One direction meet and greet 2012 nissan

one direction meet and greet 2012 nissan

Dec 5, Nissan Quest Long Term Road Test Press it one direction, the seatback lowers. Press it the .. Nissan Quest LE: Interior Tour. Buy Parrati Arm Rear Wiper, For Nissan Versa Rear Wiper Arm and Blade set The Grand Tour .. Wiper Blade FOR NISSAN VERSA; Packing Inclulding: 1 Pcs Rear Wiper Arms + 1 Pcs Rear . Put in vertical direction. Apr 29, Meet Our Staff · Customer Reviews · Younger Nissan VIP Program · Community Nissan Versa at Frederick Maryland Offers Mid-Size Vehicle Interior features include trip computer, power windows with driver's one-touch down, takes small cars in a whole new direction – proving that you don't.

So we invested in areas that they see and touch most — like available Fine Vision instrumentation, quality fabrics, bright trim work and comfortable seating for front and rear seat passengers. And the trunk design focuses on useable space, taking into consideration everything from the size of the hinges to the shape of the sidewalls. Two interior colors are available, Sandstone and Charcoal.

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The front end blends smoothly into the cabin, which offers flowing curves, while design elements such as the shape of the trunklid help give the new Versa Sedan excellent aerodynamics, including a low coefficient of drag of just 0. In addition, to help ensure superb functionality, fresh ideas were addressed in the initial stage between the designers and the engineering team.

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Next-Generation Efficiency and an All-New Nissan V Platform One of the biggest challenges in designing a compact sedan, of course, is where to put everything — people, cargo, engine, transmission and other mechanical components. Often the solution is to gather a fraction of an inch here, a fraction there and hope they add up to a usable benefit. For the new Versa Sedan, the approach was a little more radical — create a totally new global platform and drivetrain, reducing the size of engine and transmission, reducing the number of component parts and reducing platform weight.

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While retaining the same For example, while the average engine uses only one injector per cylinder to inject fuel, the new Versa Sedan engine is equipped with two streamlined injectors mounted near the inlet valve for each cylinder. The new compact, lighter weight engine also utilizes a twin Continuously Variable Timing Control CVTC system mounted on both intake and exhaust ports versus conventional CVTC systems which are mounted only on the intake portsimilar to the system used on the flagship Nissan Maxima.

Using a CVTC on the outlet port increases thermal efficiency, decreases inhalation resistance and offers an approximate four percent improvement in fuel efficiency.

Other enhancements include the addition of a piston oiling jet, tuning of the piston top shape and expansion of the exhaust manifold diameter. The Versa Sedan is available with a 5-speed manual transmission 1. The CVT allows continuous change of the transmission gear ratio by connecting the two pulleys with a metallic belt and changing their diameter by using hydraulic pressure.

The new CVT design adds an auxiliary gearbox using planetary gearing, helping improve efficiency. The CVT also features a transmission ratio of 7.

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Friction is reduced by about 30 percent, weight by about 13 percent and overall size by about 10 percent versus the previous Versa Sedan CVT design. The Xtronic CVT works quite unobtrusively and only reveals itself under heavy acceleration by not swapping cogs as the engine's pitch rises to redline. It takes some time to fully appreciate the value in the CVT and not second-guess its operation despite the sensation that it isn't changing gears when it seems it should, but that's how a CVT functions.

one direction meet and greet 2012 nissan

The engine driving the CVT is a 3. Under the direction of Nissan's Intuitive All-Wheel drive setup, the responsive mill distributes its power among four wheels. In doing so, the Murano offers plenty of get-up-and-go performance and traction, adding an element of sportiness to this notably comfortable machine. Thanks to the CVT, the engine is always in its sweet spot when pulling at full tilt. Highway passing is particularly good in this vehicle, which isn't something that V6-powered mid-size SUVs are generally renowned for.

Along with above-par straight-line performance, the Murano is more competent in corners than expected. Behind the wheel The Murano delivers a stable ride that provides suitable absorbency for this class of vehicle.

It's amply spry on its wheels and nicely composed in corners, bearing in mind its size and ride height. Road and wind noise are both well muted but I felt that the engine could be quieter and less intrusive.

one direction meet and greet 2012 nissan

It's not annoying or unpleasant by any stretch but if I were to seek room for improvement, there it is. But that's not the only performance aspect that could use a little tweaking.

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Rearward visibility in the Murano is poor, largely due to the vehicle's body style, which conspires with the rear seatbacks to erode the driver's view to the rear. Fortunately, a rearview camera is fitted to all but the base Murano. This addition assists immensely in parking the vehicle.

Along with the rearview camera and 7-inch information screen, the Murano is equipped with the latest in vehicle control and occupant safety technology, which includes a full suite of airbags and a Vehicle Dynamic Control program VDC.