Rey and finn meet hancock

rey and finn meet hancock

Explore OTP OVERLORD's board "Finnrey" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Rey and finn, Rey star wars and Star Trek. Two years past the Battle of Crait Kylo Ren and Rey meet again in battle. 14, - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 10 - Follows: 18 - Updated: Nov 20 - Published: Dec 22, - [Rey, Kylo Ren/Ben Solo] Leia O., Finn Inspired by the movie Hancock. Even though the movie separates its three good guy leads, Rey, Finn and Poe ( Oscar Isaac), it gives each of them plenty to do and expands on.

And that's what she would do. As her fingertips grazed his gloved ones she knew how much he wanted to prove to her she belonged at his side… Star Wars - Rated: Here Rey finally lets Ren be her teacher. As they travel to different planets, their connection grows. But what side will claim them, the Light or the Dark? Rey is running away, and she finds a strange town, residing near an even stranger forest. There, she is met with with a beastly black wolf that has been terrorizing the town.

She soon discovers that the wolf is actually the missing prince, Ben Solo, but he has been cursed to transform into a wolf by day.

rey and finn meet hancock

Ce soir encore, pourtant, Rey pleurait de tout son saoul, et bon sang, la guerre ne faisait que commencer. Tommy just wants to help his best friend and take down the person who did this to all of them.

They should have known better to think that it wouldn't end badly.

rey and finn meet hancock

He's still mad she left him, but he decides to go undercover to prevent the vision from happening. However, he isn't fooling Rey or Leia one bit with his act. Features friendship between Kylo-in-disguise and Rose.

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Rey matches with Ben on Tinder, whose profile was set up by Hux as a prank. One where she can help the Resistance, end the war, and save Ben Solo. She knows what she needs to do, even though it frightens her. Rey takes his hand. Will be only a couple of chapters They shouldn't allow the force to influence them like this.

They're on opposite side. But they can't resist the temptation Star Wars - Rated: He told Skywalker he would destroy her, and that is what he intends to do. She gets involved with a dangerous organisation called the First Order, which causes destruction all over the country and wishes to obliterate everyone standing in its way, including her.

She wanted them to stay, she was going to be a senior this year and hadn't wanted her last year of school to be at a different high school or to be away from her parents, but they always did this to her. Rey didn't know why she kept hoping things would be different.

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Rated M just in case Star Wars - Rated: The only thing of sure is that Kylo Ren will not stop until he catches it. While for Kylo, the power is flowing over him and he is prepared to take his place in the galaxy.

But first he must take the only thing that escapes of his hands every time. Rey is a prisoner whose Force abilities have only just been discovered. The Supreme Leader orders a marriage between her, and his apprentice, Kylo Ren, as he foresees a band of force sensitive warriors bred from them. But Kylo Ren is not the monster she thought he'd be, and she is not the burden he'd thought her to be.

The Force decides to give them both their wish. M rating will perhaps make sense later-for now, they cuss a lot. He'd meant them, oh how he'd meant them. He'd been lost to his rage and he'd thought he could … he knows now that he could never hurt her. Kylo struggles with Rey's rejection and a new threat pushes them together again. The force bond is still active between them though neither of them seem very happy about it.

Rating is for possible violence and lemons in the future. Also this is my first fanfic so please don't judge me too hard.

After Crait, the only time they can let their guards down is when one of them is asleep.

rey and finn meet hancock

Both want something more, neither has any idea how to get there. The light rises to meet the dark, but the dark has more tricks up his sleeve Kylo Ren navigue en eaux troubles. You couldn't breathe when you were a hundred parsecs away from me, but eventually that will reduce to the width of this room, and then to even less than that. You'll have to touch me if you want to live. Kylo Ren is determined that he knows his. Bound together in a way that they can neither fully understand or explain, they continue to walk their chosen paths, despite the pull they feel to one another.

They cannot undo what has been done Women are few and far between and collected by bounty hunters to be sold for a high fee, but when Ben Solo finds Rey Kenobi hiding out in the Pacific Northwest, he decides she's better suited for his interests.

Que la Force soit avec vous He is determined to hunt her down and deliver the punishment that she so richly deserves.

Rated M for later chapters. Do not read if themes of punishment and domination offend you. This is my first fic M - French - Romance - Chapters: There is something about her which feels familiar, but Kylo is certain he had never met her before today. The complaints range across the spectrum but one of the most pointed complaints have been towards Finn, the character portrayed by British actor John Boyega.

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Hannibal in particular said: Failed janitor, sent to fight. Failed fighter, ran away … why exactly? What prompted your crisis of conscience? During a village raid on the desert planet of Jakku, Finn has a crisis of conscience and refuses to fire on a group of captured prisoners. Deciding that he had to leave The First Order but needing a pilot, he decides to free captured resistance fighter Poe Dameron.

Finn is a character without an identity when we first meet him. One of the many faceless drones amongst The First Order, Finn is the first Stormtrooper we ever see remove his helmet in any of the films. All he wants to do is get away from the people who have oppressed him, as far as possible and never return.

What he saw shocked him so much, it shook his programming and for the first time, he saw things for what they truly were. That was the first step into a larger world, to coin an appropriate phrase. Many of the complaints about Finn seem to stem from people who were disappointed that he seemed to be useless in their eyes.

Much of it, I suspect is based on the speculation leading up to his role in the overall narrative. Like Han, Finn is our everyman. He is the entry point hero we follow through the story. Like Han, Finn is normal. He fights his fears to save Poe, then later Rey.