Meteor meet and greet birmingham reviews

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meteor meet and greet birmingham reviews

Birmingham Meteor Meet and Greet Parking information, such as arrivals score for Birmingham Meteor Valet Meet & Greet Parking is from reviews. 5. Answer 1 of Has anyone used Meteor Meet and Greet Parking at Manchester airport? Lancashire. Level Contributor. 92 posts. 3 reviews. Meteor Meet and Greet. May 28, , AM . Garfield Birmingham, United. Compare Birmingham Airport Parking options with BookFHR for the best deal; We also have a good selection of meet & greet services, to make your journey to Ace Meet and Greet, Maple Manor Meet and Greet and Meteor Meet and Greet. Birmingham APH Car Wash, £, minutes, Reviews Coming Soon.

Returning to Birmingham Airport is just as easy.

Meteor Meet and Greet reviews

To start with, we give members advance notice of sales and enhanced discounts and online-only deals. But the big news is, anyone who joins — by adding their email address at the bottom of this page — will be entitled to at least 10 per cent off their airport parking.

meteor meet and greet birmingham reviews

The sign-up box is at the bottom of this very page… see you when you get back! When to book your Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking Want to save even more cash on your Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking?

Demand for space combined with other seasonal variables result in a fluctuation of prices throughout the year and analysis can reveal the best time to book for the cheapest Birmingham Airport meet and greet parking. Reserving meet and greet parking six months ahead of departure day from Birmingham Airport could slash a staggering 37 per cent off the price you could be paying compared with it until a week before flying.

Meteor Meet & Greet - A Luxury Parking service at Heathrow Airport

Use the following analysis of prices to work out the best time to purchase your meet and greet at Birmingham Airport. Simply looking for the cheapest meet and greet parking is not a smart move — and could end up costing far more than it saves. Sadly, meet and greet parking can open the door for bogus operators and criminals to exploit passengers travelling from Birmingham Airport.

Although we put two cars in with two separate companies, Stress Free Parking Ltd and Swift Airport Parking Ltd, they were both taken to the same car park.

meteor meet and greet birmingham reviews

The whole point is to have it visible as a deterrent and there is none visible. As a piece of waste ground it was fine, as a secure car park, totally inadequate.

Birmingham Maple Manor Meet & Greet Review - Holiday Extras

Sky One Parking is operating at Gatwick Airport for last five years and very well-known and popular amongst its customers. This is our utmost priority to park the vehicles in a very safe manner.

meteor meet and greet birmingham reviews

Due to the holiday season our parking facilities are over flowed unexpectedly with large number of vehicles. To overcome this issue and to make sure that we provide the uninterrupted service to our valued customers, we acquired an extra yard temporarily to accommodate a small number of vehicles. We make sure that the yard is manned 24 hours a day with strict instructions to keep the gates closed all time.

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After your email we have ordered an investigation into the matter and the security staff is being interviewed. We take this opportunity to thank you for bringing this matter into our attention. I can confirm that it was a member of staff that took the vehicle. As stated in our phone conversation as you did not receive the service that you paid for we will be sending you a cheque for a full refund of your payment for the parking services Once again RS09 would like to thank you for bringing this matter to our attention, we would like to once again apologise to you for what has happened and RS09 would like to assure you that we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Stress Free Parking Ltd told us: We were one of five meet and greet companies sharing this particular facility and, although we used it for only a few months as a temporary over-flow solution to our main Luton parking facility, during our short tenure security was never breached, nor did we have any problems nor receive any complaints regarding site security.

We are one of the fastest-growing meet and greet airport parking companies and, due to high customer demand for our services at Luton, we have now moved to a new, larger facility, consolidating our previous main site and this temporary overflow site which we vacated fully at the end of March.

meteor meet and greet birmingham reviews