When do naruto and sasuke meet again

Do Sasuke and Naruto meet again

when do naruto and sasuke meet again

After many years of war, a new era is set to begin in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations! While the Hidden #8 – Naruto fights Sasuke, but now how you would expect. While the #9 – Naruto finally meets his mother, Kushina. After he does, Sasuke wants to kill Karin, but Sakura comes in and stops but that's when Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are all together again. But I can tell you when and in which episode did Naruto and Sasuke meet after he left the village. Naruto meet Sasuke in episode 51 of Naruto: Shippuden.

when do naruto and sasuke meet again

Apart from being a total feels trip, it holds many answers to the clan, and helps unravel the truth around Tobi. Staying inside and avoiding the world, Naruto only finds peace when Iruka offers him some heartfelt advice.

From moments shared with Hinata to Naruto himself being reunited with his father, this unpacks Pain origins and ends with Naruto finally receiving the admiration he deserves in this amazing moment. Undergoing a second transformation, he hears a clear voice, with Kushina appearing before him. Naruto initially believes that she is the Nine-Tails in disguise, but she soon hits him in the head.

It is a touching moment, and one that explains on a deeper level why Naruto holds the beast. From fighting the other seven Jinchuriki to dimension hopping, the action spans across mass proportions and is padded out with memorable assists from Kakashi and Guy. Tsunade remembers the jutsu being her grandfather's and as the jutsu released its pollen, she instructs the Kage not to inhale.

Kabuto muses on how people thought no other shinobi is as powerful as Hashirama Senju, just like how people consider the powers of the Sage of the Six Paths a myth.

While the Kage are distracted, Madara unleashes his Susanoo, causing them to fall through the trees. Madara proceeds to set the forest ablaze and not long after, the five Kage became unconscious. Meanwhile, Itachi continues his search for Kabuto, as Sasuke detects the latter. Sasuke follows him but his brother refused to talk to him. With no choice, Sasuke attempts to catch Itachi with his Susanoo, only for Itachi to counter with his own. The two begin to have a conversation. Meanwhile at the battlefield, Madara decides to take out Tsunade first after realising she was a Senju and also deemed her a weak woman, pathetic compared to the likes of her grandfather.

Tsunade stated that she inherited something more than power from her grandfather the Will of Fire, something that Madara should not take so lightly. Tsunade states the three rules of a medical-nin as she releases her seal. She then reveals a fourth rule — that only a medical-nin who has mastered the One Hundred Healings Jutsu are allowed to break the three rules. The other Kage are stunned to hear this while Madara remains unimpressed with Tsunade's abilities.

He activates his Susanoo ribcage as Tsunade attacked him, slightly cracking the Susanoo. Madara tries immolating Tsunade but is stopped by Mei, who also attacks.

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A and Onoki deals a heavy blow on Madara while Tsunade lands a kick on the latter. Madara commented on Tsunade's abilities. Madara noted that all that remains of Hashirama is his cells inside of him and all that's left of Izuna was his eyes that belong to him now. He further stated that the only thing that could be passed on is hatred.

Dan was shocked to learn that Tsunade was now the Hokage. Dan expressed concern that they should instead, find the caster of the technique, noting that Hashirama is the only shinobi capable of defeating Madara. At the same time, Tsunade landed a devastating attack on Madara as his body begins to reform.

What episode do Sakura and sasuke meet again?

Gaara attempted to bind and seal him although it was revealed to be a clone. Though the real Madara stabs Tsunade with his Susanoo Sword from below, he finds that Tsunade is able to heal without hand seals. Tsunade questions Madara's confidence, stating that the Kage forced him to use a wood clone. Madara admits five on one is a good match-up, thus creating twenty five wood cloones, with five each to battle each of the Kage.

Meanwhile in the forest, after evading Sasuke with his crows, Itachi finds Kabuto.

when do naruto and sasuke meet again

However, Sasuke managed to follow his brother while he mistook Kabuto for Orochimaru. Kabuto attempted to manipulate Sasuke, only for him to note that he is his enemy. Sasuke attempts to kill Kabuto but is stopped by Itachi who noted that they need to not kill him in order to stop the technique. As Sasuke agrees to cooperate but for Itachi to answer his questions later, the two Uchiha brothers and Kabuto prepared themselves for a dynamic battle that is to come.

Both Itachi and Sasuke evade the snakes, then used their Susano'os to grab hold of them. As the fight continues, Kabuto tells Sasuke that he is underestimating him before reveals that he possesses similar variations of some of the abilities of Taka: Suigetsu's flesh-liquid transformations, Karin's accelerated healing abilities, and Jugo's ability to utilize nature energy.

Though Orochimaru could not use Sage Jutsu as his host bodies couldn't tolerate nature energy, Kabuto semi-mastered it as he unveils his Sage Mode, as to fully be able to master sage mode means not taking on the appearance of the animal you learned it from. Sasuke says that his new form is nothing different from Orochimaru, but Kabuto explains that he exceeded his former master and considers himself as a snake transformed into a dragon.

Kabuto proceeds to overwhelm the Uchiha before Itachi manages to counter at the last moment. Asking Sasuke if he remembered the plan they used while on a mission hunting a wild boar, Itachi uses his brother's aid to manage to cuts off one of Kabuto's horns. Meanwhile, battling twenty five wood clones, the Five Kage find themselves at a greater disadvantage when Madara has his clones conjure Susano'os of their own.

Attempting to manipulate him over to his side by saying both their goals are to destroy the Hidden Leaf, Sasuke remains unconvinced as the young man denied his and Kabuto's goals are mutual. Recalling his life as a spy working for Konoha, Kabuto notes that he and Itachi are the same — both worked for the village and yet received dishonour in return.

Itachi, however, declares that he is still Konoha's Itachi Uchiha, regardless of its dark side and inconsistencies. Casting the conversation aside, Itachi tells Sasuke about a technique that decides destiny — Izanami, which he will use to stop Kabuto and the Reanimation jutsu. Wasting no time, Kabuto attacks the brothers once more with his Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation, causing the cave formations to attack them.

Kabuto attempts to rewrite Itachi's mind with the talisman but is thwarted by Sasuke. Kabuto begins to boast about his current abilities and that he is closer than anyone in the world to the Sage of the Six Paths. Criticising the Uchiha name in the process, he was stopped by Sasuke before he could say anything more as Itachi noted Kabuto reminded him of his old self.

Attempting to heal her, Kabuto is shocked that she did not recognize him as he is forced to run away. Though he admits that he was supposed to kill any survivor, reminding the child of his lack of individuality due to Root, Orochimaru instead offers Kabuto a position as his right hand with the promise of true identity of his very own. Years later, after Orochimaru's later defeat by Sasuke, Kabuto injected himself with his former mentor's blood to achieve his quest to find his "true self".

Although easily countering Kabuto's attacks at first, Itachi and Sasuke find themselves trapped in Tayuya's genjutsu so he can finish them off with an white snake Orochimaru construct. However, though a combined effort, Sasuke and Itachi escape the genjutsu and fend the snake off by casting genjutsu on each other.

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Kabuto, however, appears from the mouth of the snake with a surprise attack and bisects Itachi, tearfully stating his superiority before attempting to regain control over the reanimated ninja.

As his body reforms, Itachi called out to Sasuke as he threw his sword at Kabuto, only for the snake sage to block and then counter. Kabuto then attacks Itachi with the sword and claimed that his genjutsu cannot affect him. Itachi tells Sasuke about the history behind Izanami's creation as well as the Uchiha clan's use of the technique.

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Itachi ultimately reveals to Sasuke that Izanami was created with the sole purpose of stopping the users of the technique's counterpart: Izanagi so that they would accept their fate — which is also the way to escape the infinite loop. Angered by the fact that Itachi would cast a technique that has an escape route, Sasuke questions his motives to which Itachi says that he wished to give Kabuto an opportunity to accept his fate.

Sasuke, however, claims that Itachi is perfect and rather different from Kabuto but the elder Uchiha refuses this claim. Elsewhere, somewhere in a forest seemingly some distance away, a grown-up Urushi tells his comrade that he hoped by the time he gets home, Kabuto will be there.

when do naruto and sasuke meet again

Back at the cave, Itachi prepares to put an end to the Reanimation jutsu. With that, the Kage go on the offensive against Madara's clones once more.

In what episode of Naruto Shippuden does Sasuke and Sakura meet?

Though they meant well, doing this doesn't make any sense and only puts others' missions at risk. After a few years of training elsewhere, Sakura and Naruto decided to reboot the team. However, they needed a third member. Luckily for them, a ninja their age named Sai dropped out of the Anbu training system just as they were looking for another teammate. Sai started off as an outsider, but he became a part big of the group as time went on. Fans struggled to change that initial "outsider" mindset.

However, Sai was a fantastic teammate for both Sakura and Naruto, as he was better than Sasuke ever was. Sasuke was placed with them to learn to become a team player, but never did figure this out. It makes little sense to treat Sai like an outsider when he was a great teammate to both Naruto and Sakura.

In the anime, her weaknesses and abilities are completely ignored for 20 episodes. Worse, there isn't any effort for her to explore her abilities and fight until episode 31, when she's trying to protect Sasuke, Naruto, and Rock Lee. Understandably, she's completely destroyed, despite her strong resolve to fight, and other teams come to her rescue.

Because of this, Sakura develops as a character long after her teammates. In the average ninja team, this makes no sense, as she should be growing and learning alongside her peers.

when do naruto and sasuke meet again

However, instead she was ignored. However, through it all, Naruto believes that Sasuke is still a good person and will come back to the village willingly. Because of this, Naruto is reluctant to try to slay him, as he's convinced Sasuke will change his mind. Even Sakura eventually gives up on Sasuke, and she's in love with him. Naruto is eventually proven to be right, however. Though he had no proof that Sasuke would come back to Konoha, he always believed in his ex-teammate.

Naruto's faith in Sasuke was reckless and stupid. However, through time and hardships, the pair eventually fell in love. When Sasuke left the shinobi order, he abandoned all relationships and previous feelings in the pursuit of power.