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Lisanna is a fanon rivalry between Fairy Tail Mages, Lucy Heartfilia and Lisanna Her pink Fairy Tail stamp is located at the back of her right hand. get very excited about fighting and is not quick to resort to violence as the solution. Natsu asks why she didn't tell the truth when they first met, to which Lisanna says that. Natsu enjoys a short time of sick free transport and Lucy thinks back to all that is about Natsu's relationship with Lisanna, with the latter quickly becoming upset and and this makes Wendy realize that this was the Jellal she met 7 years ago. Natsus reaction to lisanna getting hurt vs natsu's reaction to lucy getting hurt. NaLu again Fairy Tail Ships, Gale Fairy Tail, Fairy Tail Natsu And Lucy, Tartaros Arc was really sad, especially when (spoilers) Igneel's and Natsu meet again and Igneel dies. . ""I must be getting old" nah man she is just young and way fast".

Lucy ran through town, pulling her bag behind her. From time to time she got a hello from passing townsfolk. Lucy would smile at them and say 'Hi' back before picking her speed up to get to Fairy Tail.

Lucy stopped at the entrance of Fairy Tail, smiling up at the large building. She used her left hand to open the closest one, then stepped inside, instantly smiling at the sound of the loud guild.

Sadly, no one seemed to notice her enter the room, and continued to chat with one another. Lucy frowned a bit, setting her bag down by the door before going to the bar. Mirajane looked up in surprise, smiling at Lucy. What can I get you? Are you going on another mission? She just got back from one though. Had Mira not noticed she had been gone this passed week? No, that can't be. She had told Mira a week ago that she would be leaving… maybe she had forgotten.

Lucy felt a tug of pain at her heart, but ignored it. Lucy forced a smile onto her face, nodding her head. Mira turned away from Lucy to grab a glass and fill it with some water, her innocent smile never leaving her face.

Mira's smile brightened to a large grin. She was actually talking about going on a mission together, she her, me, and Elfman. Just like old times.

Lucy's gaze softened, nodding. So then… have you seen Natsu and the others lately? That's right, you went on a solo mission a week ago. I'm sorry, I forgot all about that. She knew it, Mira had forgotten. Lucy wanted to sigh, but held it in. Thanks for the water. Mira nodded, watching Lucy go with a frown. Lucy seemed a little lonely lately. Though, now that Mira thought about it, she hadn't been going on missions with team Natsu. Maybe that was the reason. Mira would have to have a chat with Erza when they returned.

Lucy quickly walked over to another table, sighing. She had to stay happy. If Natsu and the others were happy, she would be too. Even if she was lonely. Lucy walked towards Levy, who was talking to Jet and Droy. Lucy smiled, quickly sitting down. Lucy blinked, slightly surprised that Levy had noticed. I haven't been able to talk to them yet, but they seem super strong.

Lucy tilted her head. One had spiky red hair that curled and spiked in all different directions, with dark green eyes.

He was tall, and looked to be around the age of While the other had light blue hair that was straight in the front, but spiked up towards the back. With gray eyes that seemed warm and inviting, unlike the other boy who looked like he was itching for a good fight. The blue haired boy was younger then other, and was probably 16 or so.

Lucy blinked, staring at the two intently. Something about them seemed familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. Well… uh… I guess. The two didn't seem to notice Lucy as she walked up to their table, smiling nervously.

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Why am I so nervous? She started looking around before almost immediately spotting the six people she was looking for. She waved, before heading over.

Glad you could come," Mirajane Strauss said. Mira was a beautiful young woman who had graduated Fairy Tail High two years ago, but everyone still treated her like any of their other friends. Lucy raised her eyebrows. Cana shrugged, not taking her eyes off of her booze. She smiled at both of them, before turning to the menu. Erza was the student council president, and even though they were in different social groups academics wise, Erza was still a great friend to the group.

She immediately gasped, throwing her hands to her mouth and widening her eyes. I don't know what just got into me! Please accept my apology! You don't seem like yourself today," she said. It's like I'm in a whole different array of mood swings," she said. Levy lifted an eyebrow in her direction, before turning back to her boyfriend without saying anything. Could you pass me the water, please? After placing their orders, Mira turned to Lucy once again.

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What Lisanna did was wrong, and if she won't apologize, then I will," Mira said. I don't know what Natsu was thinking when he ditched you for Lisanna. Of course, she knew about her younger sister's obvious crush on the pink-haired man, but no matter how many times Lisanna had told her about him, Mira's heart had always resided with Lucy.

Call her a great sister. The others watched the scene unfold in front of their eyes. The way Mira comforted someone was unlike how anyone else could. Mira had a certain magic to her that made her approachable in a different sense. She offered the kind motherly touch, while keeping up her friendship-like attitude. She really was something amazing. We came here to have fun. So let's have fun! She grinned, knowing she'd always have friends like these to have her back in tough situations.

Everyone groaned at her obsession over strawberry cake. Although, they had to admit, it was very tasty. By the end of the night, everyone was wasted and ready to crash at their respective houses. Lucy groaned as the thought about her father's reaction to her being home so late at night. It wasn't like he was overprotective, but he was very curious to know of her daily activities.

Lucy sighed, trudging away with Levy by her side. Levy had opted to walk home with her since she wanted to talk to her about something. Lucy didn't know what though.

Lucy looked up, her eyes droopy with sleep. Her ears perked and she quickly turned her head to where her best friend was. Levy was looking at her with such a serious expression, it was hard for Lucy to miss.

She gaped at the bluenette. Lucy bit her lip before replying. Lucy did a double take. Levy muttered something under her breath. I refuse to believe it! Trust me, this is for your own good!

Levy sighed, hoping the blonde would come to her senses and do what's best for her. She wasn't in the mood to deal with him.

This couldn't be happening. Lucy had sworn to herself that she wouldn't let herself fall into this. She refused to believe any of this nonsense.

It was just too much. Lucy couldn't do it. She was a coward. She knew she needed to know the truth. She needed to know if she was in fact… No. But Lucy couldn't stop herself from quietly tiptoeing down the stairs later that night. She knew her father hadn't thrown out any of her mother's old 'lady' things in one of the bathrooms, and if she was lucky, she might find a test in there.

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She sneaked past her father's room, trying her hardest not to wake him up. She quickly shut herself in the bathroom, sighing to herself and sinking down to her knees. You don't even know if Levy is right about any of this,' she thought to herself, gulping and opening the cabinet door.

Lucky for her, there was a small unused box of the very thing she was looking for. Her eyes were blotchy and her lips thrown into a pout.

It was a flat crystal inside a glass holder or something but it looked beautiful. Carla gave a genuine smile. Carla nodded as they went to cashier to purchase it. As they were about to pass Lucy's apartment with the purchased gift inside Levy's bag, the stopped when they saw a feminine figure jumping from Lucy's window.

The trio hide behind the building as they watched the figure took off. The trio who were now hiding behind a nearer building was shock to see who she was.

They all thought at the same time. Lisanna quickly picked up her hat and took off. Natsu welcomed her with an embrace. I had an announcement. Everyone gave their attention towards Lisanna, including the Master.

Everyone's dropped their jaws while the drinkers spat out their booze. Natsu widened his eyes at Lisanna. He couldn't believe he was about to become a dad to the woman he loved. Natsu immediately engulf her with a loving hug. She couldn't believe her plan worked.

She had been trying to get Lucy out of fairy tail's existence ever since she got back from 'the dead' which was really Edolas. She had been really jealous of Lucy in Edolas because she was close to Edolas Natsu. She couldn't do anything about it because, lets face it, Edolas Lucy can be way scarier than Erza when she's angry. When Lisanna manage to get back to Earth, she carefully plotted a masterplan for earth Lucy to be wiped out from fairy tail's existence.

First, she made Natsu along with the rest of the guild ignored Lucy and shut her down. Clearly she was victorious when she saw Lucy tearing up every time she Lucy saw them together. She also told Natsu that Lucy was a weakling and that she was holding his back, resulting Natsu kicking her off his team. She also spied on Lucy's every move except for when she's on her missions.

She felt threaten when she suspected that Lucy might be pregnant when she constantly throws up and having nausea. She knew that Lucy had carried Natsu home when he was drunk three weeks ago. Her suspicious was confirmed when she felt a small and almost unnoticed bump on Lucy's belly when she 'accidentally' pushed her by the belly. From that moment, she carefully plot out a plan so Lucy would be gone before she realized that she was pregnant.

She had plot that she would tell Natsu that she was 'pregnant' with Natsu's child. Then, she would 'injured' herself using her newly developed take over magic, Appearance take over. A type of take over magic that can enables her to change the condition of her appearance.

She plotted make herself looked bruised and sent herself to the hospital, when Natsu and his team asked, she would just blame it on Lucy. She was sure this time that they will kicked her out for good. She also thought out that after Lucy's gone, she would just everyone that she had a 'miscarriage' because of Lucy's 'attack'.

She knew Natsu would be devastated but she didn't care, as long as she had 'her' Natsu back. I'm really wanted to make Lisanna as a total selfish bit-I mean female dog Back to the announcement. Somewhere in the corner, Levy watched warily as the whole guild congratulated the couple. There's something off about this.