate at all were complications from Maura's. Isles - Complete Road Trip by Seillean reviews Completely unrelated to my other stories; our girls are badly in need of a vacation and so the open road beckons! A little light Doccubus-reading, just because I can: We hope you enjoy.

M - English - Romance - Chapters: The visitor is no stranger to them, especially not to Stef this person turns out to be a huge part of Stef's life and uncovers more depth of Stef's family history.

lost girl bo and lauren meet sharon

Will the person bring the family closer together? Both have moved on with their lives but the sudden reunion has got the girls wondering if there could be something more. They just need to figure out some things first. Legaspi - Complete Close to Home by Seillean reviews What happens when the vengeful son of a disinherited Fae Elder seeks out the very Succubus that landed him with no title or fortune?

Will he really succeed in taking away all that she holds most dear? This is a continuation of Heavenly Creatures, I would suggest reading that one first to help this one make sense. Picks up directly where HC leaves off.

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M for future chapters. There are a lot of stories where everybody is human, so in this story, everybody is Fae! Bo and Lauren are as different as can be, and yet, or maybe because of that, they fall deeply in love with each other. Despite everything going against them, can they find the will and a way to be happy together and not have to hide it?

A tiny patient bonds with Stef, an emergency pediatric physician, breaking her heart wide open. Soon, she and her wife find themselves on their way to having the family they only dreamed of. An AU meeting, 2 shot. Trying to clear my head so I can finish the Morrigan. T - English - Romance - Chapters: While helping Trick clear out his Lair, Bo finds a box of her Grandmother's things.

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Only, she finds much more than family heirlooms. Later, she stumbles upon an ancient curse that is tied to not only her own past life; but Lauren's too. Can they work together to undo the curse before something bad happens? Bo's and Lauren's relationship is rocky and Lauren decides that she's had enough and needs to regain control of her life so she take matters into her own hands.

This story follows Lauren and Bo - how they cope and the decisions they make. M - English - Angst - Chapters: Lauren goes to the doctor and finds out that she's pregnant.

Lauren goes to tell Bo, but she is taken away by someone that is from Bo's past. How will Bo find Lauren? Will Lauren and Bo get back together? A new baby or two. First time story writer. Doccubus with doccubus babies. The title of my story comes from the song. Mr Hudson Lost Girl - Rated: T - English - Family - Chapters: The last they talked she told Bo she just needed time and space.

Bo follows every lead she can find but after a year she is still missing.

Lauren & Bo First Kiss

The gang says to forget her but how do you forget the one person who holds your heart? Bo believes that love will always find a way. The search is on AU Lost Girl - Rated: Can she trust these succubi or will they end up hurting her like her mother Aoife?

Touched by Tears by gt reviews Catching the eye of an ancient power is never a good thing. Catching the eye of an ancient power bent on your destruction is much worse.

Just as Lauren and Bo are ready to move on with their lives the unimaginable happens. Their view of the world shifts again as the battle to save the life of someone most precious ensues. Post S1 AU, Scotch pairing. Some chapters are rated M; see author notes for warnings. Last Ship - Rated: Major Crimes - Rated: Bo has struggles and Lauren has secrets. Mystery, romance, sci fi and thriller all rolled into one.

Check out the summary in chapter one for more. Rated T for now but will slide to M as we progress. Will a unforeseen situation break Lauren and Bo apart? Rated M for context, not content.

Yes, its been a while since I've updated the story. This chapter has been ready to go for a while, but I wasn't happy with it. Celle reviews One's a slave. The other's next in line to the throne. And this is the summer that changed everything.

Takes place right after the ending. Oneshot-told in 2 mirror chaps, one Bo and one Lo.