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Posts about Image written by wgcinsa. Team meeting for Immersion Trip July in Peru for WGC, is working in Nuevo Chimbote and at the Tierra Prometida school during her 2-year term. The second session stressed the need that children need play and how developing children's social skills. Two years ago Keith Guerico (El Martillo) of Waypoint Church spread Monday was a tour of the area and to meet the families of the houses Play ball, paint nails, distribute candy, do whatever Rev does. .. preload image. Interactions with and donations & support for individuals that you meet 18 2.) U.S. to Lima by air; Lima to Trujillo (Trujillo is a 2 hour bus ride from Chimbote.) Camera (there are several photo shops in Chimbote that can develop your film or print photos from a digital camera so that you may share . Play with the children.

Friday found us hiking a mountain and blessing houses. Cerro De La Paz Mountain of Peace has a church holding vigil over the town and a huge steel cross at the top. It was a tough hike with a rewarding view. The only instructions from local management was to take the trail to the top. Checkpoint did not take the trail. He blazed his own on his own. Very Checkpoint of him. In the afternoon we went as a group from house to house and blessed each one.

Suffice to say we built 5 fine houses for 5 fine families. Friday night was the final celebration mass and we threw the neighborhood a party. Complete with goat stew and a band. Most of our house families showed up to celebrate. There were more hugs and more dancing. The rest is kind of a blur. F3 Last year the 6 of us noticed that there was a marked lack of male involvement in the families and community.

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We took it upon our mission to deliver some of what F3 has to offer. To invigorate male leadership in the community. We planned to hold a daily workout with the Peruvian men and then deliver a leadership lesson at the conclusion; tell the men how we are good fathers and husbands.

It payed out in spades. We had upwards of 25 local men and boys with us every day. By the end of the week Tolkien had the Peruvians leading the exercises. When you get down in the dirt with a fellow man, you make that connection — that bond. It goes just as far down there as it does here. And Dredd said it would never work South of Ballantyne. The workouts themselves were Core-centric. COP, partner work, loops, ladders, The Roxanne, we threw it all at them and they kept coming back for more.

Although Dredd had the worst FNG naming week of his life, others were there to bail him out.

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We even had Peruvians with us on extra credit runs at 5: But they came out to see us. They came out to be with us. They came out because they wanted what we had. Little did the Peruvian FNGs know, but they offered just as much. Well, maybe some sort of farmer does. None of us was that. Mostly lawyers and bankers. This is the sort of thing that we saw. This particular chicken lost his or her life at the local village. The culture was different for sure.

I think most of us fell into it pretty well. Very few knew no Spanish. Obviously it helps a lot when integrating.

Little did most of us know, but the locals love to play the gringos in soccer and volleyball. The girls absolutely killed us in volleyball. I mean we were horribly embarrassed. Soccer was a different story. We actually beat the Peruvian men.

I mean, Rev was in goal, bingo. The Refrigerator You know how every really memorable trip has something unscripted? Maybe even something that started off with eyes rolling. But it later goes down in infamy and becomes synonymous with said trip. If you were there, you know.

meet and play 2 chimbote pictures

I will describe it as such. The leadership team underestimated the zeal of those involved. One team ended up going to buy a refrigerator for their family. This caused a slight disruption in the force. The next thing you know, all of us are in a room. Not until we deal with the fridge situation. Dredd led a classic large-group leadership exercise to get everyone on the same page.

Some wanted out, but it HAD to be discussed.

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In the end it was a lesson for the ages. A well-intended mission creep threatening to derail the plan, saved by a country lawyer and dinner waiting at the door. It had to be mentioned. He was the crazy Mongol in your face with the GoPro morning, noon, and night. It speaks for itself. It tells the story the best.

Drone footage by GOP. This thing is already too long. It was an emotional week. It was a long week. It was a short week. It was a life-changing week.

meet and play 2 chimbote pictures

So much happened while we were there. I think the answer is because this trip presented myself with the raw me. This trip has a way of tearing down your shields, all of your defense mechanisms, and letting the real person out.

We learned a lot about each other this week. Some of the things I heard scared me. Men are experiencing some of my greatest fears. Failed marriages, failed businesses, and estranged children. And yes, I felt guilty. Guilty over my excesses. I have so much and I saw how people can have so little. Sometimes all they had to give was love, and they gave it freely. So, hell yes, it was an emotional week. It was the emotions that changed us.

Magic happened this week. In this match the Chimbotan team could have won or drawn to qualify for the Grand Final in Lima. But against all odds, they lost. That very same day Don Honorio Gozzer Pizarro died of a heart attack.

These two facts were closely linked. On Sunday, April 11,Don Honorio was in the stadium. And the general idea is that a sudden heart attack ended his life while his beloved club was being defeated on the soccer pitch. Even the next day, a national newspaper published a story of both events with the headline, "Goals that kill. But, my memories of the events have always differed from the version that has been accepted by people in general through the years.

meet and play 2 chimbote pictures

That day I was watching the game from the South Popular Stands, and I remember that in the intermission a rumor hit the stadium. Wanting to witness what was going on with my own eyes, I made my way towards the wire mesh that separated the two stands.

I had never been too clear on this point. Honorio had nine siblings, and they were: Don Roque Gozzer del Pratt, father of Honorio, worked as a mechanic on the braking systems of freight trains for the railway company that later became the property of the Peruvian Corporation of Santa. And then, years later, he worked as a stevedore in the port of Chimbote. Years later, the young Honorio joined the Peruvian navy, and later on worked as a butcher, which was his main occupation for most of his adult life.

Wilfredo, Eduardo and Patricia. For Honorio, that involvement would last until the day he died, and for his family remains to this day. Unfortunately, in his adult life, Honorio Gozzer developed heart problems, and before two heart attacks had already struck him. But on that day, Don Santiago was unable to help his brother Honorio fall asleep, and so Honorio went to the stadium. Once in the stadium, Honorio was devoted to helping at the Preferential Stands box office to sell tickets for the match.

That day the stadium was completely full, and during the first minutes of the game people were still buying tickets and entering the sports arena.