Es tan fuerte su personalidad, que, para mí, a pasado por encima de la .. The unnamed narrator of Andrew Davidson’s debut novel “The Gargoyle” may be. la gargola de andrew davidson. 4 likes. Book. la gargola de andrew davidson. Privacy · Terms. About. la gargola de andrew davidson. Book. 4 people like this. La gárgola by Andrew Davidson at – ISBN – ISBN – Seix Barral. – – Hardcover.

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At times I found her to be annoying, self-centered view spoiler [ – ex staying downstairs for days at a time without checking on the love of her life or her dog.

The characters from these times are exquisitely interesting and the details of the era, amazing. This book will move you emotionally and not always for the better. The premise certainly isn’t original, though I’m not sure that anxrew matters. Luckily for me, the year still had room for pleasant surprises. We went from riding the short bus, to pushing it.

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

The next time they will meet outright. The Archangel turned towards us. The accident was caused by an alcohol and drug induced hallucination. Lists with This Book. I will never get the scene of the Archangel Michael in hell out of my head. Fans of Dante’s Inferno will find large sections of this book fascinating as well.

It’s only after he has lost everything that he begins to gain an understanding ancrew beauty and compassion, and actually sees his life as better after being disfigured and starting over. Dacidson book has been placed on my favorite shelf.


And what if it was months and months before his own book ever took anvrew I’ve not seen so much symbolism and layers of story in a modern book in a quite a while. Because of that he becomes extremely depressed and starts having suicidal thoughts. But soon the other stories, spanning centuries, begin. I can tell that this will be on my mind for some time.

I longed to stay forever immersed in this story. The Gargoyle is an odd, intriguing book, a modern day tale of romance with historical and paranormal elements. This is a most unusual tale. This is a tear jerker, but most epic love stories are.

They look embarrassed if you suggest that they might be interested in someone; because they feel unworthy of receiving attention, they also deny that they would dare to give it. As this hypnotic story unfolds you are drawn into the history of a love story which transcends historical periods and eventually one story spills over into five others with plot lines writhing together like the snakes of Medusa Davidson got compared to David Mitchell for this and I am not ka how happy he should be with that comparison each one more poetic than the last and all illustrating the point that great love is not restricted by the barriers of the corporeal world.

Gargila extraordinary debut novel of love that survives the fires daavidson hell and transcends the boundaries of time.


In the meantime I have read Inferno by Dante as well, which made some of the things in this book clearer or put it imto more context than before. This book should not be underestimated, there are stories within stories and meanings within meanings and real depth. I found her pushy, annoying and selfish, sleeping nude on her stone slabs and spending days on the statues when her soulmate and even her damn dog needed her so much.

Probably not intentional, so therefore not a good start. The timing of her confrontation regarding his morphine addiction sure felt like it happened when it best suited her. It’s with a man’s cocaine-influenced fiery car accident and his subsequent treatments in a burn unit that the novel itself begins.

It is the love story of a severely burned ex-porn star and a schizophrenic sculptor on it’s surface.

The Gargoyle

I read stories of vampires and wearwolfs and zombies throughout the year. What if, say, you’re me, and you’re about to review Andrew Davidson’s The Gargoyleaka “The Little Book That Could,” that came out of obscurity earlier this year to become the most heavily hyped new novel of the entire fall season?

This is definitely a book worth careful scrutiny and more than one read.