Marina, published in , is a 2,line poem by Andrej Sladkovic. He loved Maria Pischlova, but her parents made her marry a gingerbread. Marina [Andrej Sladkovic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. : List of andrej sladkovic marina pdf book. Download the andrej sladkovic marina pdf book in PDF file format for free at

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And my enthusiasm has seen the moments of this famewhere my love — msrina desires — flew to the Sitno mountain ; it flew and flew, it stood ; marin lovely lands, to town, to gardensto meadows and forests she looked with double desire: On the flowery meadows in the valley of Sitno the maids are standing, playing Slovak games and it sounds in a singing unison the famous: How sublime it is, calling beauty your mothervirtue, truth your sweet sister and calling the peace your brother!

Upon our mountains, a young man is standinghis singing is the flower of his soul ; he is not telling about clashes of the godsnot the beechof an ancient knighthood; that voice does not ring the maruna of the grand-grand fathersthat singing does not announce the injustice of the neighboursnot the thundering whips of the world: She remains silent and her starry eyes look down in virgin shynes s, obedient foot steps asideseeing the flattering beast: Have I given you slaskovic right?

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Pdf Stáhnout PDF – Free E-Book Download

Young man, choose from the lights of livinguntil the time takes your power awaychoose the star of free enthusiasmof which just a anxrej holy flash of light would spread andfej light of salvation! In every organ of the lovely living thousands of joys are flying. From those heights, let us look down to the low turmoilthat rules throughout the life, to the grave from the cradlewith his Satanic hand: Rip my image out of memorykill every motion of loveTear apart the flowers of my emotionscast them into the deepest forgettingyou may even cancel the pale shades of these hymns, dear!


For whom it tolls? For I feel completely displaced with herhere sweet as heaven, there painful again I cannot be looking at her she changes every thought to an angel! Do they perhaps envy the long ones that they see lying around.

Slovakia woos with ‘love bank’ for Valentine’s Day – BBC News

Over young sladlovic, there thunder and vanish the shades of flying fates, And pains are biting young emotionshopes turn into delusions: You wasted the shadows, you wasted your own hours of labour and you missed the beauty of the land!

Crown of the maids, a flashing diamond! The nature is sleeping, and through the Heavens flounders the Spirit, the son of happy life: But may the world scream in peacemay it not be willing to hear about any fightmay it be perishing in dead slavery!

But the inevitable law has chained him up to the dark and sad jail of fates with a mighty chain. The eye is flooded with tears, because here, love serves the time; The reason why I cry is that this land, it’s only longing — longing and — longing!

Andrej Sladkovic Marina Pdf Stáhnout PDF

Should the fame not astonish you, that shines from my Marina’s face: Do they perhaps envy the long ones that they see lying around the most beautiful surroundings of the body? Ohwhat slavkovic pretty lady! Suddenly, the spirit of hope emerges in the angelic light of your body — and the beasts stopped threatening.

And you, hymns, with high heart do you value your images after all? Why would a thief need the beauty of nature? Marian countryman, do you know of those two springsflashing in the shades of the Tatra?

Sweet desires, desires for love I’m singing, with beauty enthusedand within this response of my very soul The whole world of mine is enclosed ; From the heights of the Tatras, she casts the lightShe flies out of the heavenly firesShe has been moving my worlds ; She’s been waving towards me from hundreds of lives: The beautiful maid uttered sighs of lovewhich shattered the soul of the young manthe echo of young breasts sounds around Sitno flying to the grove of the Tatras ; Xladkovic the great grove doubles the echoes sending them due South and Norththere it sounds over Ural, there over the sea: Red leg pets the other in the pairmouth sweetens another mouththe snowy wings are joking: And here I am in a new doubtshould I be fond of your delightsor of the crystals of your very eyes?


You fly, you thief, from one lover to another and in your greed that is so reckless you steal the slakdovic from the scented lips. The shades of fates; What is undisclosed to the eyesFamily of delusions; well, just lie! Her head is resting on her soft hand, from her breasts, magically folded runs her dress, as white as the new moon: Then she leans her lovely limbs to the seatand the lovely string rings clearlyher voice moves among the tones: Is watching it, his beard hanging down: Forgive, my dear, when sad voices are sighed to you by a faithful friend: Her beauty of thousand beauties is a sladkoivc her virtues — virtues of greatness!

But thens she shouts for her hopeand on her lips, the safe.

So when a wicked man looks at beautyhe only invites her with his andreej and calls the beauty ugly names. You, yound Slovakia, my birthplace and also the barrow grave of my bones! Hawk eyes chasing men — with love? How could a beautiful sight not be enchanted marrina the row of ivory bones underneath the lip?

Beware who only sees water in the seawho does not hear the silent countrysidewho only sees rocks in rocks!

Also a slave on the wild banks of Ganges. But he was andreu like the evil spirit usually ishe had a power of something nice: How blissful I feel, asking for nothingnothing to keep falling from embrace to embrace eternallyreceiving the delights of three heavens!