Im 2** Kurs lernst Du die ersten „Geheimnisse“ des Apnoe-Tauchens. Spezielle Trainingstechniken, die wir zusammen lernen, ein wenig Theorie und . Das, was Du vielleicht schon immer über Apnoe-Tauchen wissen wolltest und andere. Mit PREMIUM FREEDIVE SCHWEIZ kannst du Apnoetauchen lernen, mit Sicherheit und Komfort. Danach bieten wir dir tolle Events und Apnoe Tauchferien. Du bekommst Techniken aus dem Apnoetauchen vermittelt, die du sofort anwenden kannst. Du wirst lernen was bei Ängsten in deinem Körper passiert.

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Here you will find everything about Spearfishing in Europe — The important rules, prohibitions and laws in the respective countries.

Everything you need to know and more. Here you can learn all about diver diuresis, nutrition and physiology during and before diving.


Why do you have to pee in the water? In this travelog you will learn everything about fishing and spearfishing in Norway.

Multilingual PF

Ferry, customs, toll, how to fish and what can I catch? What do I need? On my China vacation a few years ago, a recipe stuck in my head: In this Blog article you find Videos about the famous fish markets in Europe: In this blog you will find everything about: Fishing in South Africa — shore angling — fishing license — appnoetauchen rules and criminalty.

Read about aims in the underwater hunt. In this article the basics of spearfishing are explained. What are you paying attention to learn it?

Wind, weather, time, the behavior of fish and much more. This article explains how to kill a fish while spearfishing, the gill slash, heart strike and spinal stabbing and afterwards the gutting process gut.

In this article i explain, what you have to look for when you buy a new snorkel and or Divingmask: I got the recipe from the local chef to cook this delicacy, it does not take much.

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Fishing in South Africa — shore angling — fishing license — safety rules and criminalty Read more. This website uses cookies. If you continue to use the website, we assume your consent.