Luke and leia meet their father fanfiction

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luke and leia meet their father fanfiction

Leia never got to meet the real Anakin, the brief minutes that Luke had shared with his father would never be forgotten. Luke gazed at the. Luke asks his father about his mother, through the Force. was celebrating their victory: Han Solo, Leia Skywalker, Chewbacca, . "Padme Naberrie Amidala was the Queen of Naboo when I first met her at nine years old. REVISING Padme awakes 23 years after giving birth to Luke & Leia to discover that she has been in stasis. . We'll meet Mother as a young woman. Leia cringed and looked away, still hurting from how their father had.

She put the bowl down on the table, she looked up and beamed. Sola waved a hand dismissively. Sola was about to counter that when their father broke in. Sola nodded, "Got it," she said halting any further clarification.

They just sat down as Jobal Naberrie came in with a heaped bowl of steaming food. Jobal smiled, having heard the introductions from the kitchen. I hope you're hungry," she told them, setting the bowl down and taking her seat across from Ruwee. We were so worried when we heard the holonet reportings," Jobal said. Ruwee smiled as he watched. Now it's done," Jobal said, using her hands for empathies.

Do you know, Anakin, you're the first boyfriend my sister's ever brought home? He isn't my boyfriend! They didn't tell us it was that serious! I've known him for years. Remember that little boy who was with the Jedi during the blockade crisis?

Haven't you had enough of that life? I'm afraid she is," he said. And soon the subject turned to a neutral one such as the events in politics. Have you seen the way he looks at you? Leia focused on what she was doing. Are you saying, little baby sister, that you haven't noticed? Anakin and I are friends I think you're afraid to," she said. It's time you had a life of your own. You're missing so much! Leia listened to the exchange, somehow wondering if her mother would have said the same thing or encourage her when she was a senator or in the Alliance.

Leia succeeded in keeping herself from laughing or smiling, knowing that Luke would fail if he heard this exchange and looked out the window into the garden to where Luke and Anakin were talking to Ruwee. Ruwee looked at him. I also worked for the refugee relief movement when I was very young," he said. He turned back to Anakin, "Now tell me, son.

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How serious is this thing? How much danger is my daughter really in? Chances are there'll be more. My Master is tracking down the assassins. I'm sure he'll find out who they are. This situation, won't last long," Anakin told him honestly. Luke looked up to the house where he sensed Leia watching them and sent her thoughts of assurance.

Each twin wondering what it would have been like to grow up with these people. The view is just like the star map hologram, plus, the storm-shrouded planet of Kamino was exactly where it ought to be.

Our missing planet, Kamino. Those files were altered," Obi-Wan said as he glided his ship to the surface. Heavy rains and hard-driving winds lashed the platform as Obi-Wan's Starship approached. The huge, ultra-modern city of Tipoca rest on great stilts that kept it above the pounding and ever-present waves that covered the surface of the watery world.

The Starfighter landed and Obi-Wan got out and made his way through the howling wind toward a tower on the far side of the platform. A door slid open. A shaft of brilliant light pierced the swirling rain.

Obi-Wan passed through it and went inside. Obi-Wan pushed the soaking hood from his face as a tall slender alien walked towards him. Obi-Wan wiped the rain from his face and blinks in surprise at a tall, pasty-white alien named Taun We. He had large, almond shaped eyes.

He is anxious to meet you. After all these years, we were beginning to think you weren't coming. Now please, this way! Obi-Wan masked his surprise as they move away along the corridor towards a room where he presumed that the prime minister awaited him.

But this night, her husband was away. She was alone, in her senatorial chambers on Coruscant, and when she woke from her nightmares, there was no one there to comfort her or to stroke her hair.

luke and leia meet their father fanfiction

She was completely alone. A man was standing at the end of her bed, hands behind his back, watching her with a small smile. She was not one to take chances, and her trust had worn thin. The laser went right through the man without leaving so much as a mark, before blasting a hole in the wall behind him. The man just laughed.

No, it couldn't be. She gazed at him, eyes wide, mouth hanging open, as she took in the bright, blue eyes — like Luke's — the tan skin, the dark blond hair that curled to his shoulders.

luke and leia meet their father fanfiction

He was so… so familiar, and it sent tremors of fear, of hate, through her body. No, you can't be here," she hissed. I — I hate you! She had to be still dreaming. This… this wasn't real.

All those dark, terrible emotions were directed towards the man in front of her. How had Luke forgiven him?

The monster that had taken her mother away from her, contributed to the deaths of millions, blew up her home planet. Leia could never forgive him. Even if he had killed the Emperor. His eyes sparkled with regret and he looked away. Good, she thought darkly. I'm so sorry, Leia. If — if I had known… I would never have - " "- What?

Her emotions were getting the better of her, but she would not let him see her cry. I will never forgive you! She didn't want to see that. This was Vader, the emotionless, soulless murderer. He couldn't have emotions. He couldn't feel… "No, you're not like Luke," he muttered quietly, closing his eyes and breathing deeply, and Leia just watched, heaving with the intensity of her emotions.

You, my daughter," his eyes opened and fixed on hers, burning into her soul like blue flames and she felt so vulnerable. It was unlike anything she had ever felt. It was consuming her, fuelling her anger which had dwelled deep within her soul for all these years.

The mother she had never known. Leia had never known her mother, never seen her, didn't even know her name. Her father, her real father, Bail Organa had never told her who she was, only that she looked like her. She wanted to ask him about her, what she had been like, but she was too overwhelmed by hatred to even look at him. Your anger, your hatred, your fear. Such an expressive face it was, young, youthful, yet aged in a different way, hardened by hardships and war and the Dark Side.

It was a face that had known pain. Leia wondered if her own face held the same hardness. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. Regardless of how you feel about me, I have been watching over you these past five years. That was an emotion she had never thought him capable of feeling.

Sith Lords did not love.

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Yet, perhaps Luke had been right. Maybe he had changed. If he loved her, surely he could no longer be a Sith. It was all too confronting. She was not prepared to have to face this, to face him. Hate… leads to suffering. Darth Vader is no more. After everything you've done…" He fell silent once again. How young was he, exactly? He looked younger than her, even. Was this who he had been before he'd turned?

All these burning questions plagued her thoughts… Why had he turned? Who was his mother? Why did he let them separate her from Luke? Why had he never come back for her? But… I can try to make it up to you. If — if you will listen. Maybe it was the look in his eyes, so much like Luke's, that softened her resolve. Or maybe the infinite sadness etched across his face.

Either way, she swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded curtly, willing to hear his apology or explanation or excuse… whatever it was he was going to tell her. It was a handsome face, Leia conceded, much like Luke's. The semblance between the two was uncanny, and yet Anakin held himself differently, teasing little smirks, a dangerous glint in his eyes.

Where Luke was light, Anakin was dark. I could feel you," he looked at her then, and his eyes were glistening with moisture, so clear and full of such remorse that Leia almost felt sorry for him - almost - but not enough. You would talk to me. It left Leia wondering who this man actually was. Who he had been before he was Vader. Although she could sense the darkness within him, there was also this overwhelming sense of passion, and love, and fierce protection — something a Sith Lord could not possibly feel.

It was akin to her own personality, she realised with a start. No woman could love him. It just wasn't fathomable.

But now she wasn't so sure. The way Anakin talked about her, the way his expression softened, made her rethink her previous judgement.

Vader could not be loved, but Anakin? He might have been. And she was… everything to me," he closed his eyes, at some distant memory that Leia was not privy too. She had a good heart. We fell in love, when I was assigned to protect her and were secretly married on her home planet of Naboo. It was forbidden, you see, for a Jedi to marry, or form any attachments. You and your brother are very rare," his smile turned into a smirk, "you are the first Force Sensitive children with a Jedi as a father.

She hadn't known that rule about attachment before. If she was being completely honest, she thought it was rubbish. Luke was training her to be a Jedi, and she had a husband!