Sakura and syaoran first meet

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sakura and syaoran first meet

Fanpop quiz: In which episode does Sakura first meet Syaoran? - See if you can answer this Sakura & Syaoran trivia question!. Sakura is going to her first wedding, what adventures await her? Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Syaoran L., Sakura K. - Chapters: 2. The episode Cardcaptor Sakura Japanese anime television series is based on the manga . In the Kids' WB broadcast, the first episode aired was "Sakura's Rival", the eighth episode of the series, having removed episodes .. She meets Tomoyo and Syaoran there and watches a play by Yukito and Toya's class. During.

He had his shirt tucked-out and looked like one of those "bad" boys. His cold amber eyes wondering around the cabin. It's all your fault again. Why are you always late?

And please, stop bothering me, Eriol. You know, I really need this education. Then don't bother to wait for me next time. Please, I don't feel like talking now. She looked around, and realizing that the only seat available was beside Syaoran, she decided not to sit down. Instead, she leaned against the pole and started reading a book, which Syaoran noticed, was not a textbook. Look at her thick glasses and her hair. Does she need to tie it up so tightly? And her skirt's so long!

Isn't that book… Oh, she likes photography too? That's special… I thought girls only go for magazines and stuff…He thought as he looked the girl up and down. But was brought back to reality when she heard a girl calling. A long raven-violet haired girl with bright amethyst eyes was walking towards her. Even in school uniform. The nerdy girl thought. Ahh… pretty girl…Eriol thought as he saw the raven-violet haired girl. Why are you calling me Kinomoto instead of Sakura?

It's a weird change. And I don't like it, really. Sakura Kinomoto… cherry blossom… what a nice name…Syaoran thought as he heard the nerdy girl's name. Why are you… making yourself look like this again? To scare off the boys? It won't work you know… they already know how beautiful you are… and for goodness' sake! Your skirt is way too long! I really miss how you look in the past, you know? My kawaii Sakura… sigh" Tomoyo Daidoji, Sakura's best friend commented.

Her beautiful locks swayed as the doors of the train opened again. That girl must be kidding. Syaoran and Eriol thought. I'm just trying to protect myself…" Sakura giggled when she replied. That's really funny, you know.

He actually almost went into the girls' toilet with you! I want back my beautiful Sakura!

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Sakura sweat-dropped at Tomoyo's funny-looking face. She thought for awhile and answered, "All this will stop, when I find someone whom I feel safe with. And who likes me for being… like this, and not my other side. She knew how Sakura felt when she was being stalked. Hope our school's belle will find her knight in white armour soon! Just then, the doors opened. Sakura uses the Sword Card to slice away the protective barrier of the Shield and captures it.

Inside the box is a dried bouquet of cherry blossoms from Sakura's mother's wedding and the first present Sakura ever gave Tomoyo, an eraser shaped like a bunny. Syaoran is entranced and becomes an instant fan, until he discovers that Fujitaka is Sakura's father. The next day, Sakura has a recorder test, but fails to hit a couple of notes. She falls asleep disappointed, but is awakened by the elementary school's clock tower bell at midnight.

Sakura is confused the next day when everything from the previous day happens again. This time, she is approached by Syaoran who explains it might be the work of the Time Card. After a failed attempt to capture the card and repeating the same day once again, Sakura manages to chase the Time, and into Syaoran's thunder ward trap.

Since it was Syaoran who changed the card into its original shape, the Clow Card belongs to him. Near noon, something begins to break open the cages causing chaos amongst the visitors and Kero is positive it's a Clow Card. The Power Card, although invisible, begins to torment the elephants and Sakura steps in to save them by challenging it to a game of tug-of-war.

Sakura is no match for the Power Card even with the help of the elephants. Just as Sakura is about to lose, Syaoran uses the Time Card to stop time to help her win the battle, thus tricking Power into surrendering. She meets Tomoyo and Syaoran there and watches a play by Yukito and Toya's class.

During the play, a corrosive mist forms outside the auditorium and enters through the vents where it destroys the stage and puts Toyo and a girl named Yoko in danger. Toya gently rejects Yoko's feelings, since he is in love with Yukito. Tension develops between Kero and Sakura over the issue which builds into a fight the next day, after Kero makes a mess after building a room inside Sakura's desk drawer. While Sakura is at school, Kero eats liquor-filled chocolate and wanders out the window drunk.

The next day, he finds himself with a young girl named Akane who lives alone with her mother. Unable to escape, Kero secretly contacts the worried Sakura by fax. Akane wishes she could fly to see her father in heaven and the Float Card carries up into the sky. Sakura comes to her rescue and brings Kero back home. As a way of making amends, Sakura redesigns her bottom desk drawer to become Kero's bedroom from now on.

Sakura meets the old owner of a country mansion near their rented cottage. He invites her over for tea, tennis, and they become good friends. He shows her the room of his granddaughter, now deceased, and gives Sakura clothes that once belonged to her.

The next day, Fujitaka gives Sakura cookies to give to the old man. On the last day of her vacation, Sakura asks the old man to stand in the balcony of his granddaughter's room. From a distance, Sakura uses the Rain Card to give the old man a rainbow as a goodbye gift. Sonomi comes out of hiding to speak with the old man to reveal the old man is Masaki Amamiya, the grandfather of both Sonomi and Nadeshiko, and Sakura's great-grandfather.

On the first night, Naoko tells one of her scary story causing Sakura to flee to the teacher's lodging, but she is found by Syaoran who senses something in a cave nearby. Together at the beach, the two have their first civil conversation where Syaoran tells Sakura about Wei Wang, his legal guardian. In a test of couragethe students are sent into the cave to place a candle at the shrine.

However, all of them save Sakura and Syaoran disappear. Syaoran realizes the Erase Card is responsible, encouraging Sakura to catch it before he too vanishes. She succeeds, restoring everyone.

When she offers the card to Syaoran, he rejects it. After meeting Chiharu and Takashi, Sakura and Yukito wander away from the group where they find glowing lights falling from a tree like snow at the back of the shrine—just like a dream Sakura envisioned the night before.

Just as Sakura is about tell Yukito something, she is interrupted by their friends. When everyone leaves for snow cones, Sakura captures the Glow Card.

5 reasons Why Sakura and Syaoran Deserve to Be Together

Making a deal with her brother and Kero to help her, Sakura is left with only a book report to do, and meets with Tomoyo at the library. There, they meet Syaoran who refuses to share a library cubicle. Sakura needs a specific book to do her report on, as does Syaoran. When the Move Card steals it and teleports the book around, Sakura and Syaoran give chase. They successfully capture it, but fall into the river.

Syaoran takes Sakura and Tomoyo home to dry up, only for a Chinese girl, his cousin Meiling Li, to unexpectedly arrive. Meiling, aggressive and bratty, takes a disliking to Sakura, believing she is Syaoran's rival.

At home, Sakura learns a mysterious woman is challenging people to fights. Worried this woman could target Toya, Sakura searches for her. Meiling appears, sporting her own battle costume, identifying the assailant as a Clow Card. Sakura takes on the strength of the Power Card, knocking the Fight out and captures her. Meiling is displeased, vowing to help Syaoran catch the cards.

During the race, both Syaoran and Sakura take off at top speed after seeing that Yukito is watching. As they run, the Loop Card traps Sakura and Syaoran, causing them to run in circles. After they realize what has happened, Sakura is able to use the Sword Card to cut the Loop. Syaoran carries Meiling, who hurt her ankle, the rest of the way to the finish line, joined by Sakura, who finish last. Sakura decides to do more and brings a snack for her father at the university.

While she is there, the Sleep Card shows up and starts to make all the students and professors fall asleep.

sakura and syaoran first meet

Sakura manages to capture the card with the help of Windy, however her father's office and laptop are destroyed. Although her father forgives her, Sakura still feels guilty, so her father deicides to make her his personal assistant and they eventually get the presentation finished together. At first afraid to investigate, Sakura changes her mind when Yukito comments he would like to hear the ghost sing.

Just as he opened it a there stood a familiar figure that made his stomach drop and his eyes widen. Where are you going? I hope you weren t planning on sneaking away from me! To him she felt like a toddler clinging to its mother. Reluctantly he released her grip from around his neck.

I was going to get some air and go for a stroll in the gardens replied Syaoran coldly. Then I ll come with you. I d like to get to know my future Husband better replied the girl. No, I d prefer to be alone and at that point he walked out and marched down the hall. The young girl brushed it off and walked into the bedroom and through the large doors leading onto the balcony.

She looked up at the starry night sky to see it was only calm and the full moon was shining brightly. The heavens were now at peace. She approached the Temple shrine and bowed her head gracefully. She was one of the most beautiful creatures ever seen.

Her hair was short and an Auburn colour; glossy and as soft as silk. She had emerald green eyes that sparkled like stars in the night sky and not to mention her voluptuous body in the revealing white toga clinging so perfectly to her. She was the image of undying beauty.

sakura and syaoran first meet

She enjoyed spending time within this temple as it was one of the most sacred of all, The Parthenon. The building was erected to the Goddess of wisdom, Athena. However, it was very strange for Sakura to be within this Temple for she was of no ordinary birth.

sakura and syaoran first meet

In fact she was a goddess herself. The goddess of Innocence, Purity and the Stars. Her creation came to be when Zeus, King of the Gods, struck a Star with one of his lightning bolts and created a blinding light that soon revealed to be Sakura. Many of the gods admired her for her inner beauty and her perceptible beauty too. The gods such as Zeus, Hades and Ares all fought with each other for the right to seduce her, but her answer was always the same hence her being the goddess of innocence and purity leaving many of them rejected and the female goddess Aphrodite, Hera and Eris.

They envied her greatly for she gained the most attention from the male gods and her beauty was truly greater than any of them. But if there was one goddess who she valued their friendship with the most, it was Athena.

sakura and syaoran first meet

Whilst Athena was out teaching labourers and common folk to spin yarn and weave, Sakura would spend most of the day and night admiring the work the labourers put into building the temple and the stories that were carved into the marble. Athena would sometimes come to visit her and could see that she seemed unhappy and she had a feeling she knew why.

Tell me Child Athena asked softly.