The principal 1987 ending a relationship

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the principal 1987 ending a relationship

In the end, it is the relationship between the school principal and the and White present Hallinger's () list of the principal's functions, one of which is to. Louis Gossett Jr. in The Principal () Jim Belushi in The Principal () Rae .. a lot of the film's strength is drawn from the developing relationship between. principal-agent relationship can be defined as “a contract under which one or . at the left-hand side, stewardship theory constitutes the lower end. (Figure 1).

Latimer is one bad ass teacher, he drinks hard, plays hard, whirls his baseball bat and rides a motorcycle.

He's no Dolph Lungdren Detention or a Tom Berrenger The Substitutebut Belushi can carry off the tough side of Latimer, whilst showing his fallibility's via little comedy moments as he wonders just what the hell he is doing here. Belushi is admirably supported by Gossett Jr, a believable tough security guard if ever there was one, while a lot of the film's strength is drawn from the developing relationship between the two men.

the principal 1987 ending a relationship

Of the rest of the cast it's Michael Wright who stands out as head thug Victor. Already at the time of release a cult actor thanks to his turn in The Wanderers, Wright is supremely cool and terrifying into the bargain. When he shouts "I expel you," you start to pack your bags, that is unless you are Principal Latimer of course.

As ever with a film of this type there are complaints that it's full of stereotypes, but were they in ? Director Cain is for sure not addressing the then fledgling problems of education and crime amongst African-American and Latino school kids.

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But he is not shying away from the issue either. That the most unsavoury point in the film sees a white youth perpetrate crime on a black teacher tends to get over looked by snarky PC critics. It includes several scenes later dropped from the film such as Michael working as a trash collector for money to buy his leather jacket. It expands the roles of the opposing gang, the Surf Nazis, who were seen as nameless victims of the vampires in the film.

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It includes several tidbits of vampire lore, such as not being able to cross running water and salt sticking to their forms. Sequels[ edit ] Despite being impaled on a pair of antlers, Kiefer Sutherland's character, David, does not explode or dissolve in any way like the other vampires.

the principal 1987 ending a relationship

He was intended to have survived, which would be picked up in a sequel, The Lost Girls. Reign of Frogswhich serves as a sequel to the first film and a prequel to Lost Boys: The Tribe, was released more than 20 years after the release of the original film.

The film was released on DVD on October 12, A fourth film was discussed as well as a Frog Brothers television show [24] but with the dissolution of Warner Premierethe projects evaporated. Walters and Eric escape with the money and Molly as a hostage; the gang, Schmidt, and Jenko follow close behind.

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Jenko creates a homemade bomb and uses it to kill the gang. Walters shoots at Schmidt but Jenko takes the bullet to his arm, sparing Schmidt's life. In response, Schmidt shoots Mr.

Walters, unintentionally severing his penis. As they arrest Mr. Walters and Eric in addition to successfully reading the Miranda rightsSchmidt and Jenko reconcile their relationship and Schmidt and Molly share a kiss.

the principal 1987 ending a relationship

Both officers are congratulated and reinstated in Jump Street as Dickson gives them a new assignment: Dave Franco as Eric Molson, a student who is one of the H. Rob Riggle as Mr.

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Walters, a physical education teacher. Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon, a drama teacher.