The color purple celie and nettie relationship help

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the color purple celie and nettie relationship help

Comparison between Celie and Nettie In the novel „The Color Purple‟, Alice Thus, unlike her sister, she has a happy and stable marriage with Samuel. as an answer to racism and abuse but loses faith when they do nothing to help her. Relationship Between Celie And Shug – The Color Purple Analysis When Sofia and Celie argue about the advice which Celie had given to. Nettie runs away from her fathers house and she is unexpectedly reunited with Celie. Nettie helps with the day to day chores that Mr.___.

Her mother is inadequate, through illness and mental ill-health, whilst her stepfather, whom she believes to be her birth father, is violent and has abusively fathered two illegitimate children by her.

She has no protector. Believing that Fonso is her natural father and that she has been made a party to incest, Celie is overcome with guilt and determined to keep this secret from everyone but God. Her children are taken away and she suspects that Fonso may have killed at least one of them.

the color purple celie and nettie relationship help

Despite her suffering, Celie is steadfast and loving. When she is loved in return as she is by her sister and later Shug Averyshe is able to respond and grow. Alice Walker creates a character who is essentially good and remains so throughout the narrative. Celie learns from Shug that sex is not something shameful but a generous expression of delight between two people.

Her previous experience of intercourse with men has been painful, joyless and humiliating. Growth towards freedom Walker presents Celie as a woman who succeeds in freeing herself, body and soul, from the domination of abusive men. By the end of the narrative Celie is self-sufficient, confident and independent, having realised that she does not have to be subservient to men nor conform to traditional ideas of how a woman should behave.

Key relationships Not surprisingly, it is the companionship and mutual support between women which is the main significance of the novel. Celie and her sister The two girls are very close throughout their early years, with Celie acting as a protector when the much younger Nettie is threatened by the attentions of both Fonso and Albert.

Celie advises Nettie to run away and to seek help from Corinne, the wife of a local clergyman called the Rev Samuel and thus does not see her sister again for many years.

The Color Purple: A Comparison Between Celie and Nettie

Do his business, she say. You make it sound like he going to the toilet on you.

That what it feel like, I say. After her experience with Shug she realizes that sexual contact is a good thing and learns that touching herself is not a bad thing. Although the relationship between Shug and Celie can be interpreted as lesbianism, the way Celie describes is not erotic at all: They were at the same time the child and the mother. Their relationship is expression of the lack of affection that both felt and that prevented them of growing as human being.

Celie always accepted the role imposed by Albert.

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Therefore, she had low self -esteem. He always said that she was ugly, skinny, useless and worthless. Because of Shug, Albert starts to see Celie as a human being too.

Thus, for the first time, Celie can feel herself as person. And then she says she setting in with Shug and Mr. First time I think about the world. What the world got to do with anything, I think. Then I see myself sitting there quilting tween Shug Avery and My. He have you life, good health, and a good woman that love you to death. Anyhow, I 5 say, the God I been praying and writing to is a man.

the color purple celie and nettie relationship help

And act just like all the other mens I know. Trifling, forgetful and lowdown. She say, Miss Celie, You better hush. God might hear you. Let im hear me, I say.

The Color Purple: A Comparison Between Celie and Nettie

If he ever listened to poor colored women the world would be a different place, I can tell you. Then, in the end, Celie directed her letters to all the living creatures and find peace to her soul in God. Then she reacts to Albert for the first time during a quarrel at a dinner, when she decides to leave him and live with Shug.

He look over at me. I thought you was finally happy, he say. And your dead body just the welcome mat I need.

All round the table folkses mouths be dropping open. You took my sister Nettie away from me, I say, And she was the only person love me in the world. Oh, hold on hell, I say. You made my life a hell on earth. I jab my case knife in his hand p. Once Shug was the only person Celie loved besides Nettie, she became affectively dependent on her. However, Shug had to leave Celie and then she had to learn to take care of herself and become independent.

Celie is now conscious that she has to take control of her life: