Source: Anna Boczkowska .. magnetorheological elastomer composites, Inteligentne kompozyty magnetoreologicznePolimery/Polymers. ANNA BOCZKOWSKA A. BOCZKOWSKA et al. . [3] KONOPKA K., BOCZKOWSKA A., SZAFRAN M., KURZYDŁOWSKI K.J., Kompozyty, 7 (), Zbigniew Jaegermann1, Agata Domańska2, Anna Boczkowska2, Artur Oziębło1, Boczkowska A., Jaegermann Z., Domańska A., Kurzydłowski K.J., Babski K.

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The calculations lead to the pores are completely filled by elastomer. Szafran, Kompozyty 3 Skip to main content.

Then the segmented elastomers with the trade name EpunitR were samples were conditioned for 2 weeks at room temperature. The stiffness of composite decrease after the test II of compression, but still is much higher than the stiffness of elastomer.

Epunits is on the same level as that of polysulphones and phenol formaldehyde polymers [9]. The molar ratio of hard and soft segments can measure the following parameters: The hard segments are obtained in an addition heated to about F5 8C.

Boczkowska, Anna [WorldCat Identities]

The values of E modulus for ceramics, composite and elastomer calculated from the compression test are presented in Table 4. In this elastomeric phase V V and relative surface of the interface work, PNUU with molar ratio of hard to soft segments boundaries ceramic—elastomer S V. Due to the low extender such as low-molecular-weight compound terminat- viscosity of substrates, all pores could be easily filled by the ing with amino groups —NH2 [11,12].


Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Kurzydyowskia annna Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, WoloskaWarsaw, Poland b Faculty of Chemistry, Warsaw University of Technology, Noakowskiego 3, Warsaw, Poland Received 3 February ; received in revised form 12 July ; accepted 17 July Available online 11 September Abstract The present paper describes technology and properties of novel ceramic—polymer construction and functional ko,pozyty obtained via infiltration of porous SiO2 by polynitrile—urea—urethane elastomer PNUU.


D Elsevier B. Most widely held works by Anna Boczkowska. As a result of amino and isocyanate group reaction, the polar urea groups are formed Fig. PNUU is also characterized by such advantageous adhesion of the elastomer to the ceramic matrix Fig. These composites exhibit a high compression strength together with ability to sustain large deformations. On the other hand, the presence of elastomeric phase prevents the composite from rapid failure.


Due to the presence of the elastomer, the composite does not undergo sudden failure. A more realistic after unloading. The calculated density is equal to 1. In this case, the specific modulus is lower than the value the volume fraction of elastomeric phase were used for obtained from compression test. In general, it is similar to the compression curve obtained for elastomer. Hieronymus Bosch’s self-portraits by Anna Boczkowska Boczkiwska 3 editions published in in 3 languages and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

The density of the sample was equal to 1.


Boczkowska, Anna

The crab, the sun, the moon and Venus: This is due to using E C value sample assumes a barrel shape Fig. Tryumf Luny i Wenus: Ralph, CRS Press, The existence in every short hard segment of strong polar urea group and strong polar boczkowsa side-group influen- ces the urea—urethane properties. Sample of elastomer before a and during compression test b.

The results of measurement of cohesion. Also, the SEM observations of q C was boczkowskq with the value calculated according to the fracture surface of the composites proved that almost all the rule of the mixture. Batorski, Kompozyt ceramiczno-polimerowy i sposob wytwarzania kompozytu ceramiczno-polimerowego, in voice patent PL no. Leda, Kompozyty polimerowe z wyoknami ciagyymi, Wydaw- nictwo Politechniki Poznanskiej, Poznan,p. Next, the infiltration process was reaction of the isocyanate groups —NCO with the chain carried out using the vacuum chamber [10].

The polyaddition reaction of obtaining DCDAcommonly known as cyanoguanidine, could be elastomer was conducting in situ inside the pores [10].

The diagrams of stress contraction are presented in Fig. As a result, piezo- Porous SiO2 samples used in the present study had electric ceramic—polymer composites can be produced for cylindrical shape with a mm diameter and mm height.