Tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

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tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

Later on, Tom is called to gather other cats and stop Jerry, and sing a song ( Mother . Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes was released on August 24, Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews and buy Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon directed by Spike Brandt for Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes. Buy now at! Jewel heists around the city of London befuddle Scotland Yard and.

Uma Aventura com Sherlock Holmes Brazil.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

Tuffy normally has the same French accent he had in the Two Mouseketeer shorts. This time, voiced by Kath Soucie, he has a Scottish Irish accent. Tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes Plot In Victorian London, an unseen criminal begins masterminding his "perfect plot on paper" which starts with a robbery taking place and three cats stealing a pink diamond.

Three constables spot them and give chase, but the cats escape to the rooftops and glide off into the night, giving the stolen diamond to a mysterious horseman. The next day Dr. Holmes calls Jerry Mouse to bring him a copy of the Times. Jerry heads out to buy it, bumping into Tom Cat on the way, who has something for Holmes.

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Jerry sends a pile of bricks on Tom and Tom gives chase. Jerry returns to Holmes' flat and hands him the paper or what was left of it after the chase. Reading a letter Tom had given to them, for the night, Holmes and Watson decide to go to the Bruce Nigel Theatre and see a lady named Red.

Holmes is told that she is being blackmailed and Holmes suggests the perpetrator might be - Professor Moriarty.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

Holmes deduces that the Star of Punjab, a diamond that is light sensitive to the light of a solar eclipse which was to happen the following day, is to be stolen by the mastermind of the blackmail. Spike begins to teach Tyke how to be a good dog guard, but the three cats from the previous night steal the diamond while an unfocused Spike is not looking.

The three cats then leave a small button and retreat.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

They climb out through a hole in Red's home that leads to the tunnel and escape before Holmes, Tom and Jerry arrive. Upon arriving, Jerry tricks Tom into stepping into a broken board and the trio check the tunnel. Finding sawdust, they retreat once hearing Tyke sounding the alarm.

Holmes and Watson leave to find the shop from where the button came from, while Tom and Jerry are left to take Red to Holmes' flat.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

The police believe Red is behind the crimes and offer a reward for the one who finds her. Butch and Droopy move in to take the case and race to see who gets it. Butch then bumps into Tom, Jerry and Red.

They begin a tiring chase and Tom drops a lantern on Butch's head. They run to St. Paul's Cathedral and are let in by Jerry's brother Tuffy. Tuffy and Red escape but Tom and Jerry hide in the organ. Droopy and Butch then play a song on it and send Tom and Jerry flying out of the cathedral. Tom catches his back in a pitchfork and Jerry informs Tuffy and Red that the cats are inside the pub, The Twisted Lip. Red distracts the cats while guiding Tom, Jerry and Tuffy to the cats, the former getting punched in the face on the way by a customer for bringing his drink to a different customer.

Tuffy gets to Tom, and dresses up as an angelwith a white dress, wings, a halo and a harp, and a devilwith horns, a cape, a trident and a tail, to convince him not to harm Jerry.

His cover is blown when he has his dress, wings, tail and trident at the same time, and ends up sticking the trident in Tom's eye, causing the tower of cats to fall off of a cliff Tom screams the Wilhelm Scream. Tuffy continues on to Jerry, warning him of the cats. Tom and his friends, disguised as Christmas trees, surround Jerry, but Tom gets attacked by squirrelsand shredded in a tree shredder Toy Flutes plays through this scene.

The cats attack, but the heroes escape, inside a tree. The cats beat up Tom by mistake. The heroes then come to a hill, where Paulie's head is sent flying into another hole. They go into the hole, only to find a fiery world with lava pits and dragons the Arabian Dance plays through this scene. A flame fairy gives Paulie his head back. A dragon wakes up, but is hypnotised by Jerry into lifting them out of the pit.

They launch a cannon, which blasts Jerry and his friends into a house with clocks the Chinese Dance plays through this scene.

Tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes video & mp3 songs.

Tom gives chase, but is crushed in the doors of an elevator his midsection is now a metre long, just like the in end of Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life and pecked on by wooden birds. The mice and toys are chased by the cats again, and run into a fairground the Russian Dance plays through this scene. Tom is virtually destroyed here, being thrown onto the merry-go-round and the swirling cups and crushed again and again on the roller-coaster - of course, this being a cartoon, he always revives - after Jerry pulls out the pin that couples two of the cars together.

tom and jerry meet sherlock holmes trailer song

They make it to a ridge, and Jerry blows up balloons with which they make it off safely the Waltz of The Flowers plays through this scene. Tom, though, is blasted by cannons. One cat shoots an arrow, bursting Nelly's balloon.

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Tuffy grabs on to her, and unravels more of Paulie. Nelly is let down, and chased by the cats. Jerry saves her, but his grip fails him and her string slips out of his hand. The cats pull her string, and she tells them where the others are headed. The three depart with their newly attained army in order to take back their kingdom Tarantella plays through this scene. Also, the scene hints at the Toy Maker being Santa Claus due to the calendar showing that it was December Later, when the cats attempt to escape the army of toy soldiers, the Ballerina appears with the other toys, and she leads them in an army in rebellion against the Cat King the Nutcracker March plays through this scene once again.