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My views on progress and positivism have been eroded greatly over the course of my adult life. Polyneices’s body is left to rot outside the wal The last part of the Oedipus plays by Sophocles, Antigone, centers around the events which have occurred after the death of Oedipus in Colonus. Other books in the series. It’s a fantastic read.


Given its years old, and a translation, there are a number of areas where might not fully understand, especially if you aren’t familiar with your Greek Gods and Goddesses. What I love about these plays is that ability for the characters to call on your emotions, logic and your intelligence. The book is a masterpiece Neither character is easy to side with, but each has a point.

I would love to see this on stage.

Is this not the most dangerous of leaders? Creon enters, along with the Chorus of Theban Elders. This was of course some of the most fluid and beautiful writing I have come across in a long time. Yet I am not entirely convinced antigkna it is corruption at such an early stage of his reign.

Mihajlović Aleksandra

Thanks for stopping sofkole. We would rather die than take back our words. The copy I have is by Penguin Little Black Classics series,and I was delaying reading it since the print was tiny and set in a style I didn’t like. Creon decides to spare Ismene and to bury Antigone alive in a cave.

We still face these dilemmas today, though not to the same extent.

The question that is raised is: The order he valued so much has been protected, and he is still the king, but he has acted against the gods and lost his children and his wife as a result. Creon mentions a number of times that he, as the king, is the state, and thus his laws are to be obeyed. This review will not focus on the play itself, but on the wonderful translation by Anne Carson.


It’s a Greek tragedy, yes, but in real sofok,e, Creon often gets what he wants and the Antigones of the world are still screaming behind high walls. The rebel brother’s body sofokke not be sanctified by holy rites, and will lie unburied on the battlefield, prey for carrion animals like worms and vultures, the harshest punishment at the time.

This fatal character flaw of ours is our desire to live independently, and we see this more and more slfokle we meet with people and associate with them.

He seeks their support in the days to come, and in particular wants them to back his edict regarding the disposal of Polyneices’ body. I am not afraid sofokkle the danger, if it means death, It will not be the worst of deaths – Love, antiona mock us for your sport. In my junior year of high school, our Advanced Placement English teacher assigned all three Theban plays. Doesn’t he have a mandate? She is the subject of a popular story in which she attempts to secure a respectable burial for her brother Polynices, even though he is seen as a traitor to Thebes and the law forbids even mourning for him, punishable by death.

Antigone and Creone and Haemon and Tiresias puts up their own arguments. Never presume that you are right and an absolute morale authority.

Sofokle [WorldCat Identities]

With her last breath, she cursed her husband. Rather, it antogona between two different sofkkle of religious feeling; one is a family religion, purely private and confined to the small circle of close relatives, the philoi, centered around the domestic hearth and the cult of the dead; the other is a public religion in which the tutelary gods of the city eventually become confused with the supreme values of the State.

She has an ear for modern language that makes this translation fresh and contemporary while honoring Sophocles true intention. Antigone is a real heroine; she stands up for what she believes in. The only crime is pride.


Antigona by Sofokle – Paperback – – from Knjizara and

The daughter of Oedipus and Jocasta, Antigone is an unconventional heroine who pits her beliefs against the King of Thebes in sofoole bloody test of wills that leaves few unharmed. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Creon, the uncle and new king, declares one of the brothers as the traitor, and forbids his burial. We say-a man is only as good as his words. The curse placed on Oedipus lingers and haunts a antihona generation in this new and brilliant translation of Sophocles’ classic drama.

Though Creon has decried that anyone who buries Polyneices will be killed, she cannot allow sofokld brother to be so disrespected in death. The Leader of the Chorus pledges his support out of deference to Creon. For Creon, his realisation came too late. It is impossible not to feel it,if for nothing then for one’s lack of it.

A proper burial meant that you would at least have a half decent afterlife, while being exposed suggests that you would be left wondering the earth as a ghost, and a tormented one at that. First I will discuss the term Harmatia, which is Aristotelian in origin, at least from his text on drama The Poetics. What a work it was.!! Sophocle was an ancient Greek tragedy playwright. He has acted against the proper way and is now to be punished and there is no way to escape from it.

Eurydice, Creon’s wife and Haemon’s mother, enters and asks the Messenger to tell her everything. Jun 17, Masoud Irannejad rated it it was amazing Shelves: Greek tragedy was didactical in purpose; it was used as a learning tool, a means of imparting wisdom to the audience.

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