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8 Times ‘Harry Potter’ Cast Has Reunited

Jul 5, The Harry Potter star was seen sat in the back of a car clutching at a bottle of water but it seems that he may have overindulged on Red Bull. Nov 23, Daniel Radcliffe talks to Simon Hattenstone about hairy legs, across the VIP area and everybody turned around because he sticks out. Jul 1, When Daniel Radcliffe first walks in I can't believe how terrible he looks: with his girlfriend, the actress Erin Darke, whom he met while.

Radcliffe could have just sat back after Potter. Daniel Radcliffe His determination to extend his range beyond the exploits of the schoolboy wizard that made him famous is extraordinary. Directed by Jon M Chu, the film reunites the professional magicians who perform as the Four Horsemen before big crowds in Las Vegas for another adventure, this time to expose a corrupt businessman whose software secretly steals private data from its users.

Getty Radcliffe is having his photo taken inside a borrowed wooden cabin, overlooking a canyon in the Mount Washington district just north-east of Los Angeles city. I am immediately struck by a change in him. But he is less manic than when I last interviewed him and he was adjusting to life after Potter. He has a girlfriend and says that has made a big difference. So it was fun to be on set with him.

He has an amazing collection of slippers and loafers, like ones in blue velvet with skulls on. Some company makes these rich, dickhead loafers.

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Who would actually go around wearing them? But they are so fantastic for character. And when he says doing it, you can bet he tried it again and again, driving his friends mad. Set on a remote island, it features Paul Dano as a suicidal castaway, who is trapped alone until the corpse washes up.

THEN Ten years ago, a covert government operation gone wrong separated Jack from Jessa, the girl he promised he would never leave.

Daniel Radcliffe on 'Harry Potter' super fans and his new play

Past and present collide as what was once lost is now standing in front of him and appears to be working for the very evil he is trying to end. But is everything as it seems as secrets begin to unravel and pieces are put back in their proper places?

And will the last missing piece, the answer to all of their problems, be found in time? Your assignment is done. I open my eyes and try to focus as the dawn barely lights the room around me. Last night we were waiting on the search warrants. We had the whole family. It was going down… today. Everything finally began to snowball together three days ago. First one witness came forward, then a second, then the third came in with solid proof.

Shit went down a few hours ago. Apparently, they knew we were coming. The Sparr family is gone. All of the evidence against them is now speculative. Four witnesses are dead. He looks pleased when he tells the story. I pick films based on scripts and directors and parts. I think I've got good taste, but it's slightly left of centre. I'm not interested in making films I've seen before. There's nothing more exciting to me when I read a script than originality.

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That's all it's governed by; there's no master plan to distance myself from Potter with every role. Oi, show some respect, I say — it's Harry Potter.

Has an actor ever had such an ambivalent relationship with the character who made him famous? For many people Radcliffe is Potter, and Potter is Radcliffe. Potter made him unbelievably wealthy, and he also made his every social outing meat and drink for the tabloids.

He is fiendishly polite, slight, well turned out. Radcliffe says he doesn't want to sound ungrateful. It would be like… Paul McCartney might have gone on to do a lot of other things, but people are always going to want to talk about the Beatles.

It's just a fact of your life, so you can't get annoyed by it or resent it. You have to embrace the fact that you were involved in this incredibly cool thing that did wonders for the British film industry and though you might not always be happy with the work you did on it, the opportunity it has given you to forge a career for yourself is amazing. It's ironic that, having grown up as Potter, a leading man being paid leading man's wages and then somehe is now establishing himself as a fine character actor, the type who plays the second or third lead, or the quirky cameo, not quite handsome enough to be a romantic lead.

In short, the type who can make a decent living but would never command the salary Radcliffe did as a teenager. The two performances I watch in quick succession could not be more different. In Kill Your Darlings he is the nerdy, needy young Ginsberg, desperate to hold on to his gorgeous, enigmatic boyfriend.

Daniel Radcliffe on alcoholism, starving himself, Harry Potter - and the day he fell in love

As Cripple Billy, he is rural Irish, physically twisted, carrying a useless leg and hopelessly in love with a local girl who mocks him. For once, he even looks different in Kill Your Darlings — curly hair, lips made up to appear fuller, very Jewish. I'm Jewish by blood, but an atheist. There was a great Peter Ustinov quote where he said the Jews have had the luxury of giving the world two of the most influential people, in Jesus Christ and Karl Marxand following neither of them.

He didn't go to university, but says he discovered the joy of learning for learning's sake when he was tutored on the Harry Potter sets. AP As an only child, he spent most of his time talking to adults and has always felt older than his years. Both acted when they were children, too, and are now his managers. He says he was unconfident and largely unhappy at school.

If it was, you must have a terrible life. That was one of the things I loved about Potter initially, it got me out of school. Warner genuinely didn't know at that stage if they were going to make more than one film.

If it flopped, then they certainly weren't going to put up all that money again. And actually there aren't many great parts out there for teenage boys, certainly not as good as Harry Potter. By then he felt he was mastering his craft. Actually, he says, it wasn't growing up in public that he found so difficult as learning how to act in public. What does he look back at with embarrassment? My acting lessons are there for all to see. That's essentially what the films are, us learning to act.

Rupert was the most outgoing of the three of us; he had this confidence when it came to comedy, and he still does.