Sleeping with sirens meet and greet uk 2014

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sleeping with sirens meet and greet uk 2014

By Cynthia Lam on February 1, Sleeping with Tour. By Stitched Sound on October 2, Pierce The Veil + Sleeping With Sirens Announce Second Leg of World Tour Hands Like Houses Added To Sleeping With Sirens UK Tour . with Good Charlotte and Boston Manor and Sleeping With Sirens. TicketsVIP. Feb. 01 Feb Komplex Zürich, Switzerland. with Good. SLEEPING WITH SIRENS drive right to the core of that place inside that in advance, in London in ), mainstage appearances at the UK's.

Luckily, that was the craziest the pit got all night long, because I'm not sure me and my white jacket could've taken much more punishment. When frontman Kellin Quinn came out he started freestyling some ball-busting wisecracks about his managers.

Sometimes people are going to do it to you, as well. The APMAs provided fans and performers with an evening of celebration, but it also provided a backdrop for a couple AP editors to mend fences with people whose memories we were keeping in our psychic Beefkeeper cold-storage freezer.

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No need to name names some of these conflicts were made in public platformsso we're just glad to have mended fences, hugged things out and bask in all those moments. Life is too fucking short, so why hate when you can congratulate? I spent the first hour of the APMAs backstage in the Blackstar lounge while our videographer filmed interviews with anyone coming offstage.

I figured he was searching for the name of the person who had just joined the band onstage, so I helped him out. Suddenly his words came back to him, and he looked straight at me.


He kept his eyes on Davis until we pulled him away for a quick interview. He was genuinely happy to be watching Fall Out Boy. After a hour day of pure excitement and chaos, it was a nice moment to end the night with and put things into perspective.

sleeping with sirens meet and greet uk 2014

It takes years of dedication, sincerity, and community. And yet, only a few artists are so honoured as to become synonymous with their era. SinceSilverstein has kept its roots firmly planted in the terrain of post- hardcore. Sixteen years later, the genre is impossible to talk about without mentioning this seminal group.

Well over a decade of performances, of writing, and recording has afforded the group time to evolve and push forward, and Silverstein have taken the whole scene on this ride with them. To speak about the differences— whether musical, lyrical, or tonal— between When Broken Is Easily Fixed and their latest effort, I Am Alive In Everything I Touch, speaks about the differences in post-hardcore at large then and now.

Sleeping With Sirens Announce Final Support Act — Kerrang!

Since the release of When Broken, Silverstein have continued to reimagine their sound, and the genre with it. The record takes its listener on a tour bus driven odyssey that is all too familiar to a group used to packing its life in suitcase and hitting the road. Distant milestones, and the homeward reach help to carve out a concept that could have only been pulled off by a band with such a cultivated relationship with the terrain of North American alternative music.

Sleeping With Sirens - Full Set Live at Warped Tour Milwaukee 2013

Their shows continue to fill rooms with energy and life, and their records continue to reach eager ears. Their music continues to marry aggression and melody in a way that only Silverstein seems able to.

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And their dedication to their craft is more evident than ever before. The numbers grow with everything they touch. Bring Me The Horizon, Devil Wears Prada and Miss May I are some of the only bands doing it at the same level of intensity, precision and passion as Like Moths To Flames, who have taken their rightful place alongside their scene counterparts while steadily maneuvering a career that is uniquely their own.

Vigilant fans of the metalcore sound were well aware of vocalist Chris Roetter before the band began. Like Moths To Flames is the culmination of all of his travels, experience and relationships from the years he spent fronting Emarosa and Agraceful.

The rest of the band cut their teeth in smaller acts as well.

sleeping with sirens meet and greet uk 2014

We wrote music that we liked that we knew that we would like to play live. We knew we wanted to go out and have fun we want to do it our way, however we wanted.

After a lineup reshuffle that resulted in the current incarnation save for the drummer position which shifted shortly thereafterthe band recorded their first full album, which was released in November,