Tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent

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tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent

iTorrent,the best torrent tracker,download torrents,free torrent download,torrent music,torrent movies,torrent games. Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews and buy Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes directed by Spike Brandt the real thief with the help of his assistant Dr. Watson – and of course, Tom and Jerry. Turner Entertainment Co. Miss Red is being blackmailed. When she asks Sherlock Holmes for help, he connects her case to a series of jewel thefts and tells his assistant Jerry the Mouse.

Finding sawdust, they retreat once hearing Tyke sounding the alarm. Holmes and Watson leave to find the shop where the button came from, while Tom and Jerry are left to take Red to Holmes' flat.

The police believe Red is behind the crimes and offer a reward for the one who finds her.

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Butch and Droopy move in to take the case and race to see who gets it. Butch then bumps into Tom, Jerry and Red.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent

They begin a tiring chase and Tom drops a lantern on Butch's head. They run to St. Paul's Cathedral and are let in by Jerry's brother Tuffy. Tuffy and Red escape but Tom and Jerry hide in the organ.

Droopy and Butch then play a song on it and send Tom and Jerry flying out of the cathedral. Tom catches his back in a pitchfork and Jerry informs Tuffy and Red that the cats are inside the pub, The Twisted Lip. Red distracts the cats while guiding Tom, Jerry and Tuffy to the cats, the former getting punched in the face on the way by a customer for bringing his drink to a different customer.

Although the cats escape in time and kidnap Jerry, Tom follows them and rescues Jerry, except for the diamond.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent

They are sent flying again, and Jerry lands to safety, but Tom lands on another pitchfork. The trio follow the cats to a graveyard and find the diamond. However, the mysterious horseman from previously gets there before them but Jerry secretly steals a key.

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Red decides to go to her friend's place, who is a professor. Red is brought in by the professor but accidentally bashes Tom in the face with the door, leaving him, Jerry and Tuffy locked outside. They then see Butch and Droopy coming their way and hide in a stable. Tom catches his bottom on a pitchfork again and Jerry is forced to cover his screams.

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

They find the horse belonging to the mysterious horseman and discover that the thief is in the house, also that Red may be in danger! They use the key they got to sneak inside and they find a machine containing the stolen diamonds.

Tuffy catches the Star of Punjab but slips on the chimney.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent

Tom and Jerry stumble after him but find that Red is tied up. The professor captures the trio and reveals himself as Moriarty and reveals his plans to steal the Crown Jewels. By using the eclipse's light, Moriarty will utilise the diamonds as a heat-ray that would fire and ricochet off several mirrors, planted on many of London's landmarks, and slice a hole into the Tower of London. Moriarty then makes his way to the Tower of London with a captive Red.

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Horny wolves, talking dog policemen, and flying cats all live together in this world. Towards the end it did feel a bit rushed, with Holmes just suddenly thinking of the answer because the plot called for it. A good film that should keep most people entertained. The movie goes straightly in to the story.

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You can predict what is going to happen throughout the movie. The sherlock character is just waste and totally misfired. Droopy character was much better shaped when compared to other characters and brings out few laughs.

There is nothing great to say about this video flick. Otherwise better to leave it.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent

I was not expecting it to be as good as the original Tom and Jerry cartoons or any of the Sherlock Holmes adaptations with Basil Rathbone or Jeremy Brett, either way it would have been a tall order. However it was a decent movie in my view. The animation apart from Miss Red is bright and colourful and the character designs are good. The music brings the right amount of snap and energy, while the script is witty and quite intelligent.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes 2010 torrent