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Peter Pan meets Wendy again:'),inspiration for the epilogue in my story . Peter Pan Return To Neverland these are the things we lost boys do - YouTube Pixar. Sassy Peter Pan strikes again. Find this Peter Pan in Return To Neverland ( ) - Ending - YouTube Disney's take on Peter Pan meeting Wendy again. Inspiration. Wendy Darling from the novel Peter and Wendy by J.M. Barrie . Wendy reunited with Peter Pan in Return to Never Land. Wendy reappears as an .

She appears bossy but well-meaning, and slightly taken with Peter. Like her original character in the novel, she cares about Peter and about her brothers' well-being. She also appears at the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts as a meetable character.

Return to Never Land animated film — Kath Soucie voices a grown-up Wendy who has married a man named Edward and has raised her children on tales of Peter Pan. Her role is minimal in this portrayal, but at the end of the film she is briefly, but happily, reunited with Peter after so many years. Tinker Bell animated film — America Young. Wendy is shown as the recipient of a long-forgotten ballerina music box that Tinker Bell has repaired. Wendy is much younger in appearance than in 's Peter Pan.

Live-action[ edit ] In the first two telecasts of the Broadway musical version of the play andWendy was portrayed by Kathleen Nolanwho had also played her onstage. In the telecast of the musical, Ms. Nolan was replaced by Maureen Bailey, whose only major television role this was.

In the telecast, Peter Pan Live! Wendy was a recurring character in the second and third season of Once Upon a Timeportrayed by Freya Tingley. The Disney version of Wendy was featured as one of the guests in House of Mouse ; however, despite the fact that Kathryn Beaumont was credited as providing Alice's voice, Wendy said nothing.

Wendy Darling

In literature[ edit ] In the Peter and the Starcatchers series, Wendy Darling is the daughter of Molly Aster, whom Peter has encountered while first discovering Neverland.

In anime and manga[ edit ] In the anime series Peter Pan no Boken Adventures of Peter Panwhich is a part of the World Masterpiece Theatera rather tomboyish Wendy has a pivotal role in the second part of the series, which depicts a completely original story where Peter Pan, the Lost Kids and the Darling siblings must save a young witch named Luna from the clutches of her evil grandmother, the witch Sinistra, and Wendy is the one who truly saves her.

She is also shown directly antagonizing Captain Hook when he kidnaps her in the first part, yelling at him and even impersonating his mother at some point to manipulate his fears against him. In music[ edit ] The Wendy Trilogya feminist-minded retelling of the Peter Pan story as a three-song cycle, shows Wendy accepting, rather than refusing, Captain Hook 's offer to make her a pirate, and subsequently becoming mistress of the Jolly Roger.

Somewhere in Neverlanda song by the American rock band All Time Low where she and Peter Pan are used as metaphors for the song's narrator not wanting to grow up. Though she is not hit, she falls towards the ground before being saved by Peter.

After scolding the boys, Peter introduces Wendy as their new mother and banishes Tink from Neverland forever as a punishment, but at Wendy's urging, changes it to a week. Later, Peter takes Wendy to meet the mermaids in their lagoon.

However, they take a jealous dislike for her and attempt to pull her into the water with them and splash her with their tails. An angered Wendy picks up a seashell and is about to hit them in defense but she is stopped by Peter who assures her that they were only playing. Suddenly, the lagoon darkens and Peter spots that Hook is close by. Terrified, the mermaids dive into the water and hide. Wendy watches as Peter defeats Hook and rescues Tiger Lily, but is left behind when Peter flies off with Tiger Lily but tries to keep up.

However, Wendy is soon put to work gathering firewood and is not allowed to join the festivities. She leaves in a huff when she sees Tiger Lily flirting with Peter. After talking to Michael, she realizes that he is forgetting what home is like, and sings to him about their mother.

After hearing her songthe Lost Boys decide to return with her, infuriating Peter, who believes they are going back to grow up, never to return.

Wendy, her parents, and Nana witnessing Hook's ship in the clouds As they go to leave, Wendy and the boys are captured by Hook. Wendy remains faithful that Peter will save them until Hook reveals that he has placed a bomb in the hideout.

He gives the children the option of joining his crewbut they refuse. He then forces Wendy to walk the plank. As she drops, she is rescued in secret by Peter, who had been saved from the bomb by Tinker Bell.

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Peter frees Wendy and the boys and Wendy watches them as they take on Hook. After the battle, Peter reveals that he will take Wendy, John, and Michael back home, which pleases Wendy. Peter uses pixie dust to make Hook's ship fly. Wendy is next seen asleep on the window seat, where her parents find her when they return home. Wendy happily announces that she is ready to grow up, but George reveals that he has changed his mind and decided that Wendy can stay in the nursery.

He then notices a ship made of clouds sailing across the moon and realizes that he saw it when he was young. Wendy is last seen looking at it through the window with her parents, as the wind breaks it into clouds itself. Wendy reappears as an adult in the sequel. By this time, she has married a man named Edward and has two children, Jane and Danny.

She still tells them stories about Peter Pan. Eventually, the war takes its toll on Jane, and she stops believing in her mother's stories. One day, Wendy reveals to her and Danny that they must be sent to the countryside for safety, and asks Jane to tell stories to Danny. An angry Jane ridicules Wendy's stories and their faith in them, in very much the same way as her grandfather did in the first film. Wendy appears again at the end of the film when Jane returns with Peter.

While she is with Danny, Wendy is able to meet Peter again. He is distraught that she has grown up, but she assures him that she hasn't changed. She is last seen reuniting with Edward, who has returned home from the war. In the middle of the film, Tinker Bell finds a ballerina music box.

At the end, Queen Clarionthe queen of the fairies, allows her to travel to the Main Land to return it. When she arrives in London, she leaves it by a window, where Wendy, as a little girl, arrives and takes it in.

In it, Captain Hook learned of Wendy's beloved stories revolving around Peter and his adventures, which inevitably end with Hook's defeat and humiliation.

Peter Pan in Return To Neverland (2002) - Ending

Embarrassed by his betrayal in the book, Hook, Smeeand his crew traveled to London and steal it in an attempt to destroy it. However, more urgently, it served as the connection between Wendy and Never Land, and as a result, the more it is damaged, the more Wendy's memories of Peter and Never Land as a whole are obliterated, prompting Peter to rally a crew of wholesome Never Land pirates to help battle Hook and save Wendy's memories.

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To help further the success, Wendy, John, Michael, and Nana tag along on the adventure as well. Wendy returned in the series' finale, "Captain Hook's Last Stand", where she and her brothers travel to Never Land for Peter's homecoming. During the visit, Captain Hook harnesses the power of the Doom Stone, which grants him evil abilities.

  • Dipper x Wendy - When can I see you again?

He uses said power to turn Peter into stone, finally eliminating his nemesis. Wendy, her brothers, Jake and his crew learn that Peter can only awaken with a kiss.