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Stranded on a peak in the Andes in , mountaineer Joe Simpson The ordeal of Simpson and his climbing partner Simon Yates very Kevin Macdonald's Touching the Void is a sort of lantern lecture, with The nail-biting suspense means that the questions raised may only hit Top US Dating Sites. Touching the Void-Chapter Questions and Revision Points. Chapter Questions: Chapter At the end of the book Joe thanks Simon for his “ honesty in telling me how How would you describe the relationship between Simon and Joe in this. Think about the questions below. 5 Why did he choose the title 'Touching the Void'? Joe Simpson and his friend Simon Yates want to be the first men to .. 4 How does the relationship between Joe and Simon change during the story?.

He crawls off the mountain in spite of his injury, lack of food and water P He makes is safely back to camp P Other points to note: Note how he changes in the novel: He narrates some of the events in the novel. Simon begins to climb Siula Grande with Joe P Simon reaches the summit with Joe P Simon slips off the edge of the ridge P After helping Joe on the descent, Simon cuts the rope when Joe falls off an ice cliff and allows Joe to fall into a crevasse, presuming him to be now dead P Simon descends the mountain alone Pmeets Richard at base camp and tells him the truth P Simon finds Joe outside the tents at base camp and arranges for him to get to a hospital P He changes dramatically over the course of the book.

He gets as far as base camp and suffers from altitude sickness and decides he will venture no further P3. He stays at base camp while Joe and Simon do test climbs P6.

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Richard walks with Joe and Simon until the going gets too tough P Richard looks after Simon on his return P Richard presses Simon to leave for Lima P He represents the outside audience that Simon will have to face when he returns from the expedition. He acts as a plot device in helping us gauge our understanding and reactions to events as well as when Richard suggests he and Simon leave base camp in chapter They give Richard a place to stay when he gets lost on his way to base camp P4.

They sell homemade cheese and provide other food supplies to the climbers P The girls smile sadly at Simon, showing sympathy for his loss of Joe P Spinoza haggles over the price of the mules that will get Joe off the mountain P When Joe needs to get down the mountain, near death, Simon has to strike a deal with Spinoza.

As with the environment, there is little sense of compassion with the locals-their job is survival and the outsiders bring items they need. He was trying to help himself by contouring round the small rise in front of him. Simon was everything I was not, everything I would like to have been.

He would leave me.

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He had no choice. I felt cold at the thought. Had I killed him? You know it…I think we should go. I lay still and listened to the argument. It must have been terrible for you that night. You had no choice…You did all that you could have done. Thanks for getting me down.

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Others say that it was simply a matter of survival. The conditions the men experienced. The methods that Simpson uses to show these experiences. Write about; Your ideas about the suffering of the men The methods Simpson uses to help you decide who suffers most.

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What happens to Joe and Simon in the accident? How they react to it? The methods Simpson uses to describe the accident. These questions are a lot more challenging- to succeed, you MUST bring in wider knowledge, fully explain all points and show the examiner that you genuinely know what you are talking about.

Spend 10 minutes planning and 35 minutes writing. What methods does Simpson use to make you respond as you do? How does Joe Simpson make you feel as you do?

Key Words for Language and Structure: Multiple Narrative- when we hear both perspectives. Foreshadowing- Hinting something is going to happen. Pathetic Fallacy- using the weather to reflect the danger. He has a favourite Tibetan saying, ge garne. You just get on.

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Yates slightly less so. They both went on many more climbs together but Yates, married with two children, now lives in the Lake District, with his own guiding and trekking business.

Simpson has retired from climbing. They are no longer in touch. When they collaborated on the film of Touching the Void inthey had not seen one another for 10 years. She slips from his grasp and falls to her death in a crevasse. He almost perishes in the search for her Simpson at his poetic best describing the limits of human endurance in a white hell and, consumed by guilt, keeps a vigil on the mountain for 25 years. I wanted to shake him.

The truth is, she died to save you, you stupid eejiit. We are almost trying to make ourselves soft. A Kerry woman, she had brought her youngest son up to be a good Catholic but he stopped believing in God when he was None the less, she was shocked when he told her, quite brutally, that when he was in the crevasse, staring death in the face, he did not utter a single prayer.

I was 25, fit, strong, ambitious, crippled and stuck in a place I was going to die and there was no Heaven and no Father… nothing. When I got back, I told my ma this and she went mad. I honestly believe that if I had started praying, I would have given up and gone to meet my maker.

Simpson was scrupulously honest with his.