Meet rapunzel and flynn rider from tangled

Meeting Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at the Tangled Meet-And-G… | Flickr

meet rapunzel and flynn rider from tangled

This photo is in 3 albums. Me with Disney Characters In items; Tangled items; Disneyland #3 (My Birthday!) items. 19 Reasons Rapunzel And Flynn Rider Are The Best Disney Couple If you haven't seen Tangled, you are missing out. "How'd you meet?". Flynn Rider casually meets fans in Fantasyland and this time guests will be able to meet one of the good guys: Flynn Rider from Tangled!.

It takes place between the feature film and the short Tangled Ever After. Flynn is one of their better efforts to add to Aladdin, Mowgli and the Beast. Joe Williams of the St.

Louis Post-Dispatch referred to it as "flippant". Scott of The New York Times described it as "annoyingly smart-alecky". However, Goss relented, "The voice-over tapers off, though, and Levi proves to be a suitably cocky foil to the neurotic love interest. Once they do start talking, however, writers and animators fashion some fairly decent road-movie chemistry — Flynn takes the sheltered Rapunzel out to see the world and perhaps meet her real parents in a protective way, she punctures his exterior of false bravado, they fall in love.

Writing for the Mountain XpressKen Hanke felt that "what works best is the interplay between the two leads", concluding, "these animated characters are frankly more believable and charismatic than the human ones in Love and Other Drugs. Hucks went on to call Flynn "one the better [Disney heroes] that have come out of the Disney stable in quite a while".

Meeting Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at the Tangled Meet-And-G… | Flickr

Louis Post-Dispatch appreciated the comedy in Levi's "quick-tongued delivery", [82] while Rolling Stone 's Peter Travers wrote that the actor "does a nice job" as Flynn.

InVanity Fair conducted a poll for which readers were asked to vote for the sexiest Disney hero of all-time. Oakley joked, "I like a man who is unaplogetically himself", continuing, "If you gotta go around with a fake name Chmielewski observed that Tangled's marketing campaign involved "amp[ing] up the role of the dashing Errol Flynn-styled male lead to share the spotlight with the golden-haired namesake of the classic Brothers Grimm story".

Rapunzel by giving her 'the smolder'" while "emphasiz[ing Flynn's] Scott of The New York Times received Flynn as a "hijacking of a princess's tale", panning the character as "a crude commercial calculation, a sign to the anxious boys in the audience that things aren't going to be too girly, or to Disneyphobes that the studio can bring some DreamWorks -style attitude.

O'Hara went on to argue that both characters "get decent character development too, and base their growing love story on more than a single longing glance ".


Despite these antagonistic traits, Flynn viewed such acts as mere means to boost his ego which, at the start of the film, was comedically inflated, to the point where he would rely on his supposed charisma to sneak his way out of a potentially dangerous situation. As mentioned above, Flynn is also rather comedic, whether it's intentional or not.

He has a peculiar relationship with the palace horse, Maximuswho he constantly finds himself at odds with throughout the film, being that they were highly different on the moral spectrum at the start of the film.

Even so, they managed to form a meaningful partnership, and eventual friendship; initially for the sake of Rapunzel, though they were shown to have become fond of one another over time. Despite viewing himself as charming, a recurring situation involving Flynn includes the thief being looked down upon by other characters such as the Pub Thugs or the palace guards who would often perform acts that would purposely result in Rider's humiliation, such as having the portraits of his "Wanted" poster be depicted with cartoonishly large or unattractive noses, much to his annoyance.

Despite all of this, Flynn's arrogance is revealed to provide a false sense of optimism as the thief is highly vulnerable and capable of showing and feeling legitimate emotion.

Flynn Rider

This is seen after he meets and forms a relationship with Rapunzel. The princess' refusal to be fooled by Flynn's charisma, and genuine interest in his life and struggles, would be the first motivators to dropping the "Flynn Rider" persona, and accepting who he alluded to being in the orphanage, which was caring, starry-eyed, and selfless. Once his facade is dropped, and Eugene truly opens up to both Rapunzel, and himself, he is portrayed as a loving, loyal, and protective companion.

For Rapunzel, he was willing to give up his life of thievery to remain by her side, in hopes of starting a new life for both himself, and the princess, believing they've both deserved second chances after facing experiences less than pleasant over the years.

meet rapunzel and flynn rider from tangled

Unlike GothelEugene viewed Rapunzel as a person, caring for her feelings, rather than her magical hair. In spite of being greedy at the start of the film, Rapunzel's magic was never a concern to him, nor did he once ponder on the thought of using her for her powers to obtain wealth. When those who attempt to do so came about, such as Gothel, Eugene takes action and becomes a fierce protector, willing to go against foes twice his size, if necessary.

Meeting Rapunzel and Flynn Rider at the Tangled Meet-And-Greet Area

He also proved himself to be selfless in this instant, risking his life for Rapunzel's safety, despite being given the chance to leave a situation safely. Physical appearance Flynn is of average height and build with fair skin, short dark brown hair, a scruffy goatee, and light brown eyes.

As far as attire goes, Flynn regularly dons a turquoise vest with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, coupled with dark cream pants and brown bucket-top boots. He also wears a belt with a similar color scheme around his waist; connected to it is a miniature satchel. Appearances Tangled Flynn Rider in Tangled. Flynn serves as the opening narrator for the story, where he initially jokes, "This is a story of how I died", before giving a brief recount of the circumstances surrounding Rapunzel 's birth to the kingdom's King and Queen, and Rapunzel's subsequent kidnapping by Mother Gothel.

Years later, Flynn Rider is on a mission with his partners, the Stabbington Brothers, to infiltrate the palace and steal the crown of the lost princess. They successfully do so, but Flynn's wise-cracks alert the guards, resulting in a chase. In the forest, the thieves reach a dead-end, though Flynn successfully manages to escape, with the crown, leaving the Stabbingtons behind to be arrested.

The guards continue to pursue Rider, but most of them are evaded, while the captain of the guards, accompanied by his loyal horse Maximus, continue on, with Flynn eventually knocking out the captain and temporarily seizing control of Maximus' saddle.

meet rapunzel and flynn rider from tangled

This is short lived, as Maximus is just as dedicated to arresting Flynn, and the two rivals engage in a scuffle that results in both them, and the satchel holding the crown, falling over a cliff.

Flynn escapes Maximus with the satchel in hand and fearfully searches for a place of refuge.

meet rapunzel and flynn rider from tangled

With time, he stumbles upon a hidden valley, housing a mysterious tower, and quickly climbs into the household at its peak. Flynn and Rapunzel's first meeting. Btw- my niece is 21 and I'm But we are kids at heart! We came just before the release of the movie and wont be able to go back for a few years, but this is one of our favorite Disney films. I was looking at my honeymoon pictures and my husband and I have several pictures with different characters at the different parks.

This year, it felt so impersonal, with queue lines that were anywhere from 45minutes to an hour long!

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We decided not to get into boring lines just to take a quick picture with characters that have their own pavilion. The only characters we got pictures with were at Chef Mickey's, the Disney Visa Card only line, and with Snow White because it took a matter of 5 minutes not 45! I wish they would go old school and have them around the park. Submitted by Kevin on Wednesday, July 15, We just never know when or where he will show up.

meet rapunzel and flynn rider from tangled

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