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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. As Hancock had helped Luffy in the events leading to the Marineford arc and during the Do you think Boa Hancock will meet Luffy again, or will she be involved in a particular night trial, free shipping & returns, and a forever warranty. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure/Romance - Boa Hancock, Luffy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 4, - Reviews: 35 - Favs: 43 Zoro pointed to Booney who kept her back turned and continued to look at the water. Luffy – "She even refused the meat I brought her " . Nami and Robin looked on in guilt.

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It grows further when he blatantly insults her. Then they do it again after Zoro cuts one of their swords at the hilt. Buggy and his crew have this reaction when Luffy shows off Gear Third, and he only uses half of the normal amount of air.

His crew has this reaction when they learn who said grandfather is. Many of the ones watching have this reaction when Luffy protects the Baratie chefs from Don Krieg. Or rather, after he catches all of the bullets that Krieg fires. The Baratie chefs have this reaction when Zeff announces that they'll be joining the Straw Hats, followed by cheering.

Know When to Fold 'Em: After Luffy one-shots one of the Alvida Pirates in an absurdly effective way, the two who witnessed it wisely decide to skedaddle. Jango has a crush on Kadoo, the nurse of the Buggy pirates, but he's so clumsy in trying to confess to her, that after any attempt he uses his hypnosis to make her forget about what just happened. During the fight between Zoro and Mihawk, after a long period of superhuman blows back and forth, the combatants manage to draw blood from each other.

Then Luffy states for the watchers' benefit that the combatants are no longer going to go easy on each other. Whatever Gin, Buggy and Jango got up to during Cocoyashi's freedom party is this for the three of them. Averted later when they actually do decide to clear the air, revealing it as an orgy that had the three men getting closer than any of them are comfortable with except maybe Gin.

While Alvida's frictionless skin makes it almost impossible to hit her, it also makes it almost impossible to hit someone else. Furthermore, she can be hit through her clothing as only her skin is frictionless.

Miss Valentine's devil fruit allows her to manipulate her weight, not her mass, so she can't gain Super Speed by reducing her weight or become a Mighty Glacier by increasing it because she's only changing how strong the pull of gravity is on her body. Frequent in Chapter 5. She then faints from euphoria when Luffy promises that she can have One Piece if she does. Happens twice in a row with Patty.

Then it returns when Nami shows that they have enough money to pay for it. Since Kaya forbade Sanji from smoking around a recovering Zoro, he switched temporarily to lollipops. Fans know that among 4Kids heavy censorship of the anime, Sanji's cigarettes were changed to lollipops.

When Buggy asks if Crocus recognized him, the latter seemed to remember the former having a crush on Shanks. In Chapter 2, when Luffy starts singing his islands song, Nami interrupts him with this after he starts the second verse. And Zoro decides to wear it as a trophy. Igaram's reaction to seeing Luffy in Whiskey Peak, immediately recognizing him and assuming that they are doomed considering that his bounty is higher than Crocodile's.

Played for Laughs when Garp proufly announces his grandson's decision to become a Marine to Sengoku. You can feel the Fleet Admiral's horror at the idea of another Monkey to deal with rising off the page. Gin meets one in Loguetown that has a small but important role: His monologue after Gin leaves reveals that he is Tom's master.

From Nami, in the very opening lines of the fic.

Boa Hancock

Brook gives one when he briefly contemplates waiting in the Florian Triangle for Luffy to reach him. Promoted to Love Interest: Hancock for Luffy, surprisingly. In fact, Luffy actually does like Hancock, he just didn't want to marry her before because he thought marriage meant having kids.

Once Nami and Usopp clear this misunderstanding, he decides he can marry her, and has already implied he wants to. The reason Brook could eat, produce waste, breathe or even get tired is because he kept believing he was alive and had a working body, thus his soul replicated those symptoms.

Once he transcends that belief, he no longer has any limits to his physicality. After the events in Arlong Park, Luffy reveals himself as the captain to Nezumi to keep Nami from bearing the full brunt of the Marines' ire. Since he knows he'll be in the newspaper, he puts in a coded message to inform the other four members of his crew that they remember their past lives. Any veteran from the Grand Line about the insanity that goes on there.

It goes to the point that Crocus guesses the core crew are time travellers and doesn't immediately dismiss the idea because "Stranger things have happened" Zeff does, but then again he never went to the New World, Crocus did.

As of Chapter 5, Kaya is determined to get Nami and Luffy together. Between Sanji and Nami. Vegapunk identifies his time machine as the Flux Capacitor. And in Chapter 12, it's stated that Usopp read the term out of a book to Chopper once in the future past. The author even lampshades it: And yes, poetry was part of his training. After falling down a pit that Usopp made as a booby trap, Moe quotes Lockhart from the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: Really quite filthy down here.

Usopp debuts much in the same way as Oz, the great and terrible. Usopp and Kaya, who have become a couple in this fic, refer to each other as Gatsby and Daisy.

The Black Cat Pirates. One is a short ginger-haired man named Oliver. Jiji comes from Kiki's Delivery Service. Salem comes from Sabrina the Teenage Witch. One of the other crewmates even calls him by that cat's surname, Saberhagen. When Nami tells Sanji to show Nezumi her displeasure at trying to take her loot, he simply nods and responds with "As you wish. Another one given to The Wizard of Oz in Chapter 8, though much briefer.

The other staff of the Syrup Village mansion are the staff from Beauty and the Beast. You will be assimilated. When Cabaji remarks on how weird the armada is thus far and asks if it could get any weirder, Mohji replies that it could if they got an amorphous white creature with ADD and OCD that was a powerful Reality Warper and annoying enough to make the sun grimace.

This, as well as the sun morphing, winking to the audience, and morphing back afterwards, is a clear reference to Soul Eater. Alvida's description of herself after eating the Sube Sube no Mi comes directly from Shrek 2 after the eponymous ogre sees the result of him drinking the Happily Ever After potion. After Zoro wins his "fight" with Tashigi by disarming her with a knife hand: Luffy compares Smoker to Javert. In Chapter 12, the narration refers to Mr. The antics and species of some of Gaimon's menagerie reflect the antics of the denizens of the Hundred-Acre Wood.

A Sneeze Cut shows them all sneezing in another dimension. The author makes a note of explaining the differences between weight and mass in regards to Miss Valentine's powers. A notable instance in Chapter 13, when Nami's given the opportunity to leave the annoying Mr. Garp keeps fighting Luffy even after he is knocked out. Something Only They Would Say: How Luffy identifies to Nami and Usopp that he also remembers his past life.

Carrot, Pepper, and Onion, perpetually and perfectly. Coby has this reaction when Luffy announces his intention to have Zoro join his crew and said spit is directed at Nami. Dragon pulls this on his son at Loguetown. Kaya becomes this for many of the new recruits, who see her as sort of an angel - an example is when she comforts Pearl after he gets injured.

The guards quickly gather under the bunch, headed by the chief guard and commander of the Blugori, Saldeathwho prepares to secure them while mentioning the four Jailer Beasts below should they have continued. Before the guards can do so however, the Sphinx, which was also caught in the net, suddenly wakes up, swings around in the net, and eventually breaks it, freeing Luffy, Buggy, and Mr.

Luffy quickly takes advantage of the situation and runs for it, though the Blugori set after him, only to be felled by Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Gatling. He then notices Buggy and Mr. The two mock Luffy but he just shouts his thanks for their help much to their bewilderment. Saldeath rallies his security force to go after Luffy forcing him to fight a few until the Sphinx recovers and comes after him as well.

Seeing this Luffy hops across the guard's heads and runs down the hall with security forces in pursuit. The two suddenly hear singing coming from a cell whose voice Mr. The two follow it leading to a cell containing none other then Bon Kurei who is doing ballet with the prisoners in his cell though they collapse shortly after. As he spins, he does a double take once he sees Mr. Before they can enter, they are stopped by the chief guard Sadi who implores them to stay outside to fortify the entrance since they do not have any knowledge of the structure of the prison.

Plus she reminds them that the pride of Impel Down is at stake so she and the staff inside will handle it. Sadi proceeds to raise the drawbridges of the prison keeping anyone from getting in or out.

All the while, a giant koala peeping out from the prison's entrance gets the attention of the Marines. Back inside, Hancock's group have finally reached Ace's cell, allowing the Shichibukai to meet Luffy's brother face to face. As the two talk, the prisoners of the floor begins to leer and make cat calls toward her.

This drives on the nerves of Magellan until he suddenly unveils the full extent of his devil fruitliterally dripping himself with poison and forming a hydra from the globs. One of the prisoners tries to calm him down, to which Magellan responds by covering the prisoner with poison.

Magellan then reminds the prisoners that he can and will kill them anytime if they get out of line. Hancock then concludes her business of delivering the news to Ace that Luffy has come to rescue him. Luffy teams up with Bon Kurei.


Meanwhile, Luffy is trying to find his way to Level 4 on his own. He soon runs into guards that fire seastone nets his way. He manages to dodge them but is suddenly pinned down by the Sphinx. Before the beast can bite into him a voice catches its attention. The person apparently being Zorowho proceeds to beat up the Sphinx with his kicks.

Luffy however realizes that that's not Zoro's fighting style before the person changes into Bon Kurei, much to Luffy's joy after some initial disappointment that it wasn't his swordsman.

The two then team up to beat the guards and take down the Sphinx before tearfully weeping and hugging at being reunited. As Saldeath prepares to send his remaining Blugori after them, Bon Kurei happily agrees to help Luffy reach Level Five since he wishes to meet someone on that level as well. The Marines soon identify Buggy, Mr.

A few inmates, who managed to get their hands on a black Den Den Mushi, comment on their progress though agree in the end that they'll be captured. Meanwhile in the Warden's office, Magellan has just recently received this news along with Sadi and three of the Jailer Beasts.

The fourth one, Minotauruswho looks like his namesake but not as intimidating, just happens to confront Luffy and Bon Kurei on Level 3. It smacks Bon Kurei into a wall in an instant before the two can react and does the same to Luffy, despite the latter managing to dodge its first blow.

Bon recovers and saves Luffy before Minotaurus can strike again, but is quickly pinned down. Luffy enters Gear Second and hits it with a Jet Bazooka, knocking it back up the level.

After which, Luffy and Bon locate the entrance to Level 4, which they notice has hot air and smoke billowing out of it.

Bon Kurei explains that the heat is from a boiling kettle filled with blood and flames. He also mentions to watch where they jump otherwise the two will "be getting more then a couple of burns" if they are not careful. Luffy then inquires about the person who Bon is trying to meet which Bon answers is the queen of Kamabakka Kingdom and idol of OkamaEmporio Ivankovwho was supposedly captured and sent to Impel Down.

Bon states if that's the case, he will try to rescue him. Their talk is suddenly interrupted by something coming their way, which happens to be Buggy and Mr. Luffy and Bon rejoin them, causing all four to be pursued. Buggy then mentions to Luffy the Buggy Balls he used back in Orange Town which Luffy does not remember to Buggy's chagrin only he's now condensed it small enough to hide on his person, renaming it the "Muggy Ball".

He throws it at the Minotaurus where it explodes on contact in it's face, greatly wounding it though not knocking it out. Luffy quickly asks Mr.

Bon buys them time by hitting the Jailer Beast with a spinning kick knocking it down. The four celebrate their victory at downing a Jailer Beast before pressing onward. Outside, Boa Hancock and Momonga have left the prison and are heading back to their Marine ship via a ferry. Twenty-nine hours remain before Ace's execution.

Impel Down Arc

As she looks on at the prison, Hancock prays for Luffy's safety. The two eventually reach the ship where Momonga receives urgent news, Kaidoone of the Yonkotook off to try and stop Whitebeard, but Shanks intercepted him and the two are currently in a dispute. This news unnerves Momonga as he knows what could happen if two Yonko fight not to mention the coming threat of Whitebeard on top of everything.

He quickly has his ship shove off for Marineford. Back inside the prison, Buggy and Mr. Before they can continue however, part of the floor they are on breaks off due to the strength of their attacks which causes the four to get into an argument over whose was more powerful and sends them plummeting to Level 4.

Defeat at the Hands of Desperation Edit On Level 4 in an area known as the "Pool of Blood", inmates are forced into the cauldron Bon previously described while a few are made to bring firewood to keep it heated. One prisoner tries to escape but runs right into Daz Bones who headbutts him into the cauldron. Meanwhile in a passageway that connects Levels 3 and 4, Magellan has gathered the guards and Impel Down staff to intercept Luffy's group.

It's here we're introduced to the rest of the Jailer Beasts: MinorhinocerosMinokoalaand Minozebra all of whom, like Minotarus, do not look as threatening as their name suggests who Sadi is in charge of commenting that they're growing restless and thirsting for blood.

One of the guards reports Luffy having reached Level 4 and avoided the pool by the debris he and his group fell on. He also reports Minotaurus's defeat which shocks Sadi. Upon hearing this Magellan stations Hannyabal at the Level 3 stairs and Sadi at the Level 5 entrance to keep the group from proceeding or heading back, while Magellan sends the rest of his guards to pursue the group, giving them permission to kill them though Sadi wants them kept alive for torture purposes.

Meanwhile Luffy's group are on a bridge near the Pool of Blood. Luffy suddenly heads in another direction from the group which Bon realizes is where the kitchen is, undoubtedly the smell of which has attracted Luffy.

Guards spot him and rush his way, but Luffy easily takes care of them. In a side, Mr. Seeing this the guards quickly try to get out of the way begging Magellan to wait before he fights so as not to get swept up in his poison. Luffy notices this but moans at not being able to get any food as he faces down the warden. Bon yells at Luffy not to fight him, telling him of his poison powers and that they should forget the food and escape.

But Magellan counters telling them that he has the guards and staff blocking the exits, effectively trapping the the group on the level, just as Mr. He also reveals he intends to make Luffy tell him how he got in Impel Down. Luffy, knowing Hancock will be in trouble if that happens, yells he will not tell even if he dies. Thus the fighting begins, with Magellan using his poison hydra and sending it after the two, forcing Luffy and Bon to run away while a few lingering guards are caught in the wave.

Seeing this, Bon tells Luffy that the poison attacks the nervous system and induces pain until it eventually kills the unfortunate victim, as the guards clearly show and beg for antidotes. Magellan scolds the guards not to get into his combat range, while Luffy jumps off the bridge and grabs onto a hanging spike platform, swinging himself onto it, and burning himself in the process since he swung over flames. However he does manage to destroy one of the Hydras who plunges into the Pool of Blood, while the rest are out of range to attack Luffy.

Magellan counters this however by blowing a poison bubble toward Luffy called Chloro Ball that explodes once it reaches the platform. Luffy manages to jump to another one to avoid the explosion, but gas suddenly appears from it. The guards quickly put on masks, commenting that it's the sneezing tear gas, causing Luffy's and the unfortunate inmates on the level eyes to water and sneeze uncontrollably. Magellan then has the Hydra stretch to Luffy's location to which he "swims" to the Straw Hat through it, dubbing the move Venom Road.

The warden then takes off his horns, fits them over his hands and tries to stab at Luffy with them. The horns are also coated with poison, evident when Luffy dodges a strike and sees the rocks it hits instantly melt similar to Crocodile's poison hook.

Magellan strikes again but Luffy redirects the attack with his foot onto the platform causing it to break and sending him falling toward the flames. Though Luffy saves himself by using his Gomu Gomu no Stamp to knock himself back onto the main bridge. Luffy uses Jet Bazooka on Magellan. Throughout this, Bon has hidden himself, convinced that Luffy cannot win, as Magellan is known to silence even the most ultimate of prisoners. With a heavy heart, he forces himself to run away, asking Luffy to forgive him.

While with Buggy and Mr. With that they make their way to the Level 3 entrance. Back with Luffy, who finds himself fatigued as Magellan stands over him, asks him if he still wants to continue fighting. Luffy however states his determination on saving his brother and that if he cannot win by not hitting Magellan, then its a sacrifice he will have to make in order to do so.

Luffy instantly activates Gear Second and proceeds to hit Magellan head on with a Jet Bazooka, hurting the warden but at the same time getting poison on his hands as well. Over at the Level 3 tunnel, Hannyabal is expressing his annoyance at Mr. Apparently beaten quickly when trying to fight against the vice-chief warden.

Hannyabal however is more annoyed with the fact that he was willing to let them pass but they instead chose to fight against him though a few of the guards were injured in the process.

The guards report their capture to the control room. Meanwhile, with Bon Kurei he continues to run, sobbing to himself as he knocks out any guards in his way. Back with Luffy and the warden, Magellan is surprised he actually took a hit from Luffy but Luffy is worse off as the poison corrodes his hands. Regardless, he strikes at the warden with a Jet Gun, just as the warden puffs up and shoots out multiple Chloro Balls.

Luffy dodges and goes for a Jet Pistol, however Magellan counters with his hydra. Nullifying the attack and dripping Luffy with more poison. Luffy tries to get some distance but Magellan breathes out a mist into air which the warden calls Poison Cloud, making Luffy's vision hazy and causing him to lose his hearing.

Luffy is defeated by Magellan. Magellan states that not even Luffy's hands will respond to him as the cloud will eventually rob him of everything, to which Luffy starts to double over. On Level 6 Ace demands to know what's happening upstairs but the guards state it's nothing. Luffy tries to attack Magellan again but the attack does not even come close to hitting the warden as the poison continues to affect him. Still, Magellan is astonished by his mental strength.

Luffy tries again, but kicks into the flames of the bridge burning himself once more. Magellan finally decides to end it and completely covers Luffy with his Hydra.

The end result is Luffy defeated, covered from head to toe in poison as it melts away at him. Magellan cites it as a punishment for invading Impel Down and explaining that in 24 hours Luffy will go to the real Hell i. Magellan orders the guards to throw Luffy into Level 5 despite the fact that he will die anyway, while Luffy weakly calls out Ace's name.

Magellan however suddenly receives news that something has happened at the Level 3 entrance. A Friend's True Loyalty Shines Edit On Level 5, a floor which is covered completely in ice so much so that prisoners freeze to death and the food so frozen it's inedible, Luffy is carried in by the guards. One of the prisoners calls out to Luffy to try and find out his bounty, but notices he took the "poison baptism" already. Back on Level 4, Magellan finds all the guards knocked out and the Level 3 door open.

After waking up Hannyabal, he explains Bon Kurei plowed through and headed back up to Level 3. Magellan orders the guards to capture him and has the Jailer Beasts disperse, ordering the others to clean everything up as he goes to his sealed place the bathroom.

When asked what to do with the captured Buggy and Mr. Hannyabal tells the guards to go help capture Bon Kurei which they comply. However once they leave, Hannyabal suddenly changes into Bon Kurei himself, having somehow taken his place.

He tells Buggy and Mr. The two of course are wary on the idea and ask why Bon would go back after all the trouble of escaping, Bon answers that Luffy is a friend, that's all the reason he needs.

He is later seen consulting a medical team as Hannyabal somewhere within Impel Down, urging them to whip up an antidote that will cure Luffy of Magellan's poison.

Unfortunately, they informed him that no one before Luffy has endured Magellan's Doku Doku No Mi powers to the extent that Luffy had, and with more than one type of poison now surging through his veins at the moment, attempting to treat him may only result in an even earlier demise.

With his hope to find an antidote crushed, Bon retreats to Buggy and Mr. This, however, made Bon remember about Iva, the person that he also wishes to meet and save down in Level 5.

He then proceeds to head down to said level with his two cohorts and, as he was still assuming Hannyabal's form, was able to gain access to the keys meant for the cells in Level 5. Though from the list of prisoners he he finds that Iva's name has been scratched off. When asked why to the guards, they state that he disappeared presumably snatched away by some unknown figure that has been doing so to other prisoners on the level which they dub as "demoning away" interestingly said prisoners were on the verge of freezing to death when they disappeared.

Together, the trio entered the level unfortunately without their winter gear as Hannyabal has a reputation of walking around the level in his regular clothes without freezing and prisoners are forced to wear their regular prison garments as well. They are shortly confronted by wolves, which were originally stationed in Level 2 but had be to placed on this level for their voracious appetites.