Sanjin and youthman meet zlatan bicycle

A to Zlatan: The encyclopedia of Man Utd’s brand-new talisman

sanjin and youthman meet zlatan bicycle

Zlatan (remix) - remix Lyrics: Top shotta who a started in the street (Zlatan Ibrahimović) It's the swedish badman, original balkan Sanjin & Youthman bigging up Zlatan Or the one against England bicycle kick like Tae Kwan Do ( normal). Jun 30, You can even buy "Zlatan: The Bicycle Thief" T-shirts. . A song made in his name by Sanjin and Youthman (don't ask) has had five million. Mar 23, Zlatan is an amazing technical soccer player, he know it and he knows people know it. Sanjin & Youthman - Zlatan · +9 - better video answer.

sanjin and youthman meet zlatan bicycle

From his records to his skills, from stealing bikes to putting his country on the map, how much do you really know about Zlatan Ibrahimovic? A is for auditions Or lack of.

It has to be. It's an easy warm-up for our list - but forgive us, it sets the tone. When asked by Arsenal to go for a trial inhis response was unequivocal: Zlatan doesn't do auditions. He regularly stole bikes so he could get to training with the Malmo youth team.

..:Zlatan Ibrahimovic:.. I'm ♚ King Kong ♚ !

You can even buy "Zlatan: The Bicycle Thief" T-shirts. We don't condone it, kids. C is for chewing gum You should never drop it on the floor, but Zlatan has a special way to keep gum off the deck - he does keepy uppies with it and catches it in his mouth. If you try it, please remember the five-second rule… Zlatan Ibrahimovic in his room at home in Malmo, Sweden.

His new place in the Manchester area will probably be larger D is for drives what he wants Ordered by his Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola to comply with a club rule to "only" drive an Audi to training, Ibrahimovic didn't fancy playing ball. He turned up in his Ferrari Enzo. As a polyglot, he puts his skills to good use - he abuses French refs in English, so they don't know what he's saying.

We can expect Messrs Clattenburg, Foy and co to get some choice Swedish coming their way F is for Ferrari - not Fiat During his spell at Barcelona, Ibrahimovic claimed the Spanish giants didn't know how to use him. They were treating him like a family car, not a sports car. If you drive a Ferrari you put premium fuel in the tank, you drive onto the motorway and you floor the accelerator," he said. If that's what he wanted, he should have bought himself a Fiat from the start.

G is for Guardiola Ibrahimovic and Guardiola don't get on. They had a huge screaming match during the Swede's last match at Barcelona. Guardiola won that one, and Zlatan departed the Nou Camp. They'll meet again when the Manchester teams meet in China later in July. H is for humble? You don't score the goals that Ibrahimovic has without having a big opinion of yourself - and he believes he has done more for his nation than anyone else. Look away now Alfred Nobel, Ingmar Bergman The way that I opened the door for the young people that come from where I come from and that have a different background, that is what I want to be remembered for.

J is for judge When he does finally retire, Ibrahimovic won't be short of offers of employment. However, he does have some more unusual plans - to get ringside and hit the scorecards. When I retire that would interest me. K is for king Ibrahimovic will no doubt pocket a decent signing-on fee at Old Trafford. But how about making him a monarch? King Zlatan of Manchester?

Eric Cantona may have had a word. The Swede would have been a royal though, had he taken up the offer to join Rot-Weiss Oberhausen, a fourth-tier club in Germany. That's what the club claimedat any rate. The move may make sense in the boardroom.

How about on the pitch?

sanjin and youthman meet zlatan bicycle

L is for legend He's not shy in coming forward on this one, so this is hardly a surprising quote. But I am a living legend. Prepare for a love-in of the highest order. It'll be quotable too. N is for nightmares Forget the bogeyman, that's not what keeps Ibrahimovic awake. It was brutal and we were two guys over 90 kilos, and we were rolling around and used knees and fought, and of course, the whole team rushed towards us and tried to break us up.

But this was over the limit. It was like life and death. Parma Having been nine points clear at the top of Serie A in late-FebruaryInter had frittered away their advantage to the extent that, come the final day of the campaign, they led Roma by a single point in the race for the Scudetto. Zlatan had been out of action injured since a home loss to Juventus on March 22 and was, by his own subsequent admission, out of shape and not properly healed.

The score remained locked at at Giuseppe Meazza, but Roma took the lead, moving temporarily top of the table. They finally have their answer, with the year-old set to start next season at Manchester United.

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Religion Numerous players may invoke the almighty for assistance in their footballing endeavours, but none besides Zlatan have so regularly referred to themselves in the role. Ibrahimovic revealed himself as metaphysical overseer to a Swedish journalist ahead of a World Cup qualifier in and confirmed his status when selecting his all-time XI for Paris Saint-Germain a year later.

Because your stats are crap. You just had to bite the bullet, and there was chaos and fights and some punches. A second night of rioting linked to the closure of a local Islamic cultural centre. Southampton Unsettled in his early days at Ajax, Ibrahimovic called his then-agent Anders Carlsson asking if there were any suitors that might offer him an escape route.

Is that my level? Spoons When Zlatan lived with his mother she would often punish her children for their indiscretions by hitting them with spoons so hard the utensils would break. By the time they were released on March 27,five million had been sold in advance. Tony Flygare A childhood friend of Zlatan, the pair may now disagree on many elements of their mutual back-story, but both acknowledge that in their younger years and even as each broke into the Malmo first team, Flygare was considered a greater talent.

Flygare drifted into obscurity not long after breaking through at Malmo, touring the the backwaters of European football in a nine-year professional career that ended in He remains estranged from his childhood friend, who, at the time of the aforementioned Mail article, he had not spoken to since a chance meeting in a Stockholm shopping centre in Trophy cabinet Ibra has accumulated trophies at a downright-farcical rate during his lengthy career, winning his 13th league title in 15 seasons with PSG this March.

Ibra reacted to their booing during a May clash with Lazio, by lifting his finger to his lips in a hushing gesture to their massed ranks.

A to Zlatan: The multimedia encyclopedia of Man Utd’s brand-new talisman

The Ultras were waiting for him in the locker room after the game. True to form he walked straight up to them and suggested that if anyone in the stands had a problem, they should come down on to the pitch and sort it out, one on one.

Even Rossoneri owner Silvio Berlusconi saw fit to inform him of the similarity. When the Iron Tulip, by this point long since a Champions League-winning manager, questioned whether Ibrahimovic understood his defensive responsibilities, he was greeted with the following withering response: Dressed in long down coats in the middle of summer, they tried to make off with four table tennis paddles and a host of other miscellaneous items, but were rumbled by the store detective.

I built a gaming room and sat there hour after hour and it could be three, four in the morning, and I really had to take care of myself and not turn up at practice like a wreck. I played those all the time. I needed more and more. So of course, no one knew who was behind my tag.

sanjin and youthman meet zlatan bicycle

But I promise you, I impressed people, even under a false name. I never found out anything about it.

sanjin and youthman meet zlatan bicycle

I was being protected. Everyone really made an effort. It was weird, like some new fashion thing. Zlatan's safety briefing on Les Guignols de l'info Laurent Blanc: Gentlemen, can I have your attention please while Zlatan gives you a safety briefing. Good evening and welcome aboard the Parc des Princes.

In order to avoid being Zlataned, emergency exits are located in the front, middle and back of the stadium. The white lines extending from the centre circle will show you the way to the changing rooms. In case of Zlatanisation, an oxygen mask will be provided. Pull the mask to release oxygen, apply it to your face, and breathe normally. We would like to remind you that the use of devices is prohibited on the pitch.