Meet and greet 2nd interview

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meet and greet 2nd interview

Just because the first interview took place in a closed meeting room or office doesn't mean your next meeting will have the same feel. “It's very dependent on the. For myself, 2nd interviews have usually involved similar questioning and then a tour/meet and greet. I like these type of 2nd interviews because. Your second job interview will could be more difficult than your first interview. Surely this will be a meet-and-greet affair along with the perfunctory.

Sometimes recruiters hesitate to give this kind of feedback because it feels like giving answers or scripting. That is not the case. The answers are still up to the candidate, but feedback can help to better understand the organization.

meet and greet 2nd interview

For example, if a candidate dressed too casually in the first interview, a recruiter might say: Tell candidates the second-round schedule. Sometimes, the second round of interviews includes an assessment or simulation. If the interview will involve anything other than straight questioning i. Everyone will perform at their best if they know what to anticipate. Ensure that the hiring manager will be ready to make a decision.

Even if there is other data to be gathered after the second interview i. Likewise, make sure the candidate realizes this is the final stopping point.

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The candidates need to have gathered enough information in the second interview to be able to make a decision on whether to join, and they should know that coming in. Also, ask them their preliminary decision right after the interview and let the hiring manager know where they stand.

If the candidate says they are not interested, then the hiring manager need not waste more time. In the past, recruiters did not need to consistently tend to these details. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case. This is in contrast to the first interview where the team were specially trained in the art.

Second Job Interview

As a result, the atmosphere and line of questioning is likely to be different. Be Inquisitive While asking questions is encouraged at the end of the first interview, few people take the opportunity.

However, asking questions is expected of you during the second interview.

meet and greet 2nd interview

If the hiring team consists of management, good questions include: What are the daily responsibilities in the role? How is the departmental chain of command structured?

meet and greet 2nd interview

Could you describe your management style? If the hiring team consists of HR staff, the following questions could be asked: What is the orientation process for new staff?

What is the potential for career growth within the company? Your ego kicks in. Surely this will be a meet-and-greet affair along with the perfunctory paperwork--and the offer is sure to follow.

The cigar is out of the box and you're looking for your lighter.

Second Interview

Put the cigar back in the box. We still have a lot of work to do. Regardless of your excitement level, you must go into your next interview with your best game-face on. Prepare just like you did for your first job interview. Most likely you will meet with your future boss again.

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But usually in a second job interview, you will also meet at least one or two key decision makers above the level of your future boss. They could be directors, VPs, general managers, or other executives.


A common interview mistake is assuming the second job interview is going to be more laid back or a piece of cake. Often just the opposite happens.