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wow troll female flirt

/flirt's "If you play nice, I'll share my bone with you" "You're like the "At least we don't sparkle" Worgen Female /silly The anti-UD and anti-troll ones are amazing. He is: The Most Interesting Man in the World of Warcraft. I am a female WoW player, this is my character Aadriel, a level 91 Blood She started with a Night Elf hunter and then moved to a Troll hunter so she . Other men would message her and think she was flirting because she. Aug 30, Zandalari Troll Allied Race Jokes and Flirts #worldofwarcraft # blizzard latest (×) Horde, World Of Warcraft, Troll, Monsters . Fantasy Races, Fantasy Warrior, Fantasy Rpg, Female Character Concept, Character Art.

Magister Umbric in Battle for Azeroth gets a few lines which allude to the schisms between elf races and the people who play them: Why would you want to be a HIGH elf when you could look all tragic and brooding? I suppose I could forgive you for not being a fan of elves. After all, half of us dislike the other half rather intensely. Male Draenei's Mood Whiplash really sells theirs: That is the bad news.

wow troll female flirt

The good news is, I'm available! Bring ample supply of butter and goblin jumper cables. No, five sheep, one gnome, and Staff of Domination. Put gnome in bag, beat bag with staff, and meet me after gnome is tenderized.

wow troll female flirt

One for when you're angry. One for when you tear flesh. One for when you chew flesh. One for when you loot bodies. One for when you skin game.

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And one for when you want to kill something. Male Pandaren have the best: Wanna try crane position? For you, monkey style. What's their drop rate? I'd prefer a dimensional compatibility scale with additional parameters for mechanical aptitude and torque. They're not mine, but they're real.

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Or should I walk by again? Before the explosion that doomed us all, of course. Or are you just glad to see me? No, wait you buy me a drink. Ah, you know what, just give me the money. Did I tell you I've slain a whole army of Succubi? For example, the Plump Turkey, obtained as a reward for completing the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday achievements. When near a cooking fire, the poor brainwashed bird takes a running jump into the fire and cooks itself.

After warming itself up for a few minutes, the chicken will spontaneously launch itself skyward Summoning a Father Winter's Helper or Winter's Little Helper out-of-season gets you an indignant response and generally a request to wait until the Feast of Winter's Veil. It's possible to try the summon many times in a row.

The Paladin's "Judgment" spell's animation consists of a holy hammer of light coming out of nowhere For the first few times you use it, it's worth a few chuckles.

If you need to use an item while in animal form: That requires opposable thumbs. Among the many items with amusing descriptions in the game there's Queen Azshara's Dressing Gown, a garish cloth robe the description of which reads "The rumors of the Highborne's poor fashion sense seem to be true. The Steamy Romance Novels. Here's the first in the series. More than a few quest names are funny moments all by themselves. Just a couple of examples include: The Forsaken Blight and You: You know how hard it is to get your groove on with the spirit of your Great Grandmother looking over you?

I once laughed so hard I milked all over the floor!

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In my native tongue my name means "Dances with tassels! So then she says to me " What big teeth you have! What do you say to that!? Male Pandaren once again have the funniest lines in this regard. To fear is human. Give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day. I messed that up. But we make that stuff up anyway. You look like you've lost some weight! How much deeper would the oceans be without sponges?

Female Pandaren have several hilarious lines as well.

wow troll female flirt

If you reach for the stars and hit the moon, do not be ashamed for you have aspired to greatness. And the moon had it coming. I was talking to Tauren the other day, no Worgen. Which one's a cow and which one's a dog? All these talking animals are stupid! All these new cultures are so confusing.

Female WoW Players Tell All: What Is World Of Warcraft Really Like For Them?

Yesterday, someone complimented me on my badonk-a-donk. What is that, elvish? Even demons can get into the action! A great one comes from Male Draenei. When we crashed I lost some jewels that had been in my family for generations.

If you could get your hands on my family jewelsI would be deeply appreciative. The Demon Hunters have unique jokes that are pretty great. Male Blood Elf Demon Hunter: I eat demons for breakfast and vengeance for lunch But I usually skip dinner because vengeance has a lot of calories.

The new races in Battle for Azeroth have some good ones too. A buddy of mine convinced this epic-geared adventurer to kick fish into the river! She's actually a very fast walker. She just thinks it's funny to mess with tourists. Ethel is an old lady Tauren who is mostly blind that you lead, very, very slowly to meet her grandson that you rescued.

You can't get more than a few steps away or she stops and asks where you went. We haven't crashed the Vindicaar yet I thought my tattoo said "Light's Defender" in naaru. I found out it actually says "glowing goat". Alleria is my favorite Windrunner sister. Edgier than Vereesa, but slightly less homicidal than the dead one.

You really must attend one of our parties in the Court of Stars. I've never met anyone more in need of a mask. Male Dark Iron Dwarf:: A night elf laughed at me for living inside a volcano. Well, at least I don't have to worry about my mountain burnin' down, now DO I?!

In true Blizzard fashion, Dataminers found information for a "Karazhan Restoration". Eclectic Boogaloo and finally Medivh Presents Chessmaster: And then they went and made Medivh's Big Birthday Bash Until Legion finally introduced "Return to Karazhan". If a druid player has bad lag, their visual transformations will be delayed. Only the visuals, mind you, so it's entirely possible to change into Flight Form and swim through the air for a few seconds before the game catches up. Similar fun can be had with any race who manages to use a flying mount and gets the relevant buff, but the graphical changes are lagging behind.

Some of the flavor text on archaeological projects can be quite entertaining, such as an Ogre pictogram depicting "a particularly distressing culinary experience. The Darkmoon Top Hat is a consumable item that temporarily replaces your head slot's appearance. It's a purple top hat open at the top so it can shoot off fireworks. The first game encountered on entering is Whack-A-Gnoll - spring-loaded gnolls pop out of barrels and are whacked with a two-handed hammer.

Hogger is worth three points. The second game is a cannon where you become the cannonball and have to land in a floating target on the other side of the Faire.

The jewelcrafting quest has players crafting shiny "gemstones" for the performers to wear The enchanting quest involves gathering a special dust by disenchanting weapons adventurers have thrown away after finding them in a dungeon and deciding that their current weapon was better.

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An NPC in the woods sells specialty meats from the homelands of each race. Her comments, along with the names and descriptions of the meat, make it clear you don't want to eat this. The first battle pet master wears a Gilnean suit and top hat and is named Jeremy Feasel. The second trainer wears a suit and the Darkmoon Top Hat, rides a horse, and is named Christoph Vonfeasel.

The Darkmoon Rabbit is an obvious shout-out to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and is dangerous enough that it takes an entire raid to kill.

Its only attack is leaping on people and gnawing through their neck. The Blight Boar death metal concert the band is all undead, of course is interrupted by a Death Metal Knight attacking to prove only he can truly rock out. Getting the top score for participating gets a bonus buff where you're assigned a role. For the drummer, you have two drums on your shoulders being played by disembodied hands.

Gray quality weapons sometimes have amusing names, such as the paired shield and hammer The Movable Object and The Stoppable Force; the Mining Sword which is chipped and battered from being used wrong; and the Kvalidir Skinning Knife which, being used by giants, is a claymore. Mounts in the player's journal have flavor text which varies from the serious to the Leave it to the blood elves to pick the red one.

Lost time is never found again. Oh, never mind I found it. The journal also provides information on where mounts are obtained.

wow troll female flirt

In the beta, the core hound mount simply read " Drop: Take a Guess", before it was made a reward for completing the Level version of Molten Core. I've found when playing that a lot of the hardcore guilds honestly don't care what sex you are as long as you play well, and that definitely held true with Paradigm. My being a woman was interesting to them only because it attracted a bit more attention to the guild, but despite that I got in based solely on my ability to play the game -- they were very careful about emphasizing that.

Erin Flynn She played with Paradigm for a few years before taking a break for school, and when she came back around a year later, the guild had transferred servers, so Flynn jumped around through guilds. That's just sort of gamer culture, and it's easy to ignore. Amanda Sulham Amanda Sulham, 36, also started playing WoW through her boyfriend — now husband — when she saw him playing it in his office room. That was around 10 years ago. From then on they had dates where they would play together.

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She also noticed that a lot of men played female characters. King at her workplace in England. Lydia King King started playing WoW aroundwhen she was in her teens, and got into it because of male friends who played. The worst experience she had in-game was a year into playing, when a year-old boy in her guild stalked her. King eventually ended up leaving the guild. She moved to a guild with casual players, which she says was a lot better because they had a lot of female players.

They would give her lots of tips even though she was level 80 and in full raid gear. Other men would message her and think she was flirting because she kept messaging them back — one even asked when she was going to visit him in America, since she is from England. Most of her experiences came down to being patronized or people seeking proof that she was a woman. King did experience some favoritism as well.

If she asked for help in general chat, someone would usually come, or a higher-level player would take the time to run her through a raid.