Meet and greet stansted cheap hotels

Stansted Meet and Greet - Meet & Greet Car Parking at STN Airport

meet and greet stansted cheap hotels

With your flights and hotel booked, there's one last thing to do before you pack your suitcase: book your parking at Stansted Airport. Without prior booking, you. Stansted Meet & Greet Parking is the cheapest parking solution at Stansted Airport. Great Deals on Stansted Airport Meet & Greet parking. Instant quote online and great prices on Stansted Meet and Greet Parking with APH. Location of hotel.

We landed at Stansted on-time at midnight and called the number supplied as instructed once we had collected our luggage.

Cheapest Meet and Greet Stansted

My wife, two year old, five year old and myself assembled outside minutes later to await our car. After forty minutes there was still no sign of our car but a mini-bus from Maple Parking turned up.

meet and greet stansted cheap hotels

We spoke to the driver who tried to call the office but he could not get through either. He told us it was carnage at the car park, lots of cars were trying to leave at once and there were delays. He said he could take us back to the compound but could not guarantee that our car wasn't already on its way and we would miss it.

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Despite being very cold we decided to stay put as it was now nearly an hour late and we were convinced it would turn up shortly. How wrong we were. A further 45 minutes later we finally get through to the office on the phone when we are informed the car could be another hour maybe even three hours. They told us that no cars were leaving the compound for at least another hour.

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They said they would send a mini-bus to get us so we could wait in their hut but it may be a while as they couldn't find the driver. We told the ONLY other group waiting for their car with us that no cars were leaving the compound and they should get the mini bus with us. Join the APH mailing list and start saving right now Signing up for our digital mailing list brings genuine cash-saving opportunities to anyone looking for airport parking or hotels! Along with a weekly update on sales and offers across our car parks covering Stansted Airport, we offer another compelling reason to enter your email address in the box at the foot of this page It's true!

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Meet & Greet Parking at STANSTED airport - Essex Forum

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meet and greet stansted cheap hotels

Simple but smart savings to leave more cash where it belongs - in your pocket! Okay - here's how to do just that. You'll probably have noticed the price of airport parking varies across the year. Typically, peak periods - such as school holidays and the festive season can see prices creeping up. However, APH can help you roll back the clock to be beat the hikes!

meet and greet stansted cheap hotels

Using data we've collected over many years in the business, we can analyse prices and predict the best time to book your Stansted Airport meet and greet parking to secure the cheapest prices for your trip -okay whenever it is!

Use the table below to get a good indication of how much you could slash from your bill by booking in advance. Remember, many of the services we offer can be amended if plans change — so booking early could prove to be a win-win situation!

meet and greet stansted cheap hotels

Does cheap airport parking mean 'less safe' Sometimes picking the cheapest Stansted Airport meet and greet parking could end up as an expensive mistake. Sadly, there are rogue operators exploiting meet and greet parking to make big profits by leaving cars on public streets, municipal car parks and even unprotected muddy fields. However, booking through APH removes the risk and empowers travellers with the ability to enjoy genuinely cheap parking in a safe, security-protected environment.