Sansa and the hound relationship trust

Sansa and the Hound – we are all stories in the end

sansa and the hound relationship trust

I believe the Hound wants to show Sansa that she can trust and .. it is an analysis of Sansa's relationship with the Hound and focuses on. The final scene between Arya and the Hound sort of left me a little bit the Hound said something about wishing he had fucked Sansa bloody. Game of Thrones hasn't been great for the Stark sisters this season. Since their reunion, Sansa and Arya's relationship has taken heat from fans. knee to Joffrey, Arya stopped seeing Sansa as someone she could trust.

Can he not see I am merely trying to thank him and allow me to express my appreciation for what he did for me? By her sudden change in expression Sandor discerns he has quelled her illusions of him being her knight in shining armor.

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Safer for her to learn from me than at the hands of Ser Meryn. I can't believe she still thinks well of those buggering bastard pretty boys who prance around the castle in their Kingsguard armor who are as likely as any to rape her.

Sandor has pummeled them mercilessly many times for making filthy comments about her as they practice in the yard. They are all cowards, he seethes inwardly. Meryn is even afraid of Tyrion's small but feisty sellsword, much to Sandor's amusement. If Sansa was very unlucky she may come across another monster like his brother Gregor, though he doesn't personally know anyone else who lives up to that description in King's Landing or anywhere, for that matter.

Sansa needs to learn not to trust any knight or anyone in the Kingsguard, not even me, if she is to stay safe. Confused, Sansa's eyes widen and she steps back a few paces, looking around as he speaks. He never liked it! She is angered not so much by his words but in realizing he is right; her father loyally served his king without question, no different from the Kingsguard, in her mind. Over the years he earned King Robert's trust and friendship, eventually leading to him becoming the Hand of the King.

Why is he saying this to me?

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Why is he behaving so differently? Sansa fumes until her anger is abruptly halted by the realization that he wants to protect her. Sandor knows the other knights better than I do. He wants me to fear and avoid them-even him, so as not to draw any more attention to myself. Quickly Ser Meryn comes into her mind; she knows he becomes aroused by beating her.

Sansa has been on eye level with his groin enough times as he raised his sword to strike her to have seen evidence of that and every day the repulsive knight leers at her right in front of an oblivious Joffrey, his beady black eyes saying all that he wished he could do to her, what he will do if given the chance alone with her.

Sandor apparently has noticed this too and being aware of the danger to me, he is trying to make me understand the peril of my situation. He would teach me to be cautious at the cost of sacrificing my trust and good opinion of him.

Gratitude swells in her heart as she suddenly draws another conclusion. He loves me; his eyes cannot hide it.

sansa and the hound relationship trust

It touches her deeply and Sansa can feel her heart fluttering in her chest as she gazes straight into his eyes, noticing for the first time they are beautiful deep gray and remind her of the pool in the godswood at Winterfell. He makes a striking figure in his armor, his broad back and chiseled chest visible underneath his doublet.

The thought of having the love of such a large and powerful warrior excites Sansa in a way that Joffrey's wormy kisses or Loras' flowers never did. The young woman is even more surprised to feel herself returning his love. Sansa has choked down her feelings and chirped her courtesies for so long she is never rightly sure how she truly feels anymore.

How long have I loved him and not known it? Sandor watches the transformation in her eyes; Sansa suddenly went from angry to another look he cannot name, having little experience with women outside of brothels. It isn't like women are lining up to look me in the face. Sansa is now looking him straight in the face with a softened expression, her Tully blue eyes darkening with increasing intensity as she unabashedly gazes at him.

Puzzled by her behavior, he notices her ample breasts straining the neckline of her gown as her chest quickly rises and falls and her cheeks are flushed clear down to her neck.

Bloody hells, she's even more beautiful when she's angry, he thinks, swallowing hard. He knows he must stop this alteration in the tone of their conversation if he expects to succeed in teaching her to be wary of knights. Just put an end to this right now, dog; her safety depends on it. Mentioning her father again should do the job. Seeing the passion in her eyes, the man cannot resist taking a step closer, narrowing the distance between them.

Their close proximity and the lavender scent of her hair intoxicate him, bringing him dangerously close to kissing her. But nothing would be as sweet as having you as my wife, being able to kiss and taste every inch of you. The feeling of your beautiful body beneath me, hearing you cry out my name in pleasure would truly be the sweetest thing I have ever known, he adds silently, the hunger in his eyes unmistakable.

Sandor's passionate gaze betrays his emotions as he allows his eyes to roam heatedly over her body; little does he realize he is mirroring the desire blazing in Sansa's eyes. Suddenly he is aware of the silence between them and is suddenly brought back to the present by the sound of her voice.

She doesn't mean her words; he has always been kind to her, but it is the first thing that pops into her head, warm and dizzy as she is from being so close to him. She cannot tear her eyes away from his and finds herself barely able to think straight in his presence. A rush of arousal spreads warmth through her belly, making Sansa hunger for his touch.

sansa and the hound relationship trust

The very thought of Joffrey having his Little bird as his queen-and in his bed-sickens him with jealousy and his words come out far harsher than he intends. Sansa licks her lips as he speaks and subconsciously she moves still closer to him, shocked by his promise to protect her from Joffrey. He is telling me he would risk his own life to keep me safe from the king; it is his way of saying he loves me as I love him. Now that she understands his feelings and returns them she knows her life would be totally unbearable without his love, distant though it is She longs to reach up and caress his cheek and tell Sandor she knows he loves her; he all but admitted it outright.

She desperately needs to let him know she loves him too, and her hand aches to reach up and draw his face down to hers. Every instinct inside her desires the feel of her mouth pressed against his lips, brushing her tongue against his and allow his hands to roam her body. More than anything in the world she yearns to show him physically how much he means to her and feeling his passionate gaze, she realizes she wants him to make love to her and take her maidenhead, not Joffrey.

Sansa tilts her head to him shyly, her thoughts interrupted by the sound of the changing of the guard. Turning away sadly, the young woman knows their moment is over. Sandor looks down at her, his eyes reflecting her thoughts. He expressed his love for her in the only way possible, vowing he would stand between her and Joffrey and keep her safe.

His love for her gives him a better understanding of Jaime Lannister now; Sandor knows he too would do anything, even become a Kingslayer, to keep his love safe. Now that she opened her heart to him, he would never be the same.

We know that she died mysteriously.

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The implication in GoT is that Gregor was involved. The interaction begins early in Book 1, Game of Thrones. Strong hands grasped her by the shoulders, and for a moment Sansa thought it was her father, but when she turned, it was the burned face of Sandor Clegane looking down at her, his mouth twisted in a terrible mockery of a smile. In the following chapters where Sansa is in trouble it is not her father, but Sandor who tries to guide, instruct and help her.

Then, knowing Nymeria will be killed for it, Ayra forces Nymeria to leave her, even going so far as to throw stones at her beloved direwolf to drive her away.

As a consequence, Queen Cersei requires that a different direwolf be killed in place of the now-missing Nymeria. Ned does the deed, knowing that if he does it, Lady will, at the very least, suffer a clean death.

Lady had protected and looked after Sansa.

Sansa and the Hound

Joffery has Sandor escort Sansa back to her tower because her Septa has fallen asleep. For some as-yet unknown reason, the Hound begins to instruct Sansa in the ways of Joffery. He is curt, but honest. Sansa could feel the Hound watching her.

He had a laugh like the snarling of dogs in a pit. Sandor answers with a long discussion about empty little compliments, knights and their vows. Finally, Sandor relents and lets go of her. No little compliment the septa taught you? When he reduces her to silence, Sandor begins to tell the story of how his face became burned. It is a horrible story and not worth repeating. He was just a child of 6 or 7. He ends by saying: My father told everyone my bedding had caught fire, and our maester gave me ointments.

Gregor got his ointments too. She was sad for him, she realized, somehow, the fear had gone away.

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The silence went on and on, so long that she began to grow afraid once more, but she was afraid for him now, not for herself. She found his massive shoulder with her hand. The Hound threw back his head and roared. Sansa stumbled back away from him, but he caught her arm. Sansa thanks him, but he threatens her. Why does he reveal such intimate details of his life to her?

sansa and the hound relationship trust

Then after doing so why threaten to kill her? I believe he sees a foolish, vulnerable girl who does not understand what her position is with Joffery and Cersei. He must begin the process of disillusioning her about knighthood and the men who aspire to be knights.

However, Sansa, rather than reject him, begins to understand his nature and in the process becomes less afraid of him. In spite of this, the Hound cannot end the encounter without reverting to his default behavior by threatening Sansa. Sandor Clegane is a rough man. He is a killer. He has a coarse nature, and that will not change. He is, in spite of this, capable of empathy. I think that Sansa has struck a chord in him. She brings out feelings that Sandor thought were gone.

We see him again and again look after and protect Sansa. I speculate that he relates to her as a sister he might have had. Sandor may have felt protective of his sister, or she of him, considering his household and big brother. Yet, he was helpless to save himself, let alone anyone else. There are basic patterns we know about abused people. They will protect siblings. They will become abusers—Sandor is concurrently a victim, perpetuator and protector. All of these aspects come out with Sansa.

Just like Sandor as a boy, Sansa is unable to protect herself due to her innocence, immaturity, and lack of power. Her inability to navigate her situation, due to her love for the abusive Joffery, brings out protective feelings in the Hound. As the story proceeds the Hound is one of the few able to help Sansa with advice and protection in a world that becomes progressively more dangerous and difficult to understand.

And while it may be a coincidence in a series with too many named characters, Sansa and Sandor have remarkably similar names. Sansa is beginning to question her useless ideas about knights and gallantry.

The Hound was right, she thought, I am only a little bird, repeating the words they taught me. By the last Sansa POV chapter, there are multiple situations that express the growing care the Hound displays for Sansa and show his willingness to defy Joffery in order to protect and assist her. Joffery has come to her room to demand that she attend him at Court. Her blanket fell to the floor. Underneath she had only a thin bedgown to cover her nakedness.

Sansa says that she hates him. He has been waiting for this. He has Ser Meryn backhand her. Sansa rightly crumbles and reverts to courtesy saying what she must to save herself during this untenable situation. Joffery and his 2 Kingsguard leave, but the Hound stays. He yanks Sansa roughly to her feet.

When she needs courage she thinks of what Sandor might have thought or said. She cringes away from Joff into Sandor. As usual he cautions her to do what Joffery says to save herself from the consequences of disobedience.

His mouth twitched on the burned side of his face and Sansa could almost hear the rest of it. Up on the parapet, Joffery shows Sansa the heads of her father and friends. Sansa is like a courtesy machine in her efforts to be non-confrontational.

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When Joffery makes comments about Rob, the Hound subtly shows his support for Sansa in his answers. My dog called him the lord of the wooden sword. What loyalty to Sansa. He has Ser Meryn beat her again. In her despair she contemplates throwing herself off the parapet to escape her dilemma. Instead, her protector is there.

sansa and the hound relationship trust

With a delicacy surprising in such a big man, he dabbled at the blood welling from her broken lip. Just this small courtesy, from a man without courtesies, is enough for Sansa.

It gives her the courage she needs to go on. All 3 chapters corroborate my theory that Sandor watches over and protects Sansa every chance he gets. His words and actions continue to be harsh, but caring and solicitous when necessary.

Notice that the Hound addresses Sansa three ways. He is not kind or sweet. He continues to be rough and coarse. But, like a protective brother, he is always watchful and takes opportunities to help Sansa when she needs it most. Joffery, surrounded by his brother, sister and Kingsguard is gallant on his name day. They witness many substandard jousting and dueling events at the tournament due to the wars in Westros.

He is unable to even mount his horse. He slumps to the ground defeated and shouts out that he wants wine. This pushes Joffery over the edge. He calls for a cask of wine from the cellars.

sansa and the hound relationship trust

He intends to drown Dontos in the wine. Sansa heard herself gasp. Sansa and Sandor have the potential to form one of the most heartrending relationships in the entire series, romantic or platonic. She is one of the most beautiful girls in the land, who treats life like a fairytale. As a Stark of Winterfell, she is noble and a member of one of the most powerful houses in Westeros.

At the start of the series, she is a child, merely eleven years old. He is older, wronged by life in general. When he was young his brother stuck his face over a burning brazier because of something trivial and he has borne those scars all his life, making him somewhat of a legend in Westeros. His brother, Gregor, went on to become a knight and live a celebrated existence, participating in wars and tourneys.

Sandor, meanwhile, refused knighthood and ended up a babysitter for a spoiled prince who calls him the Hound, hence his nickname. The Hound told Sansa the story of his scars. The direwolves are the sigil for the Starks, but on a personal level, they were more than that.

They were reminders to the children of who they were. Their wolves protected them. After Nymeria runs away, Arya becomes more wild. When Rickon becomes stricken with grief, Shaggydog becomes aggressive and dangerous. And after Lady dies, Sansa becomes cold and aloof, as if a piece of her is missing.